Silver – stanza 2.2

I found Razor in the library, the designation
Earned by shelves twenty feet high with books
The small intellectual man peered through
Thick glasses as he sat behind one of many
Desks in that warm and cozy cavern
He motioned for me to sit down, introduced
Himself and finally picked up three books
None of them particularly large but the
Three together probably spanned a thousand
Pages; I tried to ask him some basic questions
And I could see him turning them over in
His mind, trying to find words that could explain
“You’d better just read these before we try
To talk things through; the whole story is madness
My first instinct was to refuse, reading didn’t
Suit my style, dance class would be more to my
Liking, so just spill the beans, tell me what
You want me to know and let me get back
To my life, my dance, the men were dead
The show was over and while I had feelings
For Allison, I had a responsibility to my company
And my flight would be leaving soon
But something stopped me, opened my mind
I wanted to know what was going on
I needed to understand what and why
And possibly even how feeling instinctively
That the story, their story, is mine
That I was more than merely a dancer
In a scene, I was a principal

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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