I am very sensitive to emotions. I don’t mean that I collapse at every breeze of emotion, quite the contrary. I mean that when I enter a room, I am fully and quickly cognizant of the emotional state of everyone around me. I can’t block the knowledge. The most I can do is not care.

But mostly I do care, especially when anyone gives me cause. As such, my first instinct is always to mediate and uplift emotions. I try, using subtle verbal and non-verbal expressions, to calm people, to pacify them, to defuse them. With the same techniques I routinely attempt to make people feel better, about themselves, about their situation, about life in general. And, for the most part, I am very good at it. Around me breathes a cloud of positivity and relaxation.

Except that, with my presence, my looks, my words and reputation, I tend to frighten, excite and even intimidate people. So there is always a cross-current of emotion that I cannot control because it exists because of my presence. For this reason, usually the best approach I have toward people is simply to let them be, to avoid creating emotional turmoil by subtracting myself from the scene.

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Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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3 Responses to Sensitive

  1. writings says:

    Well written! Is it personal or fictional? The contrast between paragraph two and three is interesting 🙂

    • Lord Malinov says:

      This is personal – I had to attend a three day meeting and, curious as to why social interactions exhaust me, I took note of my instinctive reactions to various encounters

      • writings says:

        I see! But wouldn’t the exhaustion more be the negative emotions and stress you absorb from others – rather than the ones you might yourself send out? I would just guess that people would love a sensitive person who is trying to mediate and uplift their moods and create positive emotions!
        Just being interested as the first part in the post crashed a bit with the last part for me 🙂
        Also, wouldn’t not trying to make folks happy conflict with your instincts? In some ways implying that entering a room with negative, stressed, sad, aggressive people is already “game over” from the outset. Which I guess – is quite normal 🙂

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