Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

I’ve been friends with Jim for a long time, about three years and change. We grew up in the same lame town, although I didn’t really know him then. We worked together for about six months and that’s when we were tight. After he quit, we stayed close, getting together on the weekends and for a game sometimes. Jim is the kind of guy I can relate to. We share musical taste as well as a need for pizza. If guys have best friends, Jim is mine.

Two months ago, Jim showed up at my place with this girl, Elizabeth. It wasn’t particularly unusual for us to enjoy the company of women. Most of the time we’ve known each other, I’ve had a girlfriend or Jim’s had a girlfriend, or we’ve both had girlfriends. Even when we didn’t have girlfriends, we had friends who were girls. So Elizabeth being a girl wasn’t itself a big deal.

But what a girl! Don’t get me wrong, Jim is a great guy. Reasonably handsome, if you dig that sort of guy. Sense of humor. Smart. Really a good guy. Elizabeth is something else. None of the girls who came before could hold a candle to the shockingly brilliant sun of Elizabeth. I remember my jaw actually dropping when I saw her. My eyes opened wide and I stared slack jawed for at least a minute. Stunning. Beautiful. Sweet.

I recovered soon enough and welcomed her into the fold. I don’t think I ever acted creepy or anything like that. I had too much respect for Jim to behave like a fool around his girlfriend. I mean, I’m sure I stared to the point of drooling from time to time, but being a man in the presence of a beautiful woman, that kind of reaction was par for the course. All guys leered at Elizabeth. I would be unrealistic to think anything else was possible.

Even so, I could soon tell that Elizabeth didn’t like me. She avoided talking to me. If I joined bunch of people in conversation, she’d soon walk away. She tried to make plans that seemed particularly to exclude me. She was creating distance between us and, as a result, between me and Jim. I wasn’t thrilled with the direction we were headed, but I had no idea what I could do about it. Jim seemed happy with Elizabeth. My sun was setting.

So it came as a surprise when Jim asked me to go to the park with him and Elizabeth. By that time, I had begun to accept that things would never be the same and I was ready to move along. I agreed without expressing my reservations, but Jim understood immediately my reluctance to join the party.

“You don’t like Elizabeth, do you?”

“I do. That’s not it at all.”

“So what is it?”

“She doesn’t really like me.”

“Sure she does.”

“No,” I said deliberately. “No, she doesn’t.”

“What makes you say that?”

“She acts like she’s disappointed in me. Like she thinks I’m a failure. A sad, disappointment. A bum.”

“You’re intimidated by her.”

“Definitely. She’s just amazing.”

“That’s just dumb.”

“But she’s incredible.”

“It’s not dumb because she’s not incredible. She is. What’s dumb is that so are you.”

“I’m not that hot.”

“No one is that hot. But you’re just as cool as she is.”

“I am not in her league,” I said sincerely. “Hell, you’re not in her league.” Jim reached over and hit me in the arm. “Ow.”

“She intimidates you, and you act like an idiot. She hates that. Treat her like a real person instead of some kind of fertility idol.”

“Sorry, man, but she messes me up. I can’t deal with a woman that pretty.”

“You’ve dated pretty girls.”

“Not like her. She’s out of my league.”

“She is not. Look, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I am completely sure that you are not out of her league.”


“I’m not kidding. I’m only going to tell you this to help you understand, so don’t tell anyone I told you this. If I get in trouble over this, it’s your ass. Don’t make me kill you.”


“Sometimes, when we’re fucking, Elizabeth talks about you.”

“Hold on. What?”

“When we fuck, Elizabeth gets off on talking about getting other guys to join in. She has a whole gangbang fantasy that she teases herself with. Usually, she talks about celebrities and remote impossible guys like that. But sometimes, she’ll bring you up.”

“Bring me up?”

“Concoct stories about you walking in and offering to lend a hand, so to speak.”

“And that gets her off?”

“Like a jackrabbit. She’ll be talking all this trash about fucking you and squirm and squeal like there is no tomorrow. I don’t mind because she’s fucking hot when she’s excited. Whatever flips her switch, you know?”

“No shit?”

“I would not lie on this particular point.”


“Now, don’t get any ideas. I just want to go to the park, smoke a bowl and toss a Frisbee. And you don’t say a word. Capiche?”


This shed a new light on everything. I gathered my stuff and piled into the car. We drove to the park.

“Hey, Elizabeth.”

“Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I’ve been busy at work.”

“I know how that goes.”

“How’s Denise?” she asked.

“I’m thinking about letting her go,” I said, surprising myself with my decisive assertion.

“Good,” she said. “I don’t mean that. I just mean, she’s not good enough for you.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You’re right.

And I knew she was.


“You told him what?”

“I told him that you have fantasies about inviting him to a gangbang.”

“You didn’t.”

“I did and you do.”

“Why would you tell him that?”

“It came up.”

“You told your best friend that I wanted to fuck him?”

“He’s not my best friend. He’s just a friend.”

“What did he say?”

“About you wanting to fuck him?”

Elizabeth smacked me with a pillow. I laughed.

“I don’t want to fuck him. Stop saying it like that.”

I told him that you have gangbang fantasies and occasionally fantasize about him joining us in a love-making session.”

“You didn’t.”

“And he said he had some friends who would be glad to lend a hand.”

“He didn’t.”

“Why wouldn’t he? He has friends.”

“What did he say?”

“About walking in while you’re riding me, titties bouncing, hair tossing?”

“You’re bad.”

“You open your mouth and he drops his pants.”

“What did he say?”

“He said, ‘bullshit, she’s way out of my league.'”


“And I said there is no accounting for taste.”

“He’s cute. And sexy.”

“Exactly what I told him.”

“Then he said to get you warmed up and he’d be by soon.”

Elizabeth squealed. “No he didn’t.”

“And I told him that when I told you that I told him, you wouldn’t need any warming up. Your pussy is totally slick right now.”

“Fuck yes,” she gasped.

“Let’s get you warmed up,” I said, tugging off her shorts.

“Friends?” she said, pulling her t-shirt over her head.

“He has lots of friends who would love to lend a hand.”


“Cocks,” I said. “A bunch of thick, stiff cocks.”

“Fuck yes,” she groaned.

A knock fell on my door. Elizabeth and I froze in our naked embrace.

“Jim, it’s me. I left my wallet in your car.”


I stopped for gas when I realized my wallet wasn’t in my pocket. I did the frantic body search followed by crawling into my car to check under the seats. Nothing more than twenty-seven cents and an aged piece of wrapped hard candy turned up. I reviewed my life in reverse and decided that the obvious culprit was Jim’s car. I had taken my wallet out of my pocket to relieve the strain of sitting on the thick lump of leather and documents. It was, I suddenly felt sure, sitting on the seat. Unless it had fallen to the floor when Jim came to an abrupt stop.

I pulled out of the gas station without buying any gas and headed my car back down hill toward Jim’s apartment. All I could do was hope it was sitting on his back seat or floor, because all the other possibilities – dropping it at the park, throwing it in the trash, falling out at a street-light, when did I have it last? – were too horrible to consider. I never thought to call Jim because I had to know before he would matter.

And it was there, sitting in the backseat, the black leather gleaming in the direct rays of a late afternoon sun. My relief was intense. Jim’s door was six feet away and I’d just left them twenty minutes before. I knocked. I even yelled through the door, so Jim could grab his keys and transmit the appropriate code with his key. I’d get my wallet and life would continue as expected. I still needed to get some gas.

There was a long period of silence. I raised my hand to knock again when the rustling and whispering started. I didn’t intend to interrupt anything and I realized that I probably should have called, but regardless of form, I still needed my keys.

Jim opened the door, wearing his jeans and no shirt. In that same moment, I remembered our conversation, because it suddenly seemed pertinent.

“What’s up?” he asked, with a glance at me before turning to look back into the room with a smile. Elizabeth was behind him. She wasn’t wearing a shirt, either. Nor pants.

“I left my wallet in your car.” It had spurred me to this place but retrieving my wallet had suddenly lost all of its urgency. I wasn’t sure exactly why I was telling Jim.

“My keys,” he said. “I’ll get them.”

He turned and left, disappearing into the depths of his apartment. I would have waited outside except the door was wide open and Elizabeth was mostly naked. I stepped inside and closed the door.

“Jim told you,” she said. “Is that why you came back?”

“My wallet,” I said, forgetting what that meant as I spoke.

Let’s review. Elizabeth is a woman so attractive that I was, until this morning, so intimidated by her that it was driving me away from my best friend, Jim. There is a fierce averageness to her brand of beauty – nothing too big, nothing too small, a normalcy that isn’t normal, a common quality that is completely uncommon. This woman, this icon, this goddess made flesh, in ways only young women can be, stood almost entirely naked before me.

Her breasts hung heavily, full with the weight of a tender boob, moving fluidly and pendulously, hovering succulently between big and small.

She stared hungrily at me with radiant sultry eyes. Tight erect nipples strained the softness of her breasts. Elizabeth stood in majestic erotic beauty before me, not only naked but flush with arousal, a woman on the very verge of engaging in sex, inviting me with her entire being.

Jim entered the room again as Elizabeth began to tug at my fly. He smiled and nodded as my cock emerged rock hard from the fabric recesses to assault Elizabeth’s waiting grin. The soft cool suck of her lovely mouth engulfed my hardness. I thought I might orgasm in those very first moments, but the flow was interrupted as Jim diverted her attention by pulling down her pink lace panties in a ferocious yank. A pause waited for Jim to mount her from behind. Elizabeth groaned deeply and returned to sucking on my dick. I closed my eyes and didn’t breathe. Elizabeth, in all her beauty, swallowed my extended eager length.

I struggle to describe the overwhelming eruptions of beauty that poured from this tight little wench. Every glance in her direction threatened to destroy me. Dark eyes glancing up from behind a flip of loose long hair. A shapely naked ass with the slight tinge of a tan line, emphasizing the extended curve of flesh. Shaking titties that bobbed and lightly grazed my thighs. Jim forced her rhythm from behind, sending her lips suddenly down the length of my rigid staff.

She laid me down on my back and straddled my dick. Pushing her hair back with one hand, she steadied herself with her other hand on my chest, a bouncing beat began, sliding up and thrusting down while her boobies jiggled in energetic spasms. Jim fed his dick to her intermittent kiss, slowing her down to taste the stick before leaving it behind for another series of thrusts, impaling herself on my eager readiness. Deciding the attempt to get sucked too frustrating, Jim positioned himself behind her and after a few moments of steadiness, plunged himself into her asshole.

Elizabeth simultaneously screamed and squirmed and squealed and fucked my cock furiously while Jim’s cock slid along from behind. I didn’t know how much more I could take, but the rhythm oscillated between fast and slow and I caught myself in coolness during the respites. Elizabeth couldn’t have been hotter, dripping heated juices all along my dick. No one could have possibly counted her orgasms, for they seemed continuous and wild.

We fell in a heap on the floor, exhausted by the intense and furious screwing after a long day in the afternoon sun. The darkness began to envelop us and I finally raised my head. Jim turned to one side, looking at me past the raised mound of Elizabeth’s hip.

“I told you she liked you.”

“Indeed, you did.”

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