popcorn and candy

The thing about Malinov is that I only met
Him on the night he died, never spoke to him
Listened to his rants before he fell
But as I read his journal, his voice
His stories, his words, his phrases
All seem familiar, like I’ve heard them before
Like an old movie I watched years ago
When I was young and staying up late
Eating popcorn and candy until I was almost
Sick and following the plot to take my mind
Off the nausea that held me down
So it becomes more remembering than learning
But the story is brief and recent and I know
Exactly where I was when they happened
So I have two memories for one day
And nothing seems to make sense again
So I put down Malinov and read some history
Razor’s voice is distinct, unique, decidedly
Not mine, comforting and knowing, a wise
Old man although Razor is probably thirty
Silver and Malinov, he says, began six
Hundred and some years ago, in Germanic
Middle ages, dark with sorcery, witchcraft
They me, fell in love and then Silver died
As people so often did in the 1430’s
Malinov remarried a young, difficult but pretty
Woman even thought they did not get along
And here’s where things get weird
The new wife became Silver, so Razor says

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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