Silver – stanza 23.3

Silver’s journal had this to say:
Tonight, I had dinner after our final
Rehearsal with Mme. Tasha, Chris
And the producer, a powerful looking
Young looking but clearly older than he seems
Gentle, graceful, charming man; People
Have said he produced the entire Gala
To showcase my talents but I’ve never
Seen him before; of course, I feared
That this was an elaborate scheme to
Seduce me, I mean, it happens in movies
But he barely spoke to me, whispering
To Mme. Tasha in Russian, leaving me
Tete a tete with Chris and as we spoke
I learned to know him in an entirely new way
The force of his will behind his raw talent
Transformed him, in my eyes, from a dancer
My dance partner, into a practicing genius
Of a visual language that is dance and
I became enamored of him, far beyond
The lust that had been brewing, as it will
Between partners, this became deeper, holy
In the ritual of souls, what a fascinating
Young man, imported from halfway across
The globe to dance with me, how can I
Help but love him – even in his faults, I
Am lost, enchanted, stolen, feverish, swept
Over by emotions cascading in a mad flood
And then I recognized Randolph Courlain

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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