Silver – stanza 9.3

I first met Allison at the studio, shortly
After I was introduced to Mme. Tasha
She extended a hand and I grasped it
Politely and all at once, I was nervous
There was something frighteningly amateur
About her physicality, not quite high school
But evidently not far beyond that level
This was my partner for the big dance
For the big show, I felt horrified, tricked
My first impulse was to refuse, to run
And then we started to warm up and
I felt even worse, this was no ballerina
Two months would never suffice to prepare
This mediocre dancer for center stage
But it didn’t take long before I noticed
A certain elegance, bits of true style
Moves that briefly engaged my imagination
I saw Mme. Tasha smiling as she watched
Allison dance, a slight misstep followed
By a soft touch to change the angle of her
Leg, a correction, so subtle, and Allison
Tried again and performed perfectly
From that moment on, she never faltered
So we worked through the choreography
A fascinating piece incorporating elements
From classic works and modern pieces
And with each new combination, Allison
Would be terrible, Mme. Tasha corrected
And from then on, Allison danced divinely

About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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