Song of Songs – extract 532 – work in progress

Patterns formed over the course of time
Each Tuesday night soon becoming
Like another preceding, between songs
Often hosted an opportunity to escape
The throngs and noise and confusions
Of a crowded bar in full swing
Yet over time there evolved variations
Guess you’d better slow the mustang down
Intimates offered to mix things up
Retreat together to the auto of solitude
To blaze a joint together in the lobby
Speak quietly of the chaos we knew
Would continue unabated for the duration
A thick cloud of pause spent slowly
Words traded between puffs
And while I often imagined
The sneak away snogs surrounding me
A place in the past we’ve been cast
I never sought an opportunity to connect
With more than words from my companions
Even of the prettier sort, well knowing
The asexuality that pervaded them
The unintended explosive consequences
Sex often evoked, for though we
Silver and I, didn’t put much stock
In the overvaluation of intimate contact
We knew all too well that it meant
To the fragile relationships around
Seemed almost unforgivable

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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