Mambo Kings

I just purchased another copy of The Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos after Bookbub let me know that Amazon is selling kindle copies for $2.99 today. One of those stray novels I picked up at a used bookstore when a blurb or something caught my eye. I had certainly never heard of the novel or Hijuelos at the time, neither had I paid the slightest attention to the film that had been made. It looked like an interesting read and I spent the $2.00 asked to give it a try.

Some books come around and just the right moment and open a whole new world and Mambo Kings did just that. I poured through the book in hours, savoring every word of the beautiful, emotionally trying novel. Once finished, I raced back to the used bookstore and picked up a copy of every novel by a serious latin author I could find.

John Rechy’s City of Night broke open gay literature for me in the same way. Reading something excellent from someone in a culture different from what I know always compels me to explore the culture further. And keeps me searching for new cultures to read, to try to learn to understand.

The movie struck me as strange, although not terribly so, for like so many film versions, it stopped in the middle of the book. Hollywood is so weird.

Anyway, just thinking as I further stock my overstocked virtual shelves.



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