Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

Lying on his bed, Jeff stared into the night. Tiny shards of brilliance speckled the field of black, each an insignificant point seen so far away, a vast array of fire and silent motion. Mars hung high against the milky streak.

Kathy wanted the bedroom the moment she laid eyes upon it, falling in love with the idea of the broad glass ceiling that made the room a virtual greenhouse. Jeff had fought her for a while, complaining of practical things, but conceded in the end. Her heart leapt to imagine sleeping every night together beneath the vault of heaven. As she pleaded for indulgence, Jeff found, despite prudent calculations, nothing could make him deny his lovely wife this luxury. A shooting star raced across eternity.

Jeff remembered how restless the black sky made him feel on the first night they slept in their bedroom. Opening his eyes, his head resting on his pillow, her head heavy on his shoulder, Jeff found himself filled with dread, overwhelmed by his own insignificance as the universe stretched out so wide above him. It was the small feeling he had known as a child, the weight he found he could only escape in the embrace of his mother’s arms, before she had gone. And now Kathy.

She had roused at the first shudder, as Jeff succumbed in an instant to his fear. Kathy had kissed his cheek instinctively, rising up to shield him from the vision, to diminish the expanse of darkness with a pale beauty in the shadows, kissing his brow, kissing his quivering lip. Kathy touched him knowingly and at once Jeff forgot the void of space and found assurance in her smooth caress. He kissed her, rose above her, took her.

It seemed so long ago, the first night beneath the slow turn of stars, when he had kissed her breasts uplifted, gleaming white in the glow of soft moonlight, Kathy’s nipples hard peaks tempting his kiss with a yearning insistence. It seemed so long ago, the supple scent of her belly, yielding to his tugs and pinches, the long sinews of her uplifted arms, the light gay laugh to tempt his kisses, a thousand slow deliberate tastes as the serpent traced her arc into the dark horizon.

Jeff wiped the tears from his eyes, but his heart crumbled in despair. The darkness seemed eternal, reaching out beyond the stars. Jeff felt the small fear and turning his gaze down, found no one to redeem him.

But he remembered the reflection of those same stars in her eyes as he rose above to embed himself within her, the acceptance and surrender of her love as he looked into her depths, the eternal night within her gazing eyes, as the moist kiss of her sweet cunny swallowed him within. Kathy, Jeff smiled to recall, had loved him absolutely, anxiously drawing the fire from his soul, teasing his passions into a pitch of rage.

The stars each burned a fiery explosion of billowing flames, a sea of energy and light, storming madly, pouring forth across the cosmos to tickle him as he lay in bed and tried to sleep, lulling him with a kiss of distant time, spurring him to live and burn, despite the cold, despite the dark.

Jeff could still hear her giggle as she shed her satin panties dancing and he leaned sitting against the headboard, admiring like an emperor the charms of his slave girl. She had pranced and bent and spread and teased in a celestial symphony of erotic motion, and Jeff could still feel the throb of his earthy cock, trembling in the sweet anguish of unbound desire, and yet the vixen teased him longer. He’d jumped from the bed as she waggled invitations, and stood behind her lean flanks to pierce the root of her being, the sweet swollen lips of her cunt suckling him with each ferocious prod. He leaned over to kiss her glistening back, the arch of wanting, the slender vase of her lascivious flesh.

He turned, weary with frustrations, and listened as a siren wailed somewhere in the valley beneath the house. Troubled, Jeff collapsed in knowing that life marched on around him, that another day loomed and would just as soon pass to bring him inevitably back into the shrine of this eternal night.

But the sky reflected her lost love, and Jeff drank the pale starshine.

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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