Literary Fiction
by Lord Malinov

I was sitting with Silver one Sunday afternoon when my phone buzzed abruptly, announcing a text.

“It’s Caesar,” I told Silver. “He wants to know what’s the what.”

“What? What the what?”

“Caesar-speak,” I explained. “I think he wants to know what we’re doing.”

“Didn’t he have a party last night? Shouldn’t he be crashed out somewhere?”

“That sounds right,” I agreed and another text buzzed in. “Here, he says he’s still cleaning up the theater with some of the guys and they want to know if you’re up for a gangbang.”

“Oooo. Today? Right now? I guess I could do that.” Silver started to squirm as she considered the possibility of indulging in an abundance of rock hard cocks.”

“He’s happy to hear that. They have to finish cleaning and get rid of some uptight people, how about four so we’d leave here about three thirty.”

“What time is it? So about two hours? Wow. Now I don’t know if I can wait that long.”

“No choice, it would seem.”

“Who’ll be there?” she asked.


“Oh, I like Louis.”

“And Daryl.”

“He’s nice.”

“And Jake.”

“Count me in. I’m definitely there. I really like Jake.”

“Caesar’s the weak link in that chain.”

“He’ll contribute. But I really don’t know if I can wait two hours. That’s the hottest party I’ve ever imagined.”

“I thought you might like it.”

“Have you been plotting again?”

“Maybe. Either way, I’ll take credit for setting this one up.”

“I fucked Louis a few weeks ago,” she said, caressing her moistness. “I had to make a delivery in his building and so I stopped by his place. I thought he might need some help.”

“Helped him out.”

“Like a horny slut. “

“You are the best kind of friend.”

“I’ve never been with Daryl, that I remember. Jake, too, but I’d remember him if I had. He’s yummy. I’ve been waiting to get my lips on that junk.”

Like anyone, Silver has different levels of arousal, everything from slightly amused to full-on fuck beast. I had never seen her so aroused, waiting for this gangbang. She stripped her yoga pants down in the first seconds of the conversation. Her pussy was already pink, dripping wide and slick lipped. I offered her a vibrator but she told me that she didn’t dare touch a vibrator before the party, she was already so electrified. She masturbated with rapid finger strokes and muttered for a solid half-hour.

Finally, she picked herself up from the futon and made her way to the bathroom to groom, asking aloud, what do I wear to a gangbang?

“What do you think it will be like?” she asked but she knew as well as I did what it would be like.

We drove downtown and pulled into a nearly empty parking lot. Silver adjusted her skimpy tight clothes as we walked toward the club door. She checked her hair in the mirrored reflection of the big glass entrance. I pulled a chrome handle and ushered her inside.

Daryl and Louis sat at the bar with a bottle in front of them. Jake was mopping the floor at the far end of the club. Caesar was nowhere to be seen, probably in the back organizing the ashtrays. He runs an tight-knit orderly club.

Silver headed to the back, to talk to Jake or look for Caesar. I sat down with Louis and Daryl.. They poured me a glass of scotch and raised a toast. They were very glad to see me.

We turned to watch Silver talking to Jake. She laughed and pulled her blouse over her head, exposing her tight-nippled, taut pert breasts to Jake. He laughed, put a hand to her left breast and thumbed her aroused nipple. Silver made a low moan that filled the empty club. Caesar appeared from the back room.

“You’re here,” he said with a smile.

“Oh, yeah,” said Silver as Jake kissed her hard nipple. She played with his hair and the gangbang began.

Daryl and Louis left their stools and migrated closer as Silver shimmied out of her tight skirt. Satin panties gleamed in the disco lights for a brief moment, before they crumpled down her thighs and onto the floor. Daryl touched her ass almost shyly and then gave her a squeeze. Silver groaned and wiggled playfully. Jake lofted his hard cock before her smiling face. Silver went to town.

She started enthusiastically, licking the length and sucking in rapid thrusts, expressing her joy in fulfilling her desire to find Jake stiff between her lips. Jake leaned back on a chair and closed his delighted eyes. Daryl stuffed his face between Silver’s full cheeks, noisily gobbling at her asshole and cunt. Louis and Caesar each took hold of a breast and Silver squirmed at the full rush of attention, taking their nearby cocks in her hands. I poured myself another drink and moved in for a closer look.

It took nearly an hour and a half for every combination of cock, cunt, mouth and ass to be experienced. Most of the time, Silver played with at least two hard dicks, often doing the double with one cock in her pussy and another in her ass. Jake enjoyed an abundance of attention from her as she tried her best to keep him aroused and inside her. Daryl had the eagerness of a neophyte, nearly exploding in delight every time she touched him, stroked him, engulfed him, teased him. Louis and Caesar contributed like old pros, knowing their business, enjoying the fucks and sucks but in a familiar orgy veteran’s jaded way.

One by one, the cocks spurted over her, some twice, Daryl’s thrice. Silver danced her way through the fuckings, ecstatic and practiced, knowing where her pleasure hid and getting cocks in position to give her the orgasms she wanted.

Kisses all around as Silver dressed and we left, glowing in the weary burn of pleasures had.

“I hope it’s just like that,” she said.

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David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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