Silver – stanza 24

Malinov found them on a plantation, a few
Years before the American Civil War erupted
Courlain and Silver lived as a couple
A licentious, outrageous, free thinking life
Insulated by swamps as they practiced vices
Less scandalous now than in 1858, even
In the creole shadow of uncivilization
Malinov entered into society, an elegant rogue
Sauntering into town with rumors of trouble
No one tried too hard to uncover the truth
But no one could resist wondering, speculating
Vaguely of romantic misdeeds bound to increase
The appeal of this rough and swarthy European
And the opportunity to meet Silver assured
Followed soon by a private interview with her
Recognizing Malinov for the man he was
Part of her loved him, a hundred years
Of love for Randolph, in league with uncounted
Years that went before, begged her loyalty
But there was something cavalier, insincere
In Courlain’s loose and sometimes nasty take
On love stole the passion from his ardent
Admirers and Silver decided to run away
With Malinov, Courlain grew suspicious
Not that Silver was intending to desert him
But that Malinov was taking advantage
Of his tolerance to rob him monetarily
So he challenged Malinov to a duel
And Malinov fought Courlain left-handed

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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