Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

“Popcorn and diet soda for Mary. All right. Have you made up your mind, Ellen?”

“No. What? I’m sorry.”

Ted laughed tenderly. “Do you want something from the snack bar?”

“No, thank you,” Ellen replied, blushing. She watched Ted leave the theatre box and sighed. He was always so thoughtful. Not like Nick. Nick was such a brute. On the other hand, Ted didn’t excite her like Nick. Ellen bit the nail on her left pinky. The newsreel ended and a trailer began. A gun went off and a body hit the floor with a thud.

“Ick,” said Cathy. “I hate movies like that.”

“But Cath,” said Mary, “this movie is just like that one.”

“Oh,” said Cathy, looking back at the box door. “Is Frank really coming?”

“He said he would. And he’s bringing a friend.”

“Then I don’t care what kind of movie it is.” Cathy lowered her voice. “I like Frank.”

“Join the club. I hear he has a dozen girlfriends.”

“That’s just talk,” said Cathy seriously. “He’s just nice to everyone. He isn’t bad like people say.”

“Frank?” asked Ellen, coming out of her self-absorbed state.

“You know Frank Ellington,” said Cathy. Ellen’s eyes opened wide.

“Frank and one of his buddies from the warehouse are supposed to join us,” explained Mary.

“One . . . ,” said Ellen softly. She bit another nail as her hand began to tremble.

A cartoon filled the movie screen with broad splashes of color. Ellen tried to pray as her heart pounded so hard she thought she might faint. The door opened with a dim arc of light. Ellen turned around to face the tall handsome figure of Frank Ellington.

“Frank!” squealed Cathy. Ellen watched as a second figure moved in behind Frank.

“Nick,” said Ellen, recognizing the man with resignation.

“Hey, doll,” said Nick, taking the seat to her left. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“No,” said Ellen, “one of life’s little surprises.” Nick stole a quick kiss.

“I’m glad,” he whispered.

“No,” she pleaded softly. “Not here.”

“So, you’re Nick,” said Mary.

“That’s me,” said Nick.

“I”m Mary. You work with Frank?”

Mary began to interrogate Nick about the details of his life. Ellen closed her eyes and tried to control the trembling that shook her inside.

“Damn,” she whispered. The door to the box opened.

“Hey, all right!” said Ted. “Food’s here!” Tubs of popcorn, boxes of candy and cups of soda were distributed through the small theatre box. The last trailer ended and the cinema went black as Ted slipped into the seat next to Ellen.

“Miss me?” he whispered in her ear.

“Shh,” said Ellen. “The movie . . .”

Ted obediently turned to watch the feature’s opening credits. Nick stole another kiss and put his strong hand on her thigh. Ellen stopped breathing, excited and afraid. His paw caressed the smooth fabric of her dress. “If Ted sees . . . ,” she thought in terror. She glanced to her right. Ted looked at her and smiled. Taking her hand, he brought it to his lips.

Ellen tried to look at the screen. Nick’s hand squeezed her leg. The blood pounded in her ears, deafening. Ted put his hand on her knee. Ellen felt the panic rise. Nick’s hand drifted higher, crudely teasing her. Ted softly tickled her thigh.

“Oh,” said Ellen sharply, sitting up at once. Both hands retreated in an instant. “Excuse me,” she said nervously and pushed past Ted to reach the door. Cathy looked back at her, as though asking if Ellen wanted company. “No,” said Ellen. “I’ll be right back.”

She shut the door and ran down the narrow staircase so quickly that she nearly tripped. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Ellen stopped and looked back, to see if anyone followed her. No one was coming. Ellen leaned against the wall, for support.

“Damn,” she said softly and bit her nail. “I still can’t make up my mind.”

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Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

“Come on,” said Kathryn, “we’re almost there.” The young man she held upright as they stumbled slowly along the hallway muttered incoherently, and groaned. Plodding steps brought them finally to the apartment door. Kathryn heaved Brian against the wall and tried the door knob. It turned easily and Kathryn sighed. She pulled his arm across her shoulder and pulled him into the dark.

“It’s a good thing you’re so skinny,” she said, leading him down the barely lit hall toward his bedroom. She pushed his door open with a shove of her hip and with a final effort pulled him into the darkness. Catching her foot, she tripped and fell onto the crumpled surface of his bed, pulling her drunken charge on top of her. Brian mumbled, groping at Kathryn’s thigh.

“Not tonight, big boy,” she said, shoving him over and bouncing out of bed. She leaned against the door frame. “If you’d stayed sober, we might have . . . ” Brian shifted to hold onto his pillow and moaned. “You’re right,” said Kathryn, smiling. “Not even then.”

She closed his door and stepped into the bathroom, flicking on the light. The harsh white radiance made her blink as she sat down to pee. Kathryn shook her head, relaxed by the release. “I should have known he was getting romantic about me again,” she said. “I should have put an end to it before he started drinking.” Kathryn stood and looking in the mirror, teased her hair. “One o’clock,” she said. “Too late to go back out, really.” She shoved her brush back into her purse and flicked off the light.

Cast a glance back at Brian’s door, she let herself play with a naughty thought. “He wouldn’t even know,” she mused but shrugged her shoulders and headed back toward the yellow beacon of the still open front door. Taking hold of the knob, she stepped into the hallway, but a glance back into the apartment caught her attention. Someone slept on the sofa. Curiosity mixed with boredom and she stepped back inside. A young man lay stretched out, his dark curls propped up on the near arm, his feet pressed hard against the far.

Kathryn stepped over to take a better look. Although his face hid in the shadows, she felt a strong attraction to his slumbering features. She paused a while to stare, admiring his handsome visage at her leisure.

“What a dish,” she said gaily to herself. Thinking of Brian passed out in the other room, she leaned close to the man’s face, smelling his faint breath. “And not even drunk,” she said. Kathryn kissed his lips, lightly. A smile glimmered across his face. “Mmm,” she said with a shiver.

Kathryn stood back a moment, pondering, feasting her senses on the strong youth. Her nerves trembled as her imagination rollicked over the lean limbs and firm jaw. She reached for the light just behind his head and carefully unscrewed the bulb, turning it slowly until it fell loose into her hand. She put the glass piece down on the end table, where it rolled silently from side to side. Kathryn went back over to the front door and put her purse down on the floor.

“I’ve just got to,” she said, and lifting up her suede skirt, she took hold of her black lace panties and pushed them down her thighs, past her feet and dropped them into the open top of her purse. She slowly closed the apartment door, bathing the room in darkness.

After taking six careful steps forward, Kathryn felt for the floor as she went down on her knees. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the blackness until the dim outline of the sofa finally took shape before her. She crawled to the center of the sofa and carefully brought her hands to the cushion. Gently searching, she found the thick curved surface of his legs and with gentle, easy strokes, she located the bulge she’d hoped to find.

Softly running her fingers up and down the undefined lump of flesh, Kathryn evoked a shifting response that thickened the mass. She teased the place cautiously. A rigidness evolved as she followed the natural line, until a hard rod had developed. “Mmm,” she purred, and finding a cord, she gently pulled. The sweatpants fell loose. Kathryn slowly uncovered the stiff cock. Pale light from the window reflected off the dark flesh. Lifting the pole slightly with her warm fingers, Kathryn took the head, slightly salty, into her waiting mouth.

The young man moaned and stiffened, pushing his prick deeper into her wetness. “Oh, Angie,” he muttered, putting a hand on her shoulder. Kathryn smiled broadly and tickled his dick with her tongue.

“Hey,” he said, shaking his head. “Who are you?”

“Meow,” Kathryn said, licking the tip of his cock.

“Pretty kitty,” he said laughing, running his hand through her hair, ashen in the pale light.

Kathryn sucked his prick with a hungry rhythm, suddenly realizing that the faint shadows of this young man reminded her of another time, another night. He had the same dark curls and she had kissed him in the black of night.

“Come on,” she had said to the youth, taking his hand and dashing them both through the hedge and away from their friends. He followed tittering with glee as they ran down the hill and into a nearby field. The others kept on walking the other direction, oblivious to their escape. “Over here,” she had said and flopped them both down in the tall grass.

The clouds were thick that night and she could hardly see him as he leaned over to kiss her, to drink those sweet innocent lips with the first bursts of passion that had been welling in her soul. Kathryn had wanted him, felt his hand on the tense swell of her breast, felt the press of his thigh over hers.

A flash of lightning revealed the hunger in his eyes. The boom of thunder in the distance and the voice of their worried friends drove the youth from her clinging embrace. They had run back toward the car as the rain began to fall.

Kathryn smiled nostalgic as she sucked another young cock, anxious to drink up the young man’s lusty flow. A rogue hand lifted her skirt, kneading the uplifted flesh of her ass, and she leapt with a sudden shock as a finger grazed her wet lips.

“Hurry,” she said, turning around to let his fingers tease her swollen pussy. “Please fuck me.” He slipped from the sofa, behind her, and taking hold of her waist pushed himself into the fiery storm of her cunt. Kathryn moaned, the heat of his rhythmic prodding welling higher with each fierce stroke.

A flash of lightning illuminated the room, as he drove himself deep, as she felt his love coming. He yelled at the sight of her pale ass below and she shuddered from within as thunder announced the breaking storm.

The young man fell away, sitting back on the dark sofa. Kathryn leaned forward to kiss the young man.

“God, that was beautiful,” she said. He reached up to turn on the light. Kathryn stood. Rain began to patter on the window panes.

“Wait,” he said, turning the switch in a rapid series of clicks. Kathryn opened the door, pulled down her skirt, picked up her purse and blowing him a kiss, vanished into another stormy night.

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Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

I saw Ellie Denby a half-dozen times before I realized who she was. I knew her as Brad’s sister, and that was seven years ago when Ellie was probably fourteen, still just a girl. She was a different person back then. My vague memories of her as a teenager bore only a superficial resemblance to the here and present young woman. I don’t know that I ever would have made the connection, if Sarah, the club’s manager, hadn’t called her “the Denby girl.”

As one who knows, I can say that Ellie radiates with charm, her presence bursting with the excited blush of living and the swells of fertility. I noticed her at once when I saw her. I’m a few years older than Ellie. Brad and I were probably her age, last time I saw her. I’m married. I have been for four years.

I manage the hardware at the Lake Charles Athletic Cub. We serve the whole Bridgetown area. The members pay for it, Sarah does the book work and I flip the switches, move the cycles and fix the machines. It’s a living. I had to get a serious job, and this seemed like a good compromise. It pays enough. Becky doesn’t mind.

Ellie came by early in the morning. The board insists we open at six, and so we do. We rarely have anyone in before eight. The first time I saw Ellie, recently, I mean, I had just started flipping the light switches. First thing in the morning and a beautiful girl walks by. She opened the locker room door. I hadn’t made it to that switch yet. Ellie looked back and smiled patiently. My heart skipped a beat. She really is very pretty. I fumbled as I hurriedly flicked on her lights.

I’d seen her a few mornings before Sarah told me her name. I passed Ellie coming up the stairs. Her blue eyes sparkled as she softly mouthed a good morning, just enough to be polite. Ellie had always been quiet. Sarah met me at the top of the stairs with a bill to sign.

“Regular,” I said, turning back to watch Ellie’s legs disappear from view.

“Back from school,” Sarah said.

“Well, she’s pretty much got a private health club.”

“Helps justify our being here this early,” said Sarah. I couldn’t tell if she thought this was a good thing or a bad thing. “The Denby girl has really grown up.”

The name echoed in my mind for a minute, jarred out of place unexpectedly, but in half a beat I realized the young woman I had just passed, filling out her white shorts and tank-top distractingly, had been little Ellie Denby. I remember thinking, when she was Brad’s kid sister, that she had a cute butt. The curve had only gotten better.

Sarah frowned.

“I knew her when she was a kid. Brad Denby’s kid sister. Ellie or something.” I blushed as I rushed to explain.

“Eleanor Denby,” said Sarah cool;y. With a flip of her brown-grey hair, she slipped back to her office, growing a little flustered, I thought.

Ellie came in every morning, just after I opened the doors. About a week after she showed up, I accidentally discovered her exercise routine.

One of the bleachers had come loose from the bracket on the south wall. It wasn’t anything dangerous, but people get nervous sixty feet in the air and so first thing the next morning, I crawled up into the lattice of the bleachers to tighten some bolts.

Over past the east end of the bleachers is a hot tub. Seats eight. Good piece of equipment. I’ve often spent twenty minutes in the boiler after work to relax. It just melts the tension away.

So, I stood in a maze of crossbars, turning a socket wrench with a steady cricket buzz. The bleachers are high. I was looking out the end and into the hot tub, my feet perched on thin metal bars.. Ellie came out of the locker room door. She a blue bikini and she wore it well. Women don’t usually wear two-piece suits at an athletic pool. She quickly glided over the damp concrete and slipped into the steaming cauldron. Her breasts had flourished from the bare wisps of bosom I recalled on little Ellie. Her chest grew flush as the heat poured through her. I slipped my wrench into my pocket, held on tight and held my breath, watching this pretty Diana bathe.

Looking down, I could see her long legs shimmering under the steamy surface. Ellie turned on the jets and the froth obscured my view. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the edge. She might have seen me if she looked. I saw a glimpse of Brad’s mom in her face. I always thought he had a pretty mom. I started to reach for my wrench and get back to the bolts when Ellie tossed her bikini bottoms onto the edge. I leaned forward and the lattice-work creaked. Ellie sat up and looked around, right and left but never up. I kept still. Ellie turned and I thought she was going to get out. Her bathing suit was still folded over the edge of the pool. She pressed her knees against the wall and lifted her pussy out of the primordial soup.

Ellie had always been blonde, and a triangle of pale matted hair rose from the water and into my lecherous sight. Ellie rubbed her furrow with an eager finger and spread her knees apart. As her hand came away, I caught a view of her swollen red lips. Ellie leaned back and pushed her clit into the water jet stream. A moan poured from her body.

I’ve watched Becky masturbate with the detachable shower head, so I knew that moan well. Her eyes grow blank and she leans back against the tile and pushes the blast of water against her little bulge and the water pours between her lips to fall in an endless thick stream. In no time at all, she tosses her head from one side to the other and the moans start below her ankles, ripple through her calves and thighs, boom in her ass, take wind in her breast and groan with shudders of her clenching muscles.

Ellie teased the waterspout, swaying her hips while a rush of bubbles spurted from the point of contact between her thighs. My prick had swollen so hard that it hurt, wrapped up in my shorts. Holding onto the crossbeam with one arm, I tried to adjust my package. Swinging my hips slightly, I managed to escape the pinch and indulge my senses the hungry throb of my stiff prick. I reached for my zipper to share Ellie’s erotic moment but a shudder in the bleachers stayed my hand. Getting caught with my pants down would be serious trouble. I let my tongue hang out while I teased my aching bulge through my nylon shorts. I suppose I might as well have taken my dick out. I doubt I could have looked any more perverted.

Ellie focused the jet onto her gleaming clit with a tiny circle of her hips. Her body grew flush, creamy jutting shoulders and a pale white belly. A hand dashed up to free her right tit from the blue top and Ellie squeezed her tight brown nipple hard. The ripples shuddered from her breast down into her ass and as she thrust her pussy against the stream, Eleanor Denby, twenty-year old coed, wailed a noisy orgasm which echoed endlessly over the pool.

Laying across the tub, Ellie reached over to turn off the jets. As the water calmed, her pink pussy, still spread and seemingly subdued, thoughtlessly invited a lecherous glimpse of paradise. Ellie picked up her bikini bottoms and slipped them on underwater. She pushed her heavy breast back into her bathing suit and Ellie dashed back to the locker room.

I stood in shock for several minutes. Finally persuaded that there would be no second feature, I climbed down from the supports. I walked over to the tub and dipped my hand in the steaming water. She had been magnificent.

I unzipped my shorts and pulled my hard prick free, jerking it suddenly the moment I had a grip, pounding my fist down my dick as the memory of Ellie’s bath played itself in a loop, once per stroke. It had been the most erotic thing I had ever seen. As I held the soft image of her drowsy pussy in my mind, a spent a fountain of delight into the hot water. It was due to be cleaned anyway.

Some orgasms drain me of all my strength and I drift quickly into unconsciousness. Other orgasms are just the beginning, the whistle on a boiling kettle. I never stopped being hard that day.

As I drove home that day, I didn’t feel any guilt. The incident had been an accident, which I just happened to benefit from. It wasn’t my fault if a pretty girl masturbated in a hot tub forty feet below where I was working. Besides, I was still too horny to feel any guilt. I went home looking for Becky.

We’d always had lots of sex. Sometimes it was on again and then off again, but we always stayed in touch. I love Becky and I love the way she fucks me. My prick was still swollen and Becky looked good, better than I remembered her looking. She has a delicious ripe ass. I made love to her that night, for a long time. Becky dripped. When I finally relinquished the lust pent up inside me, Becky quivered constantly. I slept like a child.

Sarah watched me push open the door to the pool area the next morning, just after Ellie arrived. I could feel her eyes watching me, knowing I was going a way I didn’t usually go.

I lay in the bleachers, my head peaking past the edge.. I felt much safer, but I still couldn’t play with myself when Ellie screwed the fountain. It doesn’t take Ellie any time at all to let out her final squeals. My dick throbbed. I let the madness surge through me. I didn’t jerk off. I felt like that would make it wrong. I flirted with Sarah after Ellie left. She blushed when I teased her. Sarah’s really cute for an older woman.

When I came home, Becky wasn’t around. After grabbing a cookie in the kitchen, I went upstairs. I heard the shower running. Becky stood behind the rippling glass with the head of the shower pressed into her folds. She moaned pleasurably. I watched as she took a steady pose, as her nipples twinkling behind the translucent glass. I pushed down my shorts and slipped open the shower door. She looked up at me, her eyes burning with lust.

“C’mon, Becky, ” I said, fisting my prick, “show me how you come.” Becky murmured, almost in fear, and she pushed the stream hard against her little clit. I watched her pussy splash. Becky began to squeal, uncomfortably.

“Louder,” I said, snarling. Becky’s voice opened, shrieking her ecstasy as she tossed her head from side to side. Her long yellow hair clung to the tile. I watched her belly tremble. Becky sucked me off. I dribbled off her chin.

Bridgewater is a small town. I ran into Ellie and her parents at the Pizza Fling. I’ve known them a long time. With her parents, I could see the hints of that gangly girl I used to know. Ellie looked sweet and innocent, but with a glance I could see the fall of her breasts. I could hear the moan in every word she spoke. I envied the man who would pluck this rosebud. I knew it wouldn’t be me.

I mentioned seeing her at the club. Ellie blushed.

“Are you just back for the summer?” I asked.

“Middle of August,” said Ellie kindly. I could hear the moan in every syllable.

The next morning I watched Ellie back up to the water jet, her ass risen like twin moons from a boiling sea, her pussy spread and the dark wink of her asshole pulsating with the sensation. She clawed both breasts naked as she rocked back into the furious blast. I wished for the thousandth time that I could dare to bring a camera, but knew it would only cause serious trouble. I would take what I could get, even if it were only a daily show.

That night, I bent Becky over and fucked her ass. I remember every second of that intense ride. Becky came almost at once, with a mad howl of an orgasm which left her a drizzling mess as I pounded deep inside her luscious butt. Becky lurched away from my invasion and I spent my showers into her passion-wild lips.

I watched Ellie masturbate sixty times, every morning like clockwork. Eventually I grew daring and hid closer to the hot tub, down the bleachers. Choosing the right vantage point became an art and a science as I tried to optimize the erotic thrill. I longed for the day when she looked over at me and said, “Fuck me,” but Ellie never noticed me. I came to know her well as the weeks went by. I could tell by the quiver of her cheek that she was about to release. And as the orgasm poured through her, she would raise her pussy up out of the water and let my eyes pierce the dark cavern of her young womb. It was like clockwork, six minutes from intro to climax and we were both on our way. My cock invariably pointed to noon.

Becky stopped wearing panties. I couldn’t stop fucking her. All I could think about was watching my private peep-show and fucking my wife. Ellie’s wanton little cunt kept my engines roaring and Becky swallowed a river of come. I licked her pussy, almost in a daily ritual. I loved to take close glimpses of her pink lips, to taste Becky’s essence in the juice. I would pretend my tongue was a water jet and listen to Becky moan.

“Louder,” I’d snarl and my tongue would ravage her clit while Becky screamed out her ecstasy. Ellie screamed from deep inside. I liked that. Becky obliged my new taste, wailing wickedly.

Sarah watched me coming out of the pool door one morning. I knew at once that she knew something. She frowned in a disturbed way. I pretended not to notice. I felt like she was jealous of me.

Regardless, I lay in the bleachers the next morning. To fail to take my post was unthinkable. How could I deny myself this vision? Ellie whipped off her bikini bottoms before she got into the tub. She seemed to be in no particular hurry and rolled about, letting the streams of water tickle her. She pushed her bikini top aside as she floated hungrily toward a jet. Ellie lifted her bottom up and moaned. My prick shuddered and I incautiously unzipped my fly. Writhing gently, I managed to free my staff. Ellie lifted her pussy toward me as the fountain molested the nymph. I stroked my dick faintly. Ellie began to moan madly, feverishly, with all the power of her full breasted lungs. The bleachers began to creak ominously. I froze. Ellie continued to writhe ecstatically, sending erotic echoes bouncing from the great walls. I looked nervously down the length of the bleacher and I saw Sarah, peering at Ellie around the corner. Sarah scurried away as Ellie rose out of the tub. She grinned with satisfaction as the water poured down her body.

I stopped to talk with Sarah later. She still seemed nervous. I wondered if she was going to say anything. She just blushed.

One day Ellie stopped coming. It was the middle of August. I assumed that school came back.

I added checking the bleachers to my morning routine. One morning, about three days after Ellie stopped coming, I caught Sarah riding the watery spume. She stripped off her bathing suit and pushed her little pussy into the froth. I stood gawking, and the lattice work shifted with a long creak. Sarah looked hazily toward me and smiled big. Fierce ripples teased her soft tummy and Sarah moaned aloud.

I went home and fucked Becky wild, tore her panties and took it from her with every slice of pleasure I could discover through her wicked style. Becky truly knows how to fuck me crazy. She knows how to scream when she comes. I poured my adoration into her fertile womb.

I brought Becky into the club with me, one morning when Sarah had taken a day off. She changed into her bathing suit and I showed her the hot tub. Becky stripped off her suit in a flash and turned on the jets. Water splashed my face as I watched the stream’s precise assault on Becky’s little clit, watched the shudders, heard the moans. I pushed down my shorts and climbed in the hot tub, dangling my hard cock in Becky’s face. She sucked my prick deeply as the moans poured through her. I came in spurts over her heated face.

“Fuck me,” she said. I obliged.

Sarah says were making enough money to stay open, but not enough for a raise. I’ll work another season. Fringe benefits are worth something.

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The Silence was Deafening

The Silence Was Deafening
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

Now I’m as much a fan of minimalist erotica as the next guy, but I think this message takes things a bit too far. Placing the whole story, while a good one, in the subject line really ruins the suspense. On the other hand, the lack of response to the expressed moan could be taken as a commentary on the finite nature of the sexual experience. I.E. there is nothing more anticlimatic than a climax.


“Please!” “No” “Please” “No” “Please” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Oh!”

<reviews are welcomed, but should be kept shorter than the original piece – otherwise, its a bit of overkill, isn’t it?>


I wasn’t surprised to hear from Greg – he’d taken to calling me up for lunch on a fairly regular basis. I’d even stopped suspecting him of having a hidden agenda each time he called. But perhaps he had only been carefully lulling me into security.

Lately we’d been grabbing a quick bite and comparing notes on the games. But it was Friday, and he was anxious to get far away from the office – have a beer and see some naked women. He picked me up, and we drove into the city.

Being Friday, the place was packed with business men anxious to get an early start of a weekend of indulgence, and we were forced to sit in the very back, far from the stages. We ordered some brew, and talked while watching the distant gyrations of tits and ass.

For some odd reason, our conversation took a sexual turn – a subject we had only approached obliquely before, but which had always been an underlying theme. Greg has been to the house often enough, and been stoned enough, to truly appreciate that my wife is fucking hot. Newly engaged, he was concerned about rumors of marriages becoming sexless.

“We’ve been married for over four years now,” I bragged, “and I get laid a lot. No shit. Lindsey could make a dead man come.”

“I keep waiting for an invitational, you know.” Greg smiled slyly. “But Jackie is a randy bitch in her own right. There’s nothing finer than putting her on all fours and pressing your case.”

“I just wish she’d show more skin. Lindsey’s always been willing to let you see the package – but Jackie keeps things…hidden.”

“Hell, I can give you that. She keeps cool because she’s afraid she’ll lose it if she drops it. She’d rip off her panties for a chance to see you get off.”

“Shall we work a deal then? Lindsey’s been aching to dance on you for a long time. I’ve had to keep her restrained.”

“Tomorrow evening?,” Greg asked rhetorically. “And the first one who comes, loses.”

“Losing never sounded so good. Tomorrow it is.”

Lunch ended quickly as the anticipation suddenly clouded our thoughts I spent the rest of the day at the Office trying to decide what I should tell Lindsey – not because I doubted her interest in the planned activities, but because I knew that there are conflicting pleasures in surprise and anticipation. The shock would be an intense aphrodisiac, and yet, I could hardly fail to give her a chance to plan. Of course, I wondered what, if anything, Greg would tell Jackie.

I was finally determined that I would only give vague hints to the blonde vixen who was shacked up at my lair. Even that would be enough to make her pussy drool, and the uncertainty would keep her suspense cocked.

Saturday passed easily enough, and by seven the kids were put to bed. Greg and Jackie were set to arrive at eight. I persuaded Lindsey to dress for the evening, a tactic which made her wonder. Old friends coming over for a drink don’t usually merit the special touches. I insisted.

I picked up the house while she dolled herself up. I took care in removing extraneous hindrances from the room, and stashed a variety of tools that might prove useful in hidden places. I selected an evenings worth of raunchy rock-n-roll and set out some pornographic films – both commercial and home-made, in case they were needed to set the mood.

Lindsey finally came out – and my cock hardened at the sight. My wife is a luscious blonde, with firm tits and a smooth jutting ass set high atop her long legs. A blue silk dress draped seductively over her body. She wore neither bra nor panties, but only a garter belt to keep her silk stockings at attention. The doorbell rang.

I opened the door, and Jackie strode in, brash and bold. She wore a black leather dress, zippered down the front, and the zipper was perched somewhere beneath her breasts, exposing a vast sea of cleavage. The dress ended just short of her bottom. Greg followed close behind her, and nearly laughed when he saw the look on my face. Before he could manage a guffaw, he saw Lindsey. The contest would be well matched.

We sat down with drinks and a smoke, and the atmosphere was so tense that hardly a word escaped. Looking to break the silence, Lindsey went over and changed the music to something a bit more danceable.

The rhythm swelled, and Lindsey began to move to the beat. She loves to dance, in the same way she loves to fuck. In fact, I had some twenty odd hours of films of her dancing in various states of undress. As she began to move, there was little question that she was making her move. Yet Jackie was not one to permit the spotlight to shine so uniquely on a rival, and she jumped up to join the erotic music ritual. Greg and I exchanged happy glances, and watched as our women writhed to the sounds.

Jackie is a tall woman, with a large mane of mahogany hair, and pale white skin. I’d ogled her before, but as I had said, it was rare when she revealed even a hint of exotic flesh. As she swayed her hips, there was little remaining that I couldn’t imagine.

Her tits were firm and substantial, but on her large frame, they didn’t seem quite so big. I was starting to catch glimpses of them in profile as her dress bowed in motion, and I was curious to see the nipples. I suspected they would be dark and small.

Jackie’s height came with long legs, and above them rested her full, meaty ass. As the dancing accelerated, I could catch momentary sight of black satin panties, and the extraneous curls of her deeply black muff. I licked my lips at the thought, and laughed to hear Greg smacking his lips as he stared deeply at the pretty dancing blonde.

Lindsey turned to face Jackie with a grin, and as girls so often do at party dances, they danced together, laughing as they shook their shoulders in unison. The blue dress began to slip, and Lindsey danced even more furiously, releasing the first of her swollen breasts; the nipple shone deep red and was rock hard. Jackie squealed at the sight.

I was nearly as surprised as Lindsey when Jackie leaned over and began sucking on her tit. Lindsey stopped dancing and moaned slightly, running her hands through the brown mane above her breast. Leaned over slightly, Jackie continued to rock her butt lasciviously before us.

Suddenly the song changed into a fast go-go beat, and Jackie quit sucking to catch the rhythm. Lindsey hesitated a moment as Jackiebegan to pull down the zipper of her dress, and let the leather garb fall to the floor. A black satin bra complemented her black panties, and Jackie danced, on hand cupping her left breast, while her other hand slipped into her muff. Lindsey’s dress was gathered at her waist and she danced in synch.

At some point during this exchange, both Greg and I had released our cocks from confinement, and we stroked ourselves as we drank in the sight of sexual delight. I kept wondering if we should join the fun, but just as I started to move, Lindsey knelt beneath her gyrating friend, yanked down the black panties, and began kissing the black-haired cunt. Jackie ripped off her bra, and spread her legs wide above the lashing tongue of my blonde tart. Jackie’s moans were nearly a scream, and Lindsey picked up her blue silk dress over her ass, and teased her own clit while Greg and I gaped in wild wonder.

The whole scene had me crazy, but I knew that pride demanded I hold back the insistent orgasm that was begging to blow. Jackie was a fiery slut, of that I had no doubt, but even this vixen was nothing compared to the mad sexuality of my lady. I was accustomed to intense desire – Greg couldn’t possibly contain himself.

Jackie eased her way down to the ground, careful not to let Lindsey’s tongue miss her pussy for even a second. I decided there was no point in waiting, and stepped over to straddle Jackie’s face, sinking my hardened cock into her waiting, moaning mouth. Greg knelt behind Lindsey’s blonde butter box, and slipped inside to complete the human sex chain.

I was surprised at the intensity of pleasure I received from Jackie’s thick tongue – she was a superb cock-sucker. I lowered myself down into her mouth, curious to see if she could handle the full length of my rigid dick. She slurped and licked each delicious inch, until I was lost down her warm throat. I could feel the burning desire to come, and only just managed to hold myself back. I disengaged from Jackie’s gaping maw, and she licked her full lips with a disappointed gleam in her eyes.

Greg was lost in his own world as he drove my sweet Lindsey hard from behind. I interceded between her lips and Jackie’s cunt, and kissed my wife before taking her place at the hot, wet lips. Jackie thrashed a bit as my tongue became familiar with her pink gash. I rode a favorite path as I teased her swollen clit. I sent a finger searching into the burning liquid pool of her vagina. She bucked with impending ecstasy, and I darted a finger into her tight ass. A few inches away, Lindsey began screaming in her delightful song of orgasm, and as I licked, Jackie sang as well.

I turned Jackie over, and mounted her on all fours. The vision of her wide butt and long back, topped by flailing brown hair was intoxicating. Beyond the lustful wench, Lindsey was now sucking madly on Greg’s cock. I could see the determination in his eyes – he was finding pleasure as he never had before, and yet he would not come until I let go. Pride and ego were prolonging the first round far beyond the humanly possible. I tried to change the flow of my thoughts, but it was in vain – the sight of so much beautiful sex, the burning wetness of Jackie’s cunt, the escaping moans – I could hardly hold my ecstasy.

In a last-ditch effort, I sat Jackie atop me, and felt her weight rising and falling above me, her breasts bouncing with each blow. I could stand no more – and I humped hard into the dripping pool of Jackie’s pussy. A scream welled at the back of my throat, and I could think no more of restraint. Greg yelled, “Fuck it” and shot a huge foaming load into Lindsey’s waiting mouth, across her face, and over her breasts. I exploded into Jackie.

I collapsed into a broken mess – looking across the floor, I could see Greg was in a similar state. Nothing was proven, except that our women could fuck us dead. I could hardly move.

But then, opening my eyes, Jackie was kissing Lindsey, and then licking Greg’s cum from my wife’s face and breasts. They turned around, and Lindsey began to lick my cum from Jackie’s cunt. Something stirred within, and I was no longer quite so tired. I sat up, as did Greg. I nodded, and he nodded. That was just a warm-up. This time was for real.

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Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

The door lurched open as Stephanie reached for the knob.

“Well?” said Liz, excitedly pulling her friend inside her apartment.

“I got it,” said Steph, breathing hard and holding up the small grey camera. Liz grabbed the offered device and dashed down to hall. Steph leaned over, putting her hands on her knees and smiling while she tried to steady her racing heartbeat. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Well, let’s hope it wasn’t in vain,” said Liz, pulling cords from behind her entertainment center. “Tell me what happened.”

Stephanie turned the corner and stepped into the kitchen. “I need a beer,” she called out.

“In the fridge,” said Liz, tracing a line and then plugging a cord into the video camera.

“Mark took off for Syracuse at four and just as he was ready to drive off, I suddenly told him that I’d left my notebook up in the apartment. He gave me one of those looks, like he was in a hurry and what was I doing to his schedule and he started to head back into the building, but I smiled and told him just to give me his key and that he could just drop by my place on his way back Sunday.”

“Sounds good,” said Liz, her head pressed against the wall as she reached behind the console to make a connection.

“So I let myself in their apartment and put it right next to the mail.” Stephanie pulled a video tape from her purse.

“You even recovered the evidence?” asked Liz, smiling. “Excellent.”

“I had to. I want to save it for Mark’s birthday.”

Liz laughed. “You’re so sweet.”

“Besides, I don’t even want to imagine what Rick would have done with it. Given copies to all his buddies, probably. Anyway, I had the hiding place picked out, and with two hours to myself, I made a few adjustments to help make the mission more successful.”

“All right. Now all we have to do is rewind the tape.” Liz stepped back while the camera whirred. “Let me get a beer and we’ll see what we got.” Steph followed her friend into the kitchen.

“Rick came home about six and putzed around for a while. I watched him from the corner of the room, nestled in behind some boxes. Finally, he stopped at the dining room table and looked through the mail. When he put the bills down, he picked up the video. I started taping then. I thought it made a good introduction.”

“Mmm, aren’t you quite the artiste,” said Liz, plopping herself down on the sofa and aiming the remote toward the equipment to begin the playback.

The television screen sparkled and wavered before fixing on the image of a young man standing next to a glass table, leafing through an assortment of letters. Rick pushed a strand of sandy hair out of his face as he frowned at the bills. Casually tossing the envelopes over the smooth tabletop, Rick reached over to pick up a video cassette. He turned the white label up so he could see what it said.

“To Mark, XXX,” Rick read, laughing. “Hello, nurse!”

“Ooh, he’s such a prick,” said Liz.

“As we shall clearly see,” said Stephanie, taking the space beside her friend.

Rick grinned lasciviously as the camera followed his short walk over to the television.

“He didn’t even hesitate,” said Liz, excitedly.

“I told you he wouldn’t.”

The television within glowed warm and Rick smirked as he found himself watching Stephanie, dancing in a short skirt and leotard.

“Mark, you lucky bastard,” Rick said, turning off the tape player.

“What?” asked Liz, bouncing on the sofa. “Where’s Prick going?”

“Just wait,” said Stephanie. “Big Ricky wouldn’t disappoint us.”

Rick reappeared with a plastic bottle in his hand.

“What’s that?” asked Liz, leaning forward to try and read the label.

“I think it’s baby oil,” said Stephanie, giggling. “Rick intends to watch our tape in style.”

“Ooh,” moaned Liz as Rick unzipped his black trousers and pushed them into a heap on the floor. His cotton briefs quickly followed. Rick turned, adjusting the pillows. Liz squealed. “God, but I love that ass!”

“Mmm,” said Stephanie, refusing to let her gaze wander.

“C’mon, Rick,” Liz called out. “Take off the shirt.” Rick picked up a remote control and sat down on the sofa. He lifted his shirt up over his head. “Yes!” said Liz. “That’s my boy.”

Rick leaned back and watched, grinning as Stephanie’s image danced on the screen before him. The camera’s view of Rick zoomed in to take a closer look at the dark staff lying restless in his lap. The slender serpent shifted and slowly thickened as muffled dance music churned in the background. Rick teased his cock playfully, extending its length with faint, familiar touches.

“Oh,” said Liz, “this is incredible. I can’t believe it.”

“I was holding my breath, watching him,” said Stephanie. “I was so afraid I was going to knock the boxes over.”

The view receded, showing Rick sitting naked with a rigid dick. His chest muscles tightened slightly and he thrust his pelvis up. The cock strained and his dark, hairy balls surged.

“I think he likes you, Steph,” said Liz, giggling.

The camera turned to check out the image on the television. A vision of Stephanie’s bold teasing came into focus as she slipped the cranberry leotard from her shoulders, bringing her bare white breasts into view. The camera quickly turned back to Rick. He squirted a large pool of shimmering oil into his hand and ran the juice over his hard prick.

“Steph,” Rick said, rubbing himself furiously, “what pretty titties you have. Oh. Show me those nipples, girl.”

“What a prick,” said Stephanie, short of breath.

“Oh,” said Liz, her fingers working her way under her short skirt, “what a fine, fine dick.” Rick slowed his pace, tickling the length with his fingertips as he watched the image before him intently.

“I’ll bet this is where you started showing me your . . . ?”

“Yes,” said Stephanie, fingering herself, mesmerized by the naked dick on the television screen. “He’s watching me . . .”

“Oh, this is just wicked,” said Liz, her face flush. “I can’t stand it any more.” She lifted her bottom and pulled off her black and pink flowered panties. Steph glanced over to watch Liz spread her creamy thighs and rub her fingers madly around her glistening wet cunt. Stephanie shuddered slightly and then pulled down her own damp panties. An electric current ran through her when she touched her burning clit.

Rick stroked his dick fast and bit his lip.

“Oh, you fucking bitch,” he said, angrily. “I’d make you suck me with that pretty kiss. I can’t believe how hot you are. C’mon, show me your cunt. That’s right, Steph. Tease that little clitty for me.” Rick savagely stroked his turgid cock.

“Wow, Steph, you had him going,” said Liz.

“He had me going. Can you hear me breathing on the tape? I was going wild, crouched behind those boxes, doing myself just like this, watching him wave that nasty thing.”

“Yeah. Show me your big ass, Steph,” Rick commanded. “Man o’ man I’d sure put that pussy to good use, little girl. Tell me you want it. Oh, yes.”

“I couldn’t believe how hot you were, showing me your stuff like that . You are such a bad girl.” Liz twitched slightly as she spoke.

“I couldn’t help it,” said Steph. “I wanted to get him hot.”

“Hot,” said Liz, lifting her bottom while rubbing her cunny.

“Steph, I’m gonna give it to you,” Rick moaned. He stiffened and trembled slightly, stroking awkwardly. Thick white spurts shot from the tip of his throbbing prick, spraying over his chest and belly. “Ah,” Rick moaned. The camera closed in to fill the television with the last shudders of his dripping stick.

“Yes,” screamed Liz, delightedly. “Encore!”

“Oh, man, I need a fuck,” moaned Stephanie, laughing.

“What happened after that?” Liz asked as the screen went grey with static.

“He went back into the bathroom. When I heard the water running, I jumped out of my hiding spot, hit the eject button, grabbed the tape and slipped out of the apartment.”

“Did he come after you?”

“I never looked back. I just ran until I reached my car and then drove.”

“Wow,” said Liz. “What do we do now?”

“Call Rick,” said Steph. “I think we owe him a party.”

“Yeah,” said Liz. “Give me the phone. I’ll ask him if wants to help us make another tape.” Stephanie laughed.

“I’ll bet he will. He’s such a prick.”

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The Romantic

The Romantic
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

“I love you!”

The girl’s squeal of adoration cut through the screaming applause of the audience. Richard smiled at the sound and took one more quick bow before starting down the cluttered backstage path. The mass of voices followed him in thundering echoes as he strode quickly past the lines of congratulating hands to reach the limo parked outside. Inside, Richard leaned back, breathing deeply. His manager handed him a drink.

“Fantastic,” said Stephen nodding rapidly. “Couldn’t go much better than that.” Richard downed the glass of bourbon.

“Thanks,” he said, wiping his mouth on his white satin sleeve. He picked up a pack of Camels and tore away the cellophane. “Beautiful audience. Not like Sacramento.” He smacked the package against his left palm and ripped at the silver folds. Richard’s hands trembled slightly as he worked his way inside. “It’s so much easier to sing with such pretty girls all around.” He flipped a cigarette out of the tight bundle and stuck it on his lip. Stephen thrust a flame beneath the tip. “Thanks,” mumbled Richard, taking a deep hit of the dry smoke.

“Preston wanted me to ask you to drop by the Stardust. He’s having a. . .”

“No,” said Richard.

“I told him you were beat, but he wanted . . . .”

“No,” said Richard again. “I’m going back to my room and get some sleep. My nerves are edgy.”

“I know, I know,” said his manager, trying to console. “Look, Angelica, one of the company’s promotion people told me that her niece is dying to meet you. I suggested, well, she might. . . .”

“Yeah,” said Richard, closing his eyes. “Send her around.”

Twenty minutes later, his hotel room door closed with a satisfying click, and Richard drooped slightly, finally freed. He walked over to the bed, sat down and took off his shoes. Picking up the phone, he punched the numbers his manager had written down.

“Stephen? Looks good. Is she coming? Great. Have them hold my calls. Yeah, I’ll let you know. Not before ten.” Richard sat the receiver back in its cradle and stepped over to the window.

The city stretched out in black glittering motion below. Even at midnight, the lights of transit poured red and yellow in lean streams. Richard sighed, imagining a room, so far away, where he could really rest; the chair, his chair, molded by evenings to his weary form; the

piano, scarred and perpetually drifting from tune; the smile of a woman who loved him for more than vocal intonations. Richard looked down, and sighed again. The pack of Camels appeared in his hand. He lit another cigarette and poured himself a glass of champagne. A knock came through the door.

“It’s Terri,” a young voice spoke. “Stephen sent me.”

Richard opened the chained door cautiously. A girl of nineteen, maybe twenty, stood in the hallway, smiling broadly, wringing her hands. In a decisive instant, Richard looked her over critically. She had pale brown hair, almost blonde, probably a touch of color to lighten it, curls added by heat in looping rings past her shoulders. Her eyes were green, probably colored contacts masking ordinary brown eyes. She had a smooth, creamy complexion, quite nice, well painted to increase her allure, but her lips were perhaps a touch too thin. Her frame was medium, not a small girl, but not big either. Richard smiled. Her breasts looked firm under the ruffles of her silky black blouse, not inflated but substantial. A slight tummy, delightfully feminine, could be seen where the blouse met her skirt. Lean legs encased in dark silk emerged from beneath the hem of black leather. Richard wished for a fleeting moment she would turn around, but at the same time reached up to unchain the door. Terri would do.

“Come in,” he said smoothly. “Come in.”

The girl seemed frozen as she suddenly faced her idol, but with a touch of his hand, she moved stiffly through his door. Her green eyes fixed firmly on him, a stare so hard that Richard felt compelled to turn away, walking ahead of her into the room.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he said. “Can I get you a glass of champagne?”

“Wow,” the young woman muttered, looking around at the plush setting of the suite. “Sure,” she said. Richard poured her a glass and refilled his own. He handed her the crystal flute and touched his to hers with a gentle tink.

“Nice to meet you, Terri, did you say?”

“Terri,” she said, gulping down a swig of the sparkling wine. The alcohol seemed to calm her at once. “You were great.”

“You saw the show?” he asked, flattered.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for anything,” Terri began to bubble with enthusiasm, having touched a favorite subject. “I’ll be there tomorrow night, too. I saw your show in August, too. You are so great.”

Richard gestured for her to sit beside him on the bed. Terri sat

down with a flop, spilling a splash of champagne over her hand. “Oh,” she squealed. Richard took gently hold of her wrist and kissed the wine from her pale fingers. “Ooh,” said Terri, utterly delighted by the singer’s attentive gesture.

“I thought it went well,” he said quietly.

“You were fantastic. I wanted you to sing ‘Meadows’ so badly and when you did, I thought I was going to faint, I got so excited. And then you sang, ‘In Twilight,’ and that was incredible because I never heard you sing that one and I’ve always wanted to hear you, it was my favorite album for so many years, until ‘Songs of Love’ came out, and then I wanted . . . .”

“Terri,” Richard interrupted her babbling praise. “I’m flattered, but all day long people talk to me about my songs, and I’d really just like to talk about other things. I’m a person, too.”

“Oh,” said Terri, blushing and thoughtful. “I didn’t mean to act like a crazed fan or something.” She turned away, frowning. Richard glimpsed the swell of white bosom as her blouse sagged away.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, his eyes still fixed on the slow rise and fall of her tantalizing bit of chest.

“Yes,” she said shyly.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “We don’t have to talk about that, if you don’t want to. But I don’t get to know people anymore, not really, and well, I’m a romantic. I like to hear people talk about love.” Terri looked into his dark eyes, touched.

“I understand,” she said.

“Do you love him?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said strongly, “very much. Just madly.”

“Is he handsome?”

“Oh, yes. I mean, he’s just a guy, but I like the way he looks.” Terri stumbled over her words.

“He’s lucky,” said Richard, bravely. “I envy him.”

“Jack?” Terri laughed. “But he’s just a . . . I mean . . . You’ve got everything!”

“When I was a younger man, maybe Jack’s age, I had everything. I had a girl who loved me dearly, and the whole world before me. That was when my first album came out.”

“Dark Nights.”

“I envy him, because he has you. When I signed my contracts, they gave me a king’s ransom, but they never told me what it would cost.”

“Oh, Richard.” Terri’s young voice rippled with pathos.


“She married another man, and I’ve never seen her since.”

“That is so sad.”

“I envy the love you have for Jack. I would trade all of this, just to feel that love again.” Richard turned his face away, hiding the burst of emotion that threatened to erupt. Terri put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But we all love you, you sing so beautifully, and well, I love you.”

“Do you?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“It’s not the same.”

“Still,” said Terri, thoughtfully, “it’s something.” Richard turned at once and kissed the girl. She melted, overwhelmed by the touch of his lips, and as his arms wrapped around her, she gave herself away. Strong hands caressed her warm body as his kiss grew moist and feverish. Terri threw her arms around the singer made man.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, “I love you.”

They rolled over the bed, kissing madly. Pulling her blouse from the skirt, he found her breasts beneath. She yanked the silk over her head and unclasped her brassiere. He suckled her stiffened nipples, sending shivers down her spine. Terri felt the hard throb of his manhood pressed against her thigh.

“Fuck me, Richard,” she said, letting the words roll wickedly past her lips, savoring the thought as his hands roamed down to lift her leather skirt and squeeze her full behind. “I’ll love you, Richard. I’ll love you.” Terri licked her lips. “Fuck me, Richard.”

He knelt between her spread long legs and looked into the sultry gaze of her eyes. Terri shuddered in delight. Richard slipped his strong hands down the length of her lean thighs, indulged himself in a moment’s anticipation. Taking hold of her white lace panties and with a sudden jerk, he tore the fragile fabric from her waist.

“Oh my God,” moaned Terri. Richard lifted the shredded panties to his face, and smiled as he tossed them away. Leaning down, he thrust his face into Terri’s dripping snatch, pushing his maestro’s tongue between the scarlet lips, framed in dark curls, into the swampy pit of her young cunt. “Ooh,” she whimpered and as he lapped the hot froth, he wordlessly sang her favorite song. She grasped his hair and pulled him closer. He tickled her hard clit.

Leaping forward as the shudders overcame her, Richard impaled his burning cock into Terri’s hole, and thrusting with a wild mambo beat, he soaked her womb in his mad lust. He looked into her

subdued eyes as the ecstasy rippled through him, filling her love with adoration.

Spent, Richard collapsed beside her on the bed, breathing deeply. Terri leaned over to suck the scent from his receding prick. He teased her hair with gentle fingers, encouraging her devotions, falling into quiet lethargy. She moved up close beside him, and pressed her lips to his. Richard kissed her, sweetly.

“Do you really love me?” he asked.

“Yes, Richard,” Terri said. “I love you.”

“I mean really,” he said, his voice falling dim. “Really?”

“More than you will ever know.”

“I mean, if I come back, when the tour’s over in June, if I come back, you’d go away with me?”

“Richard!” said Terri sharply. “Don’t tease me like that.”

“I’m not,” he said, sitting up. “I’ll come back in June.”

“Yes,” she said lovingly. “I’d do anything for you.”

“You’ll have to go,” he said. “I have to sleep, and with you here I won’t.” Terri giggled and blushed. Richard continued. “Tomorrow’s full of press and meetings and appearances, and then there’s the show to do and if I don’t sleep, it will kill me.”

“I understand,” said Terri, reaching for her blouse.

“Here’s some paper,” he said, taking a pad from the hotel table. “Write your name and address and number down for me. I’ll be in touch.”

Terri stepped over to the table and Richard watched contentedly as the naked girl scribbled, admiring the roundness of her creamy bottom over the dark furrow of her cunt, still dripping with their juices. She handed him the pad, smiling lasciviously and pulled her skirt down.

Richard kissed her again, deeply, and led her to the door.

“I love you,” she said, blowing him a kiss as the door closed.

“Goodbye, Terri,” he replied.

Walking over to his bag, Richard brought out a large scrapbook. Flipping through the pages, he came to a blank page, three quarters of the way through. Carefully, he taped Terri’s note onto the page.

“She was sweet,” he thought, turning the page back. Melissa. Janet. Francie. Elizabeth. “One of the best,” he said.

Richard replaced the scrapbook in his bag and picked up the phone, punching the numbers deftly.

“Stephen? Yeah. Fabulous. You have exquisite taste. Did

Mary call? I had a feeling. No, I’ll tell her. Listen, would you send Terri some flowers? Yeah, she was sweet. Have them say ‘dream of me, love Richard’. It’s the least I can do. No, she already has tickets. All right. Good night.”

Richard pressed down the button in the cradle, paused and then lifted his finger to arouse another dial tone. He punched a longer set of numbers familiarly.

“Mary? Did I wake you? Yeah. Good show, I think. I tried to sleep, but I kept thinking of you. I don’t know, just a feeling. We must be in tune or something. Stephen says I’ll be home on the third for the week, but we have to spend the sixth and seventh at some resort. I know. I’m sorry. Maybe you could . . . I know. You know I will. I’ve got to get some sleep, but tell me again. I love you, too. ”

Richard hung up the phone and stopped to stare out the window. A plane roared overhead, tiny lights flashing, headed far away. He lit another cigarette, letting the heat fill his tired lungs. “So far away,” he muttered. Looking down, Richard’s heart sank in anticipation of another dark night, alone.


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Slip of the Tongue

Slip of the Tongue
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

“Follow me,” Kevin said in an excited whisper, waving me on as he started climbing the hillside.

“What?” I asked, close behind, grabbing the trunk of a small tree and pulling myself up the steep incline.

“You’ll see,” he said with a grin. I had known Kevin since high school and understood at once that we were up to mischief. I followed him through a thick nest of bushes before we climbed a large boulder. Kevin sat down on the edge of the rock and opened the leather binocular case hanging from his shoulder.

“Deer?” I asked.

“Kind of,” Kevin said, smiling broadly. “Take a look, just past those trees over there.”

I lifted the glasses to my eyes, aimed them past the conifers and focused. A small blonde woman was unbuttoning her blouse. My jaw fell open. I lowered the binoculars and looked again with my naked eye. “The showers?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Can you believe it?” Kevin asked. “I love this spot. Sit down. You can still see everything and there’s no way anyone will see us up here.”

I took a seat on the mossy boulder and raised the lenses. With a glimpse of Carol, a friend of Kevin’s wife, a lanky dark haired nude woman pushing her sandals under a wooden bench, I felt a shudder through my heart. I scanned the whole tent. “Are they all . . . ?” I started to ask.

“Yup. The whole gang needs a shower. Pete drenched them in that pea-green lake water when he tipped the boats. We’re going to have to buy him a beer.”

“Does he know about this ?” I found Sarah, Kevin’s wife, pushing down the bottom of her bathing suit. Her ass shone glistening white in the bright light of the afternoon sun. My blood caught fire and I struggled to breathe.

“Just you and me, buddy. But you have to let me have a turn.”

I reluctantly surrendered the spy glasses.

“Didn’t I tell you to buy a pair?” He chuckled as he aimed the binoculars over the short canvas wall. “I never go camping without mine. Not since I found this spot. Oooh, isn’t she sweet?”

“Who?” I asked, shading my eyes as I tried to distinguish the tiny figures below.

“The one with the tits,” Kevin said. “Look at those nips!”

“Angie?” I asked, trying to remember names I hadn’t really learned yet. I’d known Sarah since college, but I’d just met the rest recently.

“Angela,” said Kevin. “That’s right, Angela. Squeeze those titties. Momma.”

“Lemme,” I said, reaching for the binoculars.

“In a minute,” said Kevin, pulling away. “Let me watch her pull down her pants. Oh, yes. I guessed she shaved.” I squinted at the distant images, desperate to see. Kevin tapped my arm with the glasses. “Here,” he said. I tried to find Angela’s bare cunt but was distracted by Terri’s little brown muff.

“She was wearing a bikini at Jake’s bar-b-que last weekend and the wet fabric was clinging to her pussy lips. I suspected she was shaved clean. Besides, Sarah said Angela has a daddy complex, and women like that usually shave.”

“Sure,” I said, following Sarah into the shower. I had known my friend’s wife for six years, but I had never seen her naked. Well, there were a few drunken nights when I’d imagined her that way, but Sarah looked better than I’d ever dreamed. She faced our direction as she turned on the shower. Watching her squeal as the chill water struck made my dick throb. “Wow.”

“Tell me,” said Kevin. “What’s cooking?”

“Oh, Terri’s bending over. What a hot little pussy.”

“Pete says she fucks him like crazy. All kinds of kinky stuff.”

“Yeah?” I asked, getting horny as hell as I watched Sarah soap her breasts.

“Lots of hot games. She likes to be spanked. You know, stuff like that.”

“Trip,” I said. Sarah arched her back and rinsed her hair. I nearly lost it as she tensed her round ass tight.

“One time, when we were out drinking, Pete asked me if I’d come over and help out, you know, like a threesome.”

“Did you?” I asked. I stole a quick peek at Angela’s pink lips but then went back to staring at Kevin’s naked wife. Sarah looked so fine I couldn’t care about the rest of the ladies.

“Nah,” said Kevin, taking the binoculars from my hand. “Sarah would never go for it, and there’s no way I could keep fucking her best friend a secret. Ah, show me your pussy, Angela. That’s a good girl. If I were still single, I’d have gone for it.”

“I guess so. Maybe I could lend them a hand.” I laughed.

“Seriously, talk to Pete. Terri’s hotter than hell and if they considered me, they’d do you. Man, I love Angela’s titties. This is her first time up here.”

“How long you been watching them shower?” I asked.

“Since last summer. I went hiking and was lost for a while. I came down that way and sat here to rest. I caught Carol playing with herself in the shower and now I sneak up here every chance I get. Come on, Terri. I’ll spank your bottom.”

“No shit? Last summer?”

“The trip before the last time you came with us. I wanted to show you then, but you had that foxy babe and you wouldn’t come with me.”


“Little tits, black pussy hair, bitty ass and long fucking legs.”


“Sorry, buddy. I don’t pick who takes a shower. I would have closed my eyes, you know, respect, but she was just too hot.”

I laughed and wrenched the binoculars away. “You owe me,” I said. “Where’s Sarah?”

“Beats me. I’ve seen her naked. I don’t have to climb rocks for that.”

“She’s great,” I said. “I love Sarah’s ass.”

“Gimme those,” said Kevin. “Lemme find Carol.”

“Over in the corner.”

“Hah! There you are, you little bitch! Eat me, you wench. I hate that bitch. She never stops giving me crap. But she never takes a shower without playing with herself. She just needs a piece of Kev. I’d fuck that nasty look off your face, you bitch!” Kevin yelled a bit louder than I would have thought safe. He laughed and handed me the glasses.

I stared at Sarah for a while while she soaped her legs, catching quick glimpses of her pussy lips.

“Have you ever caught, you know, two of them?”

“Girl games?” Kevin prompted with a chuckle. “Nah, I think they do that in the tent. But you know the blonde, Cindy?”

“Yeah?” I said, scanning the shower, looking for her. “Is she down there?”

“I think so. Over by the bench.”

“Yeah.” I said, finding my prey. “She’s gorgeous.”

“Tell me about it. We once picked up this chick in college who looked just like her.”

I let Cindy linger in the magnification. Her damp golden hair fell around strong shoulders. Her nipples stood tight as cherries atop her big breasts. Full hips framed her nearly naked pussy. She turned and I realized she looked like a girl I had known all too well. Susan Jones. Susie. My girlfriend for half of my junior year at college.

Susie and I broke up because I wouldn’t lick her pussy. I was young and stupid and one night she pushed her cunt in my face and I balked. Susie wouldn’t talk to me for weeks. The thing was, I really liked her and so I hounded her until I finally convinced her to give me another chance. Susie came over and I devoured her little blonde pussy, my first. I was hooked; I’ve been a devoted cunnilinguist ever since. But I only tasted Susie’s cunt once. We went to a party the next Saturday night and just after we got there, Susie turned pale and ran out. I never heard from her again. Every time she saw me, she ran. I have always regretted letting her get away.

I swallowed and turned the binoculars back toward Sarah, watching as she talked to Carol. Terri dried herself just beyond them, rubbing her ass hard. It was all too hot.

“It was my birthday,” Kevin said. “Sarah and I had been dating a few months and we got pretty drunk. We were downtown, in Westport, and Sarah runs into this blonde who looked just like Cindy. They start jabbing and next thing I know, we’re going back to her place for a little smoke or something. I was holding my breath, hoping one thing would lead to another.”

“Did it?”

“We weren’t there ten minutes before this chick starts playing with Sarah’s tits. Buddy, my dick was so fucking hard. Skirts are going up and panties coming down and pretty soon I’m stroking my cock, watching this bitch go down on Sarah. The blonde’s ass was in the air, and I can’t believe how wet her pussy gets and she’s got her tongue all over Sarah’s pussy. I was ready to shoot my load, just sitting there.”

“No way,” I said, watching Sarah’s tits bounce as she explained something to Carol.

“So I don’t know what to do, so I put my dick in Sarah’s mouth. I wanted to boff the blonde, but you know, I wasn’t sure that would be cool, so I let Sarah suck on me. Then she starts to scream like there was no tomorrow. I’ve never seen her so hot. I mean, she always comes when I fuck her, but not like that. Fucking wild. I just stepped back and watched her thrash, pulling this chick by the hair hard into her wet cunt. It was so cool.”

“I’ll bet,” I said, short of breath, staring at Sarah as she pulled on a pair of pretty white panties.

“Then the chick shoves her cunt into Sarah’s mouth and Sarah starts licking her. I couldn’t believe Sarah would do that, but she had the blonde moaning so loud that I just managed to ram my dick into Sarah from behind before the cannon fired. There’s nothing like watching chicks to get me off.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Sarah made me promise never to tell anyone. You know how it is. But you’re my best buddy, so I’m trusting you to keep this a secret.”

“What about the blonde?”

“You know, I saw her on campus a few times after that, but she always turned pale and ran away. I guess it was too much for them. Sarah was always trying to get me to lick her pussy after that, but I can’t. You know? Pussy is for fucking. A man can’t be sticking his nose in there.”

“Mmm,” I said. “Nice tits.”

“Yeah, give me another look. Is Angela still naked?”

“I think so. Over by the towels.”

“Yeah, hot little cunt. I could use a piece of that. Maybe you could distract Sarah while I . . . . ” Kevin laughed. “In my dreams. Oh, well. Show’s over.”

“Wow. Thanks, Kevin.” I said, standing up and shaking the dreams from my head.

“My pleasure, buddy” said Kevin, putting away the glasses. “Wake up early tomorrow and we’ll catch the next show. Six, not a minute later. Terri is always up by then. You’ll have to see her morning routine to believe it. I’ve been dying to share this secret with you. I’m so glad you could make the trip with us.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You know I like you and I’ll lick Sarah. Like. Like Sarah. I mean, I really like you guys. Let’s go down and start the fire for dinner.”

I slid down the boulder and Kevin came behind me with a crash. I helped my friend up and dusted him off.

“You all right?” I asked. Kevin looked a little pale.

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