Silver – stanza 5.2

The three tomes presented to me were distinct
Unique in character, presentation, execution
The first, a slender volume, handwritten
Had been labelled Silver but it didn’t take
Me long to appreciate that this was Allison’s
Diary, a year or so, written in ink in a feminine
Scrawl full of lazy loops and smudges
Something about the assemble of pages
Drew me although who could help being
Mesmerized by the sight, the private
Intimate journal of a young woman
For which one has developed a desire
The second is a binder filled with
Typewritten pages, more voluminous
Than Allison’s diary but only because
It included dozens of pages of poetry
And light hearted notes for Razor
As they plotted and planned their search
Finally, the third volume is a real printed
Book with a copyright notice and ISBN
Although the author is listed merely as Razor
And that can’t be sufficiently legal, is it?
The only title is “History” with the volume
Number listed as twenty-three, implying
At least twenty-two volumes preceding
And possibly an uncountable array of successors
The style is more formal, as we might
Expect from a serious, scholarly work
Even so, Razor’s style sings through the prose

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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