Silver – stanza 24.2

“Courlain wants to ride this life out, but frankly
We’re growing bored. Swamp life isn’t fulfilling
Our basic adventurous needs, you remember
Of course you do, the Americas appeal to his
Coarse need to dominate, control and kill
And while there is a measure of fun in playing
The white goddess, I crave a cultured, intellectual
Experience and there is none of that in this new world”
“You have a plan, of course.”
“Randolph is a child in so many ways. Nothing
Could be easier than making him jump.”
“I’m surprised he’s not more wary of you.”
“Egotistical pride. He loves himself so much
He really can’t imagine that I wouldn’t.”
“Doesn’t sound worthy of you.”
“He has his charms.”
“I assume.”
“I’ve selected a vessel for you. He has
Some talents, I think you’ll approve. I’ll
Point him out at the Anderson’s party.”
“Why don’t we take off now.”
“He’d love that, chasing us down. This way
Is much more certain. You’ll take the boy
Over and I’ll follow you a few months later
Randolph won’t know who we are before
We’re long gone and finding people who don’t
Want to be found isn’t easy, n’cest pas?”
“I know it all too well.”
“I’m glad you’ve found me, Malinov.”

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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