fools to think

We are fools to think they will understand.

We live by rules we have created, rules that flow from our needs and thoughts.  We examine and explore our lives by paces, searching in the darkness for the subtle shapes and paths and lights. We find excitement, retreat in shame. We work and play and sing and dance.  We revel in our dreams, struggle through our days.

As we read, we discover subtle truths that seem, in insightful flashes at least, to explain the truth that guides us forth.  We are fools to think they will understand.  Only the few can grasp the nature of truth as it is ordained in mere words.  Only a few of the few can dare to expound the words in delicate folds of enduring realities.  Only a few of the few of the few can even come close to imparting a single iota of wisdom hence.

Yet we try, we fools.

Unlike so many, unlike those who feast on complaining, I find wisdom in the springtime’s shift of daylight. It makes no sense, to me, to allow the sun to rise while we attempt to sleep.  It makes perfect sense to conserve the daylight for the evening.  The day is rejuvenated by the shifted light.  We struggle for a while to feel the new truth, but it is overwhelming and cannot be denied.

So many of my nights have been filled with lewd and tantalizing dreams. I believe there is no greater sign of a strong and healthy psyche, these erotic escapades uncontrolled and unbound. A worried mind runs from excitement.  A troubled mind has no energy for romp.  A broken heart cannot enjoy the darkness.

Monday begins with the harsh bugle call to action.  I would prefer to return to explorations of passion, to hours of literature and study.  But this is a fool’s errand, this desire to spend myself in amusement, no matter how grand and glorious.  I must, as we all must, strap on the yoke of responsibility and find ways to serve the common cause.  I must struggle, for only in bearing the struggle can I know the strength to express myself in real, unfoolish ways.

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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