Silver – stanza 8.2

I took my first dance class when I was fourteen
Rather old compared to most ballet dancers
But not uncommon among the males, puberty
Softens a woman but strengthens a man
Until then, I played sports, as most boys do
When someone noticed my grace and control
And said to my mother, “That boy should dance”
While my father looked away, distracted by
Some skirt, my mother signed me up
I couldn’t help loving the attention of so many
Pretty girls and I adored the discipline
The precision required; sports are reactive
A constant improvisation in response
To an unfolding opponent, a piece of genius
When opportunity and inspiration collide
In performance of a play but without the
Intention, the deliberation, the conscious
Expression, that only a rehearsed artistry
Can provide, I loved the show, the girls
And the applause but, more than that
I lived in the moments when I willed my muscles
To leap, turn, twist, flex, reach, throw
Moves that others could only dream to perform
That feeling drove me to practice class
Became my meditation, dance my religion
And success followed, certain and quick
I landed principal roles, became the
Favorite partner of some truly fine
Ballerinas and was touring South America

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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