Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

The best peek I ever stole happened one night when I was up late partying with my friend Alex, smoking in his bedroom and talking bullshit. His parents were out of town, and we were taking advantage of the luxury. After three years of college life, we knew what it felt like to be poor. Two days with unlimited access to a bar stocked with liquor and a kitchen stuffed with food was damn close to paradise to us.

That afternoon, Alex and I were lounging by his pool when I heard girls’ voices inside the house and turned to look.

“Who’s that?” I asked Alex.

“Sister,” he said, taking a sip from his bourbon and coke. “She goes to State.”

“Oh,” I said, picking up my drink for a sip.

“She’s hardly around when she comes home. In and out,” said Alex, and as he predicted, the girls disappeared and were soon forgotten.

We went to a party that night, saw a few people, but it was one of those nights when absolutely nothing seemed to be happening, so we went back to Alex’s house. About one-thirty, we were pulling bongs in his bedroom, talking stupid shit when I heard noises downstairs.

“Who’s that?” I asked nervously, feeling a twinge of paranoia.

“Sister,” said Alex lazily, his eyes closing. “Theresa.”

“Is she cool?” I asked. “Should I put it away?”

“Fuck, yes,” said Alex in a soft smiling voice. “She’s a party girl. If she finds our dope, she’ll smoke it all.”

Relieved, I loaded the bowl with a hard kernel of weed and set it on fire with a suck. A sweet grey trail of smoke lifted heavenward. My lungs full of heat, I offered the still smoldering bong to Alex. He didn’t move, his eyes having fallen firmly shut. I held my breath for a while longer and then let the rich cloud erupt into the room. The swirling shadows filled me with a sense of quiet as I gazed into the dim light. Then my stomach growled.

“Let’s get some food,” I said, shaking Alex slightly. He groaned, resisting my impulse to motion. I picked myself up and headed out the door.

When I opened Alex’s door, I immediately noticed a faint flickering blue glow coming from one of the doors down the hall. Curious and nervous, I closed the door as silently as I could and took slow gentle steps toward the open door. I moved like a cat as the room came into view, first catching sight of the small television that showed images of some energetic band in a frenetic display. A little further, and I saw a thick shock of black hair on the bed. She lay on her stomach, with her head turned away. Motionless, she seemed to be already asleep. I slid further down the far wall of the hallway, increasing my field of vision. To my delight, I soon caught sight of a ribbed grey tank-top that covered half of her back, the naked curve of the small of her back, and the bulge of her round bottom under her grey cotton panties. My heart pounded so loudly as I stared that I nearly passed out. I drank in the erotic view, greedily wishing I could somehow see more.

“Cindy?” a girl’s voice whispered. I nearly fell over from fright. Another girl walked into my sight. I froze motionless, afraid to even blink. A tall, blonde girl in purple flowered panties and creamy white skin stopped at the edge of the bed. “Move over,” she said, giving her friend a small shove. Cindy obliged with a roll toward the wall and Theresa climbed onto the bed to lie beside her, both girls on their backs under the flickering glow of music video light. I bit my lip. Theresa was an ordinary looking girl, but her naked tits were gorgeous, falling only slightly as they stood in youthful firmness, turned upward. “Goodnight,” she said softly, with a tender weariness.

“Sweet dreams,” said Cindy, turning onto her side to face the wall, jutting her grey-pantied ass against Alex’s sister. It seemed to me that Theresa smiled slightly and soon her nipples tightened, lifting her breasts slightly with each slow steady breath. Excitement smouldered fiercely in the dark night, a tension of self-awareness that slowed time and made each faint movement meaningful. The girls were drawing closer, testing the pretense of sleep with subtle daring. Finally, Theresa turned to mimic Cindy’s sideways curl, to feel the full length of the girl nestled against herself. An arm moved across to pull the girl closer. I stared hungrily at the wide swatch of purple cloth pulled in an angle between waist and thighs, framing Theresa’s youthful sweet ass.

Things transpired at a snail’s pace, at least that’s the way it seemed. At some point I decided I could hold myself steady more easily if I went down to my knees, and while the girls moved together with the tense patience of a tiny raindrop descending a window pane, I lowered myself to the floor in the hall. Theresa’s bottom moved in gentle ripples, a supple stirring that would have been imperceptible except for my intense gaze. A hushed and involuntary moan emerged sweetly from one of the girls and I closed my eyes, so furious was my lust at that moment. The grind of Theresa’s hips quickened and I without a thought, I began to unzip my fly.

As I tugged my pants open and wrapped my hand around my excited cock to give it a few hungry strokes, Theresa suddenly jerked herself up. I nearly fainted in the panic that swept over me, but before the burst of fear could compel me in any direction, the tall young blonde pulled Cindy over so that she laid face-up. Theresa quickly straddled her pretty friend. I didn’t move a muscle, my fingers clenching my dick tight. Theresa eagerly rubbed her panties against Cindy’s in tiny excited thrusts, satin brushing cotton to everyone’s delight. I quietly stroked myself to the verge of insanity. Yanking up the tank-top to expose Cindy’s tits, Theresa shook her own big boobs and squeezed the smaller cousins, causing Cindy to throw back her head and moan loudly. I yanked on my cock furiously, out of my mind.

All at once, Theresa jumped off the bed. Lust overpowered me. Another second and I would have stood up to go to her, greet her, grab her, share the wild fits of lust that were boiling inside me. Theresa turned her back and pushed down her panties with an anxious motion and then leapt back onto the bed, again straddling her friend but this time turned toward the foot. Theresa’s bare ass gleamed with the blue glow of the television as she lowered it over Cindy’s giggling face.

“Oh, God,” Theresa squealed with a shudder and twist. Cindy reached over to pull the pelvis closer to her face. Without moving her hips at all, Theresa yanked Cindy’s panties down her legs and over her feet. Then as she thrust her face eagerly between Cindy’s spread thighs, Theresa tossed the panties away.

The grey scanties floated my direction and landed in front of me, just inside the door. The girls moaned and shook, hands clutching, faces buried, squealing and thrashing. Without a thought, I reached forward to grab the discarded panties. A jolt of electricity went through me as I realized they were completely soaked. I held the drenched cotton to my nose and took a deep breath. A fierce orgasm began in that instant, clenching my balls, pushing me down and I’m sure I groaned loudly in the instant. The spice of Cindy’s sopping hot sex shot through me. Instinctively, I thrust her wet panties in the path of the spurts of my cock, pouring my excitement into her panties, mingling my lust with hers.

As the first rip finished tearing, I opened my eyes and stole another look at the girls. Theresa’s head was turned my way as her tongue reached down rhythmically to tease Cindy’s clit. I shuddered deeper, still coming, as her gaze devoured me. Beyond control, I continued stroking my cock until the last sensations escaped. A wicked smile touched Theresa’s lips before she turned back to pleasuring her friend.

I dropped the panties and fled to pass out on the floor of Alex’s room.

I woke up around ten the next morning. Alex was still sawing wood in his bed, so I went downstairs to see if there was any coffee. Theresa stood in the kitchen, drinking a cup, in a t-shirt and little else.

“Want some coffee?” she asked, lifting her mug in invitation. Her blue eyes smiled.

“Sure,” I said. Theresa reached up to fetch a cup from the cupboard, lifting her t-shirt slightly. She wore nothing underneath but a pair of grey cotton panties.

My tired eyes opened as wide as they could. Theresa handed me a cup of black coffee.

“Oh,” she said, realizing that I was stealing glances at her legs. She lifted the t-shirt slightly, enough to give me another glimpse of her panties. “I stole these from Cindy. Do you want them?”

“Excuse me?” I said, choking on a sip of hot coffee. Theresa pushed the panties down and tossed them toward me again.

“Next time you should knock,” she said with a laugh. The faint bulge of her big nipples pushed out under the white cotton of her shirt.

“Damn,” I said.

“Right,” Theresa said as she started out the door, heading back to her room. “Once was pretty lucky. But what are the chances there will be a next time?”

Theresa laughed as she disappeared and a moment later, Alex stumbled into the kitchen. I looked blankly at him, completely unable to think.

“What?” he asked. “Did I miss something?”

“Nothing I didn’t miss first,” I finally said, shaking my head. “Good as a mile. Damn.”

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