Silver stanza 5

“Go to her,” said Tasha as she let him go
The curtain fell.
I was whisked away from the tragic scene
Brought to this beautiful place
With Allison, Tasha and a strange
Little man they call Razor
Understandably, I am confused
So much so that I’ve neglected to dance
A ten year daily streak finally broken
Razor brought me a stack of books
“Read these,” he said and sense would follow
As though a thousand pages of reading
Would come easily to someone like me
Three volumes, two handwritten, tagged
As Malinov, Silver and History, theirs
I would come to understand, since
The days, long ago, when they first met
Or we might say his, since they met
At his beginning while her history
Must be found in other volumes
Of Razor’s extensive document
“Accept their truth,” Razor counseled
Dancing requires a teacher, someone
Who can guide and direct and correct
By laying hands on the dancer’s body
For the dancer cannot see themselves dance
Except in the mirror that dancer’s loathe
For the harshness of its commentary

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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