Silver – stanza 17

In the time of revolutions, life came cheap
Blood flowed freely, hardly time enough
For weeping, Malinov and Silver took few
Precautions to hide their plans from people
Who would never believe their after-life
Plans, dismissed them as ridiculous or
Blasphemous at best, certainly no one
Could prove anything, aside from direct
Knowledge of historical events and secrets
No living person could know like the locations
Of buried treasure, ascribed to luck or
Conniving or a pact with an infernal being
They selected the vessels, the willful youth
Who would host their incarnations, led
Them to love one another, showered them
In riches and waited for the death knell
Of injury or disease to take one and then
The other, love would bind them together
As the possession slowly restored them
To their memories and life began anew
Courlain watched and waited and died
Took subtle possession of the young man
While Malinov unknowingly lived on
A few months longer than expected
Tying up some loose ends before attempting
To swim some vast sea, and so Silver
Loved the blossoming Courlain and he
Stole her away from Malinov and
Went to America and she loved him again

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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