Reason Not the Need

Reason Not the Need
Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

“I know what you need,” Alyssa had said with a smirk. Stephanie shoved a linen dress that clung to her damp arm. Some loose metal hangers rattled.

“This is too absurd,” muttered Stephanie. “I don’t need anything. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” A warm silence surrounded her. “My memo is already overdue, and I need to get started on the filings.” Her stomach churned slightly, consumed by the clash of worries and nervous anticipation . “I don’t have time for this,” she growled. The muscles in her back ached slightly.

The muffled bang of a closing door downstairs broke the silence. Stephanie’s heartbeat began to thump. A heady wave of nervous excitement shook her and she crouched a little lower. Her view of the bedroom seemed at once too good. Stephanie pulled the long linen dress back against her, taking some comfort in the way it clung to her. The heel of one of Alyssa’s pumps bit into Stephanie’s bottom. She reached down awkwardly to move the shoe when the bedroom door swung open. Stephanie froze as the heat of sudden excitement poured through her.

“Come in,” Alyssa said sweetly. Tom moved into view. Alyssa sat down on her bed. Turning slightly to face the closet, Alyssa winked at the spy within.

“Do you know Tom Stromboli?” Alyssa had asked. “The big guy who works on the loading dock?”

“You mean Bull? Sure. I went to high school with him.”

“Ever go out with him?”

“Bull? Be serious. He’s a big dope. No.”

“There are other reasons to go out with a guy, besides big brains.”

“Bull? He’s a nice guy, but Alyssa? You’ve gone out with him?”

“I prefer to stay in with him. He’s got what you need.”

Stephanie felt faint. Alyssa tried to keep from giggling. Tom walked around the room curiously before he stopped to look at some mementos on a tall white shelf. Alyssa spread her legs slightly, showing Stephanie the white panties beneath her denim skirt. Stephanie blushed. Alyssa licked her lips provocatively and softly rubbed the fabric between her tan thighs. Stephanie shifted slightly, barely rattling a metal hanger with her motion. Tom turned round.

“Come here,” said Alyssa invitingly. Tom smiled and moved toward the young woman seated on the bed. “You’ve got something I need,” she said as she reached for the zipper on his jeans.

It was the ripping sound of the long zipper that filled Stephanie’s pussy with juice. A shudder went through her, digging the pump hard against her bottom. Tom’s jeans went slack in the back and with a hard yank, Alyssa pulled them down to his knees. Stephanie pinched the tingling nipple of her left boob and bit her lip to keep a moan from erupting. White briefs hugged his muscular butt. Alyssa pulled the white cotton underpants half- way down his strong thighs.

“Oh, my,” Stephanie whimpered. Alyssa’s hands grasped each cheek of Tom’s hefty butt and rhythmically pulled his pelvis toward her hungry mouth.

“Why do you think they call him Bull?” Alyssa had asked.

“I don’t know. Strom-bull-i. Hard-headed or something to do with football.”

“I don’t think so,” Alyssa had said with a knowing grin, “unless that’s why they called him Bull instead of Horse.”


“Maybe they made up the name in the shower after the football game.”

“Oh, my.”

“You ever seen a bull?”


“He’s got what you need.”

Stephanie desperately wanted to see the famous cock Alyssa had in her mouth. She craned her neck, trying to catch a glimpse but as she was truly afraid to move, Stephanie could only imagine.

“How big could it be?” she wondered. From the sound of Alyssa’s slurping and muffled moans, it was clearly large enough to strain Alyssa’s jaw.

“Really, he has an awesome cock,” Alyssa had said. “Take a ride on that monster and I guarantee that you’ll forget every last one of your friggin’ troubles. I’ll fix you up with him.”

“No way. He’s a brute. I’m not going to let myself be mauled by a big oaf.”

“Tom? He’s a sweetheart. He fucks like a steel-driving man, but he’ll never think a bad thought about you.”

“I can’t.” Stephanie just couldn’t imagine giving herself to Bull. “I won’t.”

“Honey, I’m telling you, this is what you need.”

“I don’t need anything.”

“If you saw this dick of his, you’d need it.”

That was when Alyssa proposed the plan. Stephanie couldn’t believe she had agreed. The sharp pump heel bit hard into her ass.

“Mmmph,” groaned Alyssa, holding Bull’s cock in her mouth as she twisted them around to sit him down on the bed. Stephanie caught a few thick inches of his shaft in the transition, rising out of the thick nest of black pubic hair before it disappeared between Alyssa’s wide stretched lips.

“Oooh,” murmured Stephanie, but then it seemed Bull’s lust-filled eyes were upon her and she shrank in a fit of heat behind the long linen dress. Bull threw his head back, consumed in the bobbing of Alyssa’s head over his lap. Peeking out from the behind the fabric curtain that shrouded her, Stephanie could see nothing but the back of Alyssa’s thighs and the rhythmic motion of her head.

Alyssa squirmed with arousal. Bull grunted, obviously pleased with the attention he was receiving from Alyssa’s eager tongue. Stephanie’s tits ached and a trickle of wetness quickly drenched her cotton shorts. Alyssa reached back to lift her denim skirt to her waist, offering Stephanie a view of her white-pantied bottom. Stephanie felt a deep blush warm her face. Absorbed in the rhythm, Alyssa caught the elastic of her satin panties with both thumbs and gently tugged, pulling the undergarment over the creamy bulb of her ass until the slick lips of her aroused pussy met Stephanie’s embarrassed stare.

Stephanie held her breath, gazing at the naked sex of her friend. The roll of panties halted at mid-thigh. A tender finger emerged from between Alyssa’s thighs to tease the crease of her wet cunt. Stephanie shuddered, amazed at how excited she had become. A hand crept down with a tinkle of hangers to rub the damp crotch of her shorts. Alyssa lifted her head to look at Bull and moan.

“I think,” said Alyssa, reaching over to the bedside table and pulling open a drawer, “we need to . . . .” She extracted a thin silver package and tore it open with her teeth. She pulled the prophylactic from it’s wrapping and with a glance back at Stephanie, moved aside.

Alyssa held Bull’s cock in both hands, nearly covering the entire length of the member. The rubber slowly descended the shaft. As the bulbous head rose above Alyssa’s fist, Stephanie gasped. The shiny thick rod grew up from her hand, like a fat mushroom in a time-lapse film. And grew and grew and grew. The sheath reached its limit before Alyssa ran out of cock. Her hand flat around the root, she waggled the hefty pole, twisting to face the closet and tickling Bull’s dick with a mischievous tongue.

Stephanie’s jaw dropped in astonishment. She had never seen anything like it. Her muscles tensed. Her pussy quivered. She leaned forward, mesmerized and wanting.

All at once, she lost her balance and to catch herself, she shifted suddenly. The hangers banged like an alarm.

“Hey,” Bull said, jumping up off the bed. Stephanie shrank for a moment, but when he moved toward the closet, his thick cock aimed like a lance, she jumped out of her hiding place.

“Bull,” she said in a frightened voice. “I’m sorry.”

“Look at her shorts,” said Alyssa with a laugh. “Look how wet she is.”

“I am,” said Stephanie, her voice low and sultry in confession. Bull smiled, kindly.

“I know you,” he said. “Do you want me, too?”

“Please,” answered Stephanie, “can I?” She knelt down before him, and kissed the shiny knob of his rubbered cock.

“Yeah,” said Bull, smiling. Alyssa moved behind Stephanie and pulled down the drenched shorts. Stephanie shivered at the gust of cool air on her overheated cunt and let the big cock go into her mouth. Alyssa pushed a finger inside Stephanie.

“She’s so hot, Bull.” groaned Alyssa. “You should fuck her.”

“Oh, my,” said Stephanie. Bull removed his dick from her mouth and Alyssa steered her to lean over the edge of the bed. Bull took his place behind Stephanie and gently eased his thick cock into her enflamed pussy. “Oh, yes,” she squealed. Bull began to rock into her hard. “Oh, fuck.”

Alyssa jumped onto the bed and nestled her aroused pussy in front of Stephanie’s moaning mouth. Stephanie opened her eyes and in utter abandon touched Alyssa’s pink clit with her outstretched tongue.

“Oh, fuck me,” Stephanie said in the throb of staccato beats. “You were right, Alyssa. This is what I need.”

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