The Deal

The Deal
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

The deal, as proposed, seemed likely to touch upon my interests. Easton, who was fielding the offer, had the courtesy to invite me to attend the negotiations in Dresden. Canard Inc. sent a team led by a young hotshot, Paula Hart. She touched upon my interests, as well.

We stayed in a modern hotel. I watched the pair of diplomats wrestle with general disinterest, only flexing my attention into focus when certain subjects arose. The fought and clawed for every scrap of rights, angling for position like only the best deal-makers can. I watched, wary as a cat.

We survived three days filled with excruciating detail, but as the sun began to fall below the boughs, a glass was raised and everything seemed to be anxiously approaching a finish.

“So do we write it up?” asked Ms. Hart.

“I think we have forgotten something,” said Easton. “One last thing.” He shuffled diligently through his papers. Paula blushed and it occurred to me she knew what Easton was talking about. She looked like she’d been caught red-handed.

“What we’ve got is fair,” said Paula, desperately.

“Yes, but what about the derivatives? Yes, that’s it. You list them as your asset here, in the last page, but when did you pay for them up here?”

Paula snarled, cursing under her breath.

“They aren’t worth that much to me,” said Easton. I listened closely.

“So give them to us, to me.” said Paula, sweetly. Within her kind tones I recognized that she, personally, stood to make some real money when Easton signed.

“They’re worth a fortune to someone in Canard’s position. I can’t just give them to you. Pay me what they’re worth.”

Paula froze. Easton sipped a cup of dark coffee, casually. I found myself staring at Ms. Hart as she churned within. Her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed fixedly into the candle’s flame. She had counted on a bold trick and Easton had foiled her.

“I don’t have any more to give,” said Paula calmly. I understood that if the deal collapsed, she would get very little.

“I understand,” said Easton. “I’ll find another buyer. Sorry we’ve wasted so much time.”

“I told Sandler it was a stupid plan. Bastard. I could have negotiated the whole thing including the derivatives if I could have played my way, with an open hand. Couldn’t I?”

Paula fought back her tears.

“Surely,” said Easton. “I was eating out of your hand.”

“I could have made the deal, but now, shit.”

“Wait, perhaps we can still bargain.”

“Canard won’t pay any more. They don’t need this.” Paula’s shoulders drooped.

“And yet . . .”

“What would it take?” Paula looked hard at Easton

“You’ll join us at my place at midnight. Type up the papers and I’ll sign the contract before dawn. I’ll give you what you want, Ms. Hart.”

Paula looked at the older man ferociously, an angry beast captured behind violent eyes. She stared with appetite, having realized her hunger for the dark handsome man, at once finding the chance to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. As she smiled, I could see that Paula wanted very badly to be rich. Easton looked seriously as the pretty young woman shuddered in contemplation. He knew she had no choice.

I returned with Easton to his villa. I expected to wish him well with Ms. Hart and be on my way, but Easton insisted I stay. I suggested that she might not be comfortable with that.

“She didn’t bargain for less. A woman like our Ms. Hart wants to be dealt with firmly. She wants this deal very badly. It’s our duty to make her feel like she’s earned it.”

“How far do you think she’ll go?” I asked.

“It’s a great deal of money. I think Paula would do just about anything to see me sign.”

I sat patiently waiting for the clock to toll midnight. The doorbell rang. Easton escorted Paula into the recreation room. She wore a black skirt and white t-shirt, quite a change from her negotiating attire. Easton read through the contract as he walked to the sofa. I poured Paula a drink.

“You’re very good at this,” I said, handing her the crystal glass.

“Hmm?” said Paula, distractedly. White lace gripped Paula’s heavy breasts beneath the thin cotton shirt.

“Negotiating. You’ve done well with one of the masters.”

“Will he sign?” she asked.

“It means so much?”

“If he doesn’t,” she said, “I get nothing. If he does . . . .”


“It only costs him twenty thousand. It’s worth three hundred thousand to me.” Paula’s nipples tightened as she spoke the figures.

“Paula, come here,” said Easton. He wore his dressing gown. Paula smiled at me and went where she was beckoned. “I’ll sign them at dawn.” Paula grinned lecherously. “Take off your clothes,” said Easton. He sounded amusingly matter of fact, as though he were asking Paula to take a seat.

Paula reached for the zipper on her skirt and with a quick tug, she dropped the leather down her legs. Her t-shirt hung midway down her creamy bottom. Paula had not worn panties. She lifted the shirt over her head, dazzling my aroused interest with a glittering cascade of her golden mane. Easton stared approvingly as Paula reached behind to unfasten her lace brassiere.

Paula stood naked as Easton grinned.

“You’ll cost me twenty thousand,” Easton said. He kissed her left tit. Paula laughed. Easton stepped behind her and draped a beautiful silk scarf over her shoulder. “I’m going to tie your hands. The cloth is very fragile. You could tear it with a sharp tug. But I’m really hoping you will not harm my pretty scarf.” He tied her hands behind her back with the blue and gold cloth.

Paula looked at Easton lovingly.

“Get down on your knees, Ms. Hart,” said Easton, helping her down onto the rug. “Spread them a little more,” he said, adjusting her legs. Easton licked a finger and slipped his wet digit inside Paula. She wriggled at the touch. The blonde hotshot giggled as he stepped away.

Easton took another scarf from his dressing gown pocket and stepped behind Paula.

“You can always quit during any stage of the negotiations. If you entertain us until dawn, we have a deal.”

“I want to get paid,” said Paula. Easton tied the blindfold over her sparkling blue eyes.

“Suck my prick,” said Easton, reaching down to press a long sturdy pole against Paula’s red lips. She eagerly swallowed his fleshy staff, tickling Easton’s erotic thrusts. I watched them frolic, sitting calmly in my chair, amazed at the beautiful pulsations of sex rippling through Paula’s ripe body. I grew ravenous, watching.

“Can you see all right?” called Easton over to me. “Come closer. She’s ours for the night. You should have a look at what we have to play with.”

“But I don’t,” said Paula. Crack! A thin crop came down hard on Paula’s white bottom. “Aaah!” cried Paula.

“Keep my dick in your mouth, Paula,” said Easton. “You want the big prize, that’s the game.” Paula sucked the head of his prick. Easton pulled the knob away and brought the crop down hard. Paula groaned and reached for Easton’s long dick. The leather whip descended again with a whirr. Paula drove his cock into her mouth. “And we haven’t even started,” said Easton, fondling her cheek.

I moved closer to the scene. Three bright pink stripes marked Paula’s firm backside.

“Check out her pussy,” Easton suggested as I leaned in for a look. “Or her ass. Ms. Hart has a pretty little ass. Maybe you want her ass.”

Paula mumbled, Easton’s long pink prick filling her mouth. He stroked his curved flesh sword in deep and then drew almost free of her moist lips.

“No ass,” she said, breaking free of his dick and looking blindly back toward me in the pause before the riding crop fell over her haunches. Paula found his dick and sucked it eagerly.

Easton began to back away from Paula. Once she realized he threatened to pull out of reach, she began to crawl after him on her knees. Easton led her calmly for twenty feet, the head of his dick held tenderly in her mouth. Turning slowly, they moved past the fire place until his prick popped loose. Paula sucked the air, furtively searching for her object. The whip cracked serious blows over Paula’s ass while she twisted and turned to find the stick which would end her torment. Easton laid his throbbing rod against her lips with a cruel stroke. Paula sucked him gratefully.

Easton churned his hips in spasmodic rhythms, teasing Paula into frequent anxious hunts for his dick Her cunt glistened as she leaned forward for the prick. The whip fell as Paula sucked air, harsh stinging blows to her pinkened bottom. She moaned and the whip fell again. Paula dropped her head as the leather stroked her backside.

“Come here,” said Easton, lifting Paula’s hips and pulling them closer. He quickly sank his cock into her shimmering pool. Paula shook her head, dazed and slightly wild. Easton rocked his hips against her flank. Paula moaned louder, almost screaming. Easton whipped her as they fucked. He grabbed her wild mane.

“You want to be rich?” he snarled in her ear. “I’ll make you rich.”

Paula squealed and fucked harder, smacking against Easton as he slapped her fiery ass. Easton groaned and shuddered hard inside Paula’s cunt.

I stood and unfastened my belt. Easton stumbled back to a chair and smiled wickedly. I dropped my trousers.

“No ass,” Paula said warily.

“You cost me twenty grand,” Easton said to Paula. “Worth every penny, my love.” I knelt behind her.

“No ass,” said Paula.

“If I didn’t sign your contact, the derivatives would belong to Mr. Wulf, currently stationed at your rear. I think this little party is going to cost him somewhere around six hundred thousand.”

Paula groaned as I put my hands on her slender waist.

“Fuck my ass,” she said. Her voice vibrated with hungry surrender. “Fuck it, now.”

I pushed down into the soft wrinkle of Paula’s asshole with a sudden slick descent. I grabbed her crimson pink bottom with both hands and drove her with a hard, maddened fuck. Paula screamed. I untied her wrists. The silk was stretched in places but not torn. Paula reached under to rub her clit. The pucker of her ass kissed my prick deliciously with every deep stroke. Paula began to shudder and quake. I slowed for a moment and then fucked Paula harder. She crumpled into a shiver of moans.

I pushed my stiff cock into her mouth. Paula looked up at me, curiously, compliantly, and after a moment’s hesitation, she sucked my thick rod deeply. I ran my fingers through her golden curls and let loose my streams of lust for her to slurp up with delight.

Easton signed the papers. Paula danced, somewhat lasciviously as she paraded them to her Audi. I went back to my office, poorer but wiser. I’ve got a friend who’s setting up a deal. I’m going to help with the negotiations.

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