by David Cain

The door lurched open as Stephanie reached for the knob.

“Well?” said Liz, excitedly pulling her friend inside her apartment.

“I got it,” said Steph, breathing hard and holding up the small grey camera. Liz grabbed the offered device and dashed down to hall. Steph leaned over, putting her hands on her knees and smiling while she tried to steady her racing heartbeat. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Well, let’s hope it wasn’t in vain,” said Liz, pulling cords from behind her entertainment center. “Tell me what happened.”

Stephanie turned the corner and stepped into the kitchen. “I need a beer,” she called out.

“In the fridge,” said Liz, tracing a line and then plugging a cord into the video camera.

“Mark took off for Syracuse at four and just as he was ready to drive off, I suddenly told him that I’d left my notebook up in the apartment. He gave me one of those looks, like he was in a hurry and what was I doing to his schedule and he started to head back into the building, but I smiled and told him just to give me his key and that he could just drop by my place on his way back Sunday.”

“Sounds good,” said Liz, her head pressed against the wall as she reached behind the console to make a connection.

“So I let myself in their apartment and put it right next to the mail.” Stephanie pulled a video tape from her purse.

“You even recovered the evidence?” asked Liz, smiling. “Excellent.”

“I had to. I want to save it for Mark’s birthday.”

Liz laughed. “You’re so sweet.”

“Besides, I don’t even want to imagine what Rick would have done with it. Given copies to all his buddies, probably. Anyway, I had the hiding place picked out, and with two hours to myself, I made a few adjustments to help make the mission more successful.”

“All right. Now all we have to do is rewind the tape.” Liz stepped back while the camera whirred. “Let me get a beer and we’ll see what we got.” Steph followed her friend into the kitchen.

“Rick came home about six and putzed around for a while. I watched him from the corner of the room, nestled in behind some boxes. Finally, he stopped at the dining room table and looked through the mail. When he put the bills down, he picked up the video. I started taping then. I thought it made a good introduction.”

“Mmm, aren’t you quite the artiste,” said Liz, plopping herself down on the sofa and aiming the remote toward the equipment to begin the playback.

The television screen sparkled and wavered before fixing on the image of a young man standing next to a glass table, leafing through an assortment of letters. Rick pushed a strand of sandy hair out of his face as he frowned at the bills. Casually tossing the envelopes over the smooth tabletop, Rick reached over to pick up a video cassette. He turned the white label up so he could see what it said.

“To Mark, XXX,” Rick read, laughing. “Hello, nurse!”

“Ooh, he’s such a prick,” said Liz.

“As we shall clearly see,” said Stephanie, taking the space beside her friend.

Rick grinned lasciviously as the camera followed his short walk over to the television.

“He didn’t even hesitate,” said Liz, excitedly.

“I told you he wouldn’t.”

The television within glowed warm and Rick smirked as he found himself watching Stephanie, dancing in a short skirt and leotard.

“Mark, you lucky bastard,” Rick said, turning off the tape player.

“What?” asked Liz, bouncing on the sofa. “Where’s Prick going?”

“Just wait,” said Stephanie. “Big Ricky wouldn’t disappoint us.”

Rick reappeared with a plastic bottle in his hand.

“What’s that?” asked Liz, leaning forward to try and read the label.

“I think it’s baby oil,” said Stephanie, giggling. “Rick intends to watch our tape in style.”

“Ooh,” moaned Liz as Rick unzipped his black trousers and pushed them into a heap on the floor. His cotton briefs quickly followed. Rick turned, adjusting the pillows. Liz squealed. “God, but I love that ass!”

“Mmm,” said Stephanie, refusing to let her gaze wander.

“C’mon, Rick,” Liz called out. “Take off the shirt.” Rick picked up a remote control and sat down on the sofa. He lifted his shirt up over his head. “Yes!” said Liz. “That’s my boy.”

Rick leaned back and watched, grinning as Stephanie’s image danced on the screen before him. The camera’s view of Rick zoomed in to take a closer look at the dark staff lying restless in his lap. The slender serpent shifted and slowly thickened as muffled dance music churned in the background. Rick teased his cock playfully, extending its length with faint, familiar touches.

“Oh,” said Liz, “this is incredible. I can’t believe it.”

“I was holding my breath, watching him,” said Stephanie. “I was so afraid I was going to knock the boxes over.”

The view receded, showing Rick sitting naked with a rigid dick. His chest muscles tightened slightly and he thrust his pelvis up. The cock strained and his dark, hairy balls surged.

“I think he likes you, Steph,” said Liz, giggling.

The camera turned to check out the image on the television. A vision of Stephanie’s bold teasing came into focus as she slipped the cranberry leotard from her shoulders, bringing her bare white breasts into view. The camera quickly turned back to Rick. He squirted a large pool of shimmering oil into his hand and ran the juice over his hard prick.

“Steph,” Rick said, rubbing himself furiously, “what pretty titties you have. Oh. Show me those nipples, girl.”

“What a prick,” said Stephanie, short of breath.

“Oh,” said Liz, her fingers working her way under her short skirt, “what a fine, fine dick.” Rick slowed his pace, tickling the length with his fingertips as he watched the image before him intently.

“I’ll bet this is where you started showing me your . . . ?”

“Yes,” said Stephanie, fingering herself, mesmerized by the naked dick on the television screen. “He’s watching me . . .”

“Oh, this is just wicked,” said Liz, her face flush. “I can’t stand it any more.” She lifted her bottom and pulled off her black and pink flowered panties. Steph glanced over to watch Liz spread her creamy thighs and rub her fingers madly around her glistening wet cunt. Stephanie shuddered slightly and then pulled down her own damp panties. An electric current ran through her when she touched her burning clit.

Rick stroked his dick fast and bit his lip.

“Oh, you fucking bitch,” he said, angrily. “I’d make you suck me with that pretty kiss. I can’t believe how hot you are. C’mon, show me your cunt. That’s right, Steph. Tease that little clitty for me.” Rick savagely stroked his turgid cock.

“Wow, Steph, you had him going,” said Liz.

“He had me going. Can you hear me breathing on the tape? I was going wild, crouched behind those boxes, doing myself just like this, watching him wave that nasty thing.”

“Yeah. Show me your big ass, Steph,” Rick commanded. “Man o’ man I’d sure put that pussy to good use, little girl. Tell me you want it. Oh, yes.”

“I couldn’t believe how hot you were, showing me your stuff like that . You are such a bad girl.” Liz twitched slightly as she spoke.

“I couldn’t help it,” said Steph. “I wanted to get him hot.”

“Hot,” said Liz, lifting her bottom while rubbing her cunny.

“Steph, I’m gonna give it to you,” Rick moaned. He stiffened and trembled slightly, stroking awkwardly. Thick white spurts shot from the tip of his throbbing prick, spraying over his chest and belly. “Ah,” Rick moaned. The camera closed in to fill the television with the last shudders of his dripping stick.

“Yes,” screamed Liz, delightedly. “Encore!”

“Oh, man, I need a fuck,” moaned Stephanie, laughing.

“What happened after that?” Liz asked as the screen went grey with static.

“He went back into the bathroom. When I heard the water running, I jumped out of my hiding spot, hit the eject button, grabbed the tape and slipped out of the apartment.”

“Did he come after you?”

“I never looked back. I just ran until I reached my car and then drove.”

“Wow,” said Liz. “What do we do now?”

“Call Rick,” said Steph. “I think we owe him a party.”

“Yeah,” said Liz. “Give me the phone. I’ll ask him if wants to help us make another tape.” Stephanie laughed.

“I’ll bet he will. He’s such a prick.”

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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