Silver – stanza 9.2

There was a break in our touring schedule
A chance to go home and prepare for
A new season; I was approached
By Courlain after one of our final shows
I had never seen him, never heard of him
But he knew me and knew me well
At a late dinner, he pitched his show
One night, one dance, a whole bunch
Of money, more than I earned the whole
Season before, so I agreed, probably
Neglecting to ask some basic questions
But at that price, I didn’t need to know
The flight was routine, the digs luxurious
I showed up at the appointed dance studio
And was introduced to Tasha, our choreographer
And then to Allison, my partner for the gran
Pas de deux; Tasha seemed older than she was
Maybe forty with the harsh style of a sixty
Five year old Russian ballet gran dam, short
Tempered and insanely demanding of precision
An illusion that reversed when she danced
To demonstrate some move, a twenty-five
Year old should be so limber, Allison was,
Of course, both twenty-five and super limber
A good enough dancer, reasonably trained
With obvious flaws that disappeared at
The slightest corrective touch from Tasha
Our first time through the dance was horrible
But it never was again, not by Allison’s fault

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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