Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

I stood beside the futon while Silver sucked my cock. I relaxed in a stable stance to enjoy every pleasure she dispensed so eagerly, so expertly, so deliciously.

“I have some friends,” I said in a low, deliberate voice, making sure she could follow my words while she busily worked my steel hard erection, “who want to come over, smoke a bowl, you know, pull out their cocks.”

“Interesting,” she said, returning to her task, her enthusiasm rising, betraying her obvious interest in my revelation. She couldn’t really say anything, occupied as she was, but I knew what she was thinking. “Tell me more,” she thought.

“Glade, you know about him.” He had posed his erection next to an air freshener can, to give perspective to the picture. It is remarkably easy to disguise the actual size of a man’s penis in photographs. Glade was a man who understood.

“There’s the black guy from Africa, so you can count on an accent. Silver has a thing for accents. Don’t we all?

“Some younger guys, all ready to blow a joint and get nasty with you.”

Silver groaned, sucking deeply and I groaned, losing control. Silver gulped down my lusty cream and licked my twitching dick until all my powers subsided.

Things ended there, as I knew they would. Some days Silver is in the mood for a blow job and her pussy stays out of reach. The seed had been planted. Great sex goes on for days.

The next morning, Silver fed the dogs and fixed coffee while I worked on my blogs. I soon met her in the kitchen and she met me with a big mug of java. I rolled a joint, lit it and passed it on to Silver.

“So tell me about the guys,” she said, a thick grey cloud escaping her smile.

“Glade is ready to come over anytime. You’ll have to take a look at the rest.”

“Interesting,” she said. Silver says that a lot.

I stopped by the futon, later that evening. Silver reached over and played with my cock. She stroked me for a while, teasing me into action and then began to suck.

I mentioned the guys again. Silver tore off her yoga pants and began playing with her sopping wet cunt. Soon I sat down on the futon and she took my dick deep while raising her ass high. I reached under the futon for a box of toys and pushed a slut plug in her ass. She began to orgasm as I pushed a buzzing vibrator against her swollen clit. She sucked me and then quit to concentrate on her orgasms and then sucked again.

Fucking her with heated abandon with the vibrator and butt plug and came on the tit pressed around my cock but I lost none of my excitement and kept thrusting the toys.

“Fuck my ass,” she finally said.

“My pleasure,” I responded, getting off the futon and behind her. My thick, rigid member slid into her pussy and then up her loosened asshole.  She came and came and came.

“I’ll talk to the guys,” I said as we rose from the futon.

“You should do that,” she said and skipped happily away.





About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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