Silver – stanza 15

Malinov decided to look for Silver in the theater
So Razor lined up a gig writing for a local
Production, not writing the play, for that was
Already written, if we can call it that
Penned by some bartending wag who styled
Himself a modern day Wilde, just badly
A friend, an old lover swimming in dough
Offered to produce, money wasted on vanity
But then he attached a first rate director
Who must have owed him a favor, but
The director had balked at the badly written
Play, a quiet fight ensued, the cast
Auditioned and assembled, raring to go
The director had an idea, and the producer
Approved, to rewrite the play inside out
Malinov was brought in, introduced to the cast
Got to know the actors, immersed in rehearsal
So he could rewrite their lines in a way
That perfectly suited the characters
As they were played by the actors
An iterative dramatic process that
Defined and redefined each role and actor
To express truths that couldn’t be found
Anywhere else, He got to know each actress
But Silver wasn’t anywhere among them
Nor among their friend or their friend’s friends
Malinov pushed his way into the dialogue
In case she attended the show, hoping
Her love of the arts would reach out for him

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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