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I’ve been spreading my stories around, primarily on Deviant Art, Tumblr and Literotica. I get totally different responses to every piece of writing from every site. What flies in one arena falls like mud in another. Fascinating in its own … Continue reading

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I’ve reached a pace where I simply expect myself to write a story every day. This, for me, is heaven. Making up tales and then writing them down is exactly how I most enjoy my time. The best excitement is … Continue reading

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I am sitting here, right now, hating fiction written in present tense. I shouldn’t even have to say this. Fiction written in present tense is terrible. It reads as though it was written by an idiot. It destroys any sense … Continue reading

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The more time I spend writing, the more time I spend searching for ideas. Writing is easy, certainly easier than Hemingway implies (all you have to do is bleed). Writing is a way of running with words.  All it takes … Continue reading

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I often write stories in less than twenty-four hours, from conception to publication. The vast majority of that time is spent in turning the story over in my head, contemplating the twists until something gels, choosing the narrator and finally … Continue reading

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The Director

The Director by Lord Malinov ~~~ I had been hired to direct a play by a small avant garde theater.  Hired is a strong word.  I had be cajoled and otherwise coaxed into taking the job by some good friends … Continue reading

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sleeping on it

I had some work to finish up this morning.  Nothing complicated or lengthy or tedious.  I needed a creative approach to a technical question.  I read all the materials and pondered some solutions as well as the reasons why those … Continue reading

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