Silver – stanza 17.2

The years went rolling by, a field day amused
By an endless ribbon of activities, domestic
And political, lovers engaged in living beyond
The simple confines of loving together, more
Than one life’s worth of loving together
Tested by boredom and annoyance but reforming
Again and again in their shifting perspectives
Finding new aspects of each other again
Toying with people, studying new arts
Unraveling the logical constraints binding
An oppressive society to a forgotten past
Wrangling with bishops and princes, peasants
Merchants, dancing and drinking through
Parties and celebrations, collecting treasures
Writing treatises, exploring progressive ideas
Illuminating the dark backward flowing
Searching for new direction, companions
Identifying young vessels to provide
For a new future to be experienced anew
New eyes, new looks, a new situation
Sometimes chosen to take hold of power
Other times chosen to empower the oppressed
Fighting the powers that were with no
Concern for the threat of death poised
Angrily to cut down their resistance
Poised to return in a new guise, informed
And ready to wreak some appropriate justice
On the unaware foe, laughing together
As the new Malinov meets the new Silver yet again

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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