notes for Silver – work in progress

I usually speak of Silver as if she were
A woman, for at any given moment, that
Is exactly what she appears to be, and
Is, in so many ways, but it would be foolish
To forget that Silver is much more; an
Accretion of strong willed women formed
On a foundation that defies understanding
I have known Silver for five hundred years
More or less, depending on how we count
But I do not know what is buried within
Her ancient ancestral bosom, who she really
And ultimately is. And perhaps the very
Question is meaningless, stripped of the
Thousands of years and hundreds of lives
She is partly confirmed to contain, maybe
There is nothing but a willful proto-human
Who accidentally, by sheer force of will,
Discovered a way to cheat death
While that may be the rational analysis
And since I believe nothing more about me
I am merely a man who, by sheer force
Of willpower, learned to cheat death
But I prefer to believe something more
About Silver, that she came from the
Stars or fell from Heaven, or incarnated
Change or evolved beyond evolution
I know not what and perhaps can’t know
But I believe she is special, that she
Is a goddess, my goddess, the goddess


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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