Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

My love life is notorious. I’ve never been shy about my sexual experiences. I like to share the things I’ve known, found or discovered. I get off on the idea that people talk about me, in their bedrooms, telling tales to get each other off, imagining they’d dare do the things that I’ve done. I would see the world a sexier place.

I mostly tell true tales, but not all the stories you might hear about me are anything close to true.

There’s the time I got Paula, this beautiful brunette from the bank. I seduced her almost on accident. She deposited my check and then took her lunch break. I said the right things.

I went to pick her up at her apartment, and Paula invited me inside. She wore a short tight black dress. I accepted a drink and she gave me a brief tour of her place. Her roommate was gone. Paula showed me her bed.

A friend of mine, Derek, works out at the Inn. He gets some of the best versions of the gossip. Apparently, Carter from the hardware store was telling this story about Paula to a guy who knew her from before. The guy took offense to what he said and called Carter a fucking liar. Derek said they both started throwing punches. The sheriff sat at the other end of the bar and quickly settled them down. Carter has a black eye.

I can’t help but imagine that maybe this guy went to church with Paula. Maybe he wants to leave his memories of her virginity intact. I prefer to image her as innocent. She came on to me like a tramp in heat. And Carter has a foul mouth, with a penchant for nasty details. I should ask Derek which version got told. There are lots, although the main elements are usually unchanged. Paula took off her clothes. I took off mine. Paula fucked me wildly, squealing so the neighbors could hear. Beautiful woman, in many ways. We had an ecstatic, athletic, wanton exchange of deep burrowing touches. Paula looked fine, her big titties bouncing, her cunt fucking drenched. She closed her eyes, sometimes, but she fucked so hard I couldn’t care.

I was fucking Paula from behind when a door slammed down the hall. The bedroom door was mostly closed, and I was in a groove, my dick rocking into her cunt, my thumb sticking her tight ass, titties swaying, Paula moaning. “Fuck,” I thought, “I hardly know this girl. I don’t care who sees me doing her.” Sowing oats always makes me bold.

I smiled friendly as the door swung in and a pretty blonde stared wide-eyed at the carnal scene from the shadow of the hall. When I caught her glance, she blushed and smiled and crept into the light. My tongue tickled air as I stroked Paula harder, her moan bringing Janet at once into the room. The girls kissed as I watched on, fucking, and Janet pulled off her own clothes.

As naughty visions taunted my lustiest thoughts, I withdrew my assault on Paula to lay on the bed beside these nude young ladies, whom I had only recently met. Janet licked Paula’s pussy, where my prick had just been, sending tickles up Paula’s bare spine and I decided at once that I liked Janet’s ass and Paula pulls free of her friend’s knowing tongue and pierces herself on my shaft, signing up for a cowgirl ride. I admired the warm soft lick of Paula’s cunt.

And then propped up and hungry, Paula rocked her hips hard, three strokes a second, and her big titties rippled and her nipples went tight, beauty bouncing a mambo along my stiff shaft.

“You really dig men,” Janet said, grabbing Paula’s right tit.

“God, yes,” said Paula, fucking me harder. Janet started to kiss me, and then straddled my face. I lifted my tongue to meet the soft curls of her pinkened lips, but at the first touch, Janet sank her pussy down against my face, meeting my lapping tongue aggressively, while she leaned forward to kiss her lovely roommate.

“Nothing wrong with a good fucking,” said Janet.

“God, no,” said Paula.

“Can I fuck him?” Janet asked.

“I hope so,” said Paula. “I want to see him fuck you.”

Both girls rolled off me and embraced in an enduring kiss. It was a beautiful array of tits and ass and I knew fucking was expected, so I pulled Janet’s hips nearby and stabbed her with my cock. The little blonde squeezed me into her tight cunt, and when Paula pushed her pussy into Janet’s mouth, both cunts poured in excitement and I fucked a stampede..

“He’s a hot stud, Janet,” said Paula.

“Fine bitches,” I muttered.

“I love you,” she said. Janet squirmed and I fucked her harder. I took hold of Paula and took her familiarly from behind, taking uncountable delight in affording the change. As Paula rocked on hands and knees, driven by my blows, Janet crawled beneath the cradle, to lick my cock as it entered Paula, to drink the mingled nectar of our love’s juice, to feel Paula’s tongue tickle her throbbing clit. I stroked snarling with glee. The meaty spheres of her ass, the tickle below, the cunt licking just there. Sex took hold of my soul and I came.

I pulled my cock free from Paula’s wicked cunt and splashed my hot juice against her fiery folds. Cream dripped from Paula’s damp lips onto Janet’s hungry kiss and I teased them both with my throbbing prick, until Janet sucked me deep and I came again, with just a minute gone by, for she had a wicked tongue.

I fell back, stunned and almost broken. The girls cuddled and giggled and I eventually left. They didn’t really want me, except for what they wanted me for. And that was finished.

Telling that story to some friends, when we were drunk caused some trouble. The worst part, for me, was when people said that my escapade with these women drove them to becoming lesbians. I thought we shared a beautiful night. Maybe it sounds worse than it was. But I never intended to make them notorious. Honestly, I never thought anything bad about the girls. I just wanted to brag. I had a fucking good time.

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David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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