Silver – stanza 27.2

I think we can pin-point the moment of
Silver’s complete return as she realized that
Within her – I mean Allison’s – affection for
Courlain screamed a suspicion, a distrust
That wasn’t vague, no spark of intuition
But stark fresh memories that reached
Through centuries of this man and yet not
In a way she fully understood, a richer
More developed relationship than a young
Woman could know and she relaxed
To Allison, the confusion of the past six months
Put her off balance, left her mind a mess
To Silver, everything made perfect sense
She knew Courlain was scheming, placing
Me in her path, plotting his untimely death
She knew Tasha, knew what she meant
Could only hope to know what Tasha wanted
Most of all, she realized Malinov had yet
To make an appearance, knew then that
She needed to watch for him, for tonight
The Gala performance, would surely catch
His attention; the poems, she remembered
With a smile, they had seemed familiar
And, at once, she knew why and where
She could find him once the show ended
Adding another new ritual to her routine
She read through his poems, feeling
His words, his voice, his presence, his touch
And began selecting her shoes to dance

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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