by David Cain

Sarah took a drink, a cool sip to quell the heat of a July afternoon. “Ah,” she said, placing the foam wrapped bottle on the wooden planks below her deck chair, “what a gorgeous day.”

“Truly,” said Kevin, turning his shaded gaze to address her. A bead of sweat dripped past his reddened nose and over his cheek. “It doesn’t get much better than this.”

Dressed in bright bathing suits with no pooled water in sight, the young couple lay still in the radiant glow of the sun, basking in an afternoon of lazy indulgence. A funky bass line shook the moist, shimmering air, teasing Kevin’s heartbeat with vague, anticipatory dreams of a night’s dancing rhythms. He smiled.

“Hey, Kevin.” said Sarah, “you want to go with me down to Andy’s later? I have a craving for some shrimp.”

“Love to,” he said, “but I made plans.” Kevin picked up his beer and took a long swig.

“Really?” asked Sarah.

“Vickie called me last night.” Kevin lay motionless, waiting.

“Jesus, Kevin. I thought we were past that.” Sarah lifted her gold-rimmed shades and took a long look at Kevin.

“Yeah, but Vick’s a little down and we talked for a while. She really felt bad about what happened in Jersey, and she wanted to see me. I know,” Kevin said, catching the look of disgust Sarah gave him. “She needed someone to talk to and, well, I couldn’t just leave her out in the cold.”

“What a bunch of shit,” said Sarah, staring coldly into the sky and rubbing a small circle over her glistening tummy. “Well, just don’t think you can come back here when ‘Vick’ fucks you up again.”

“What does that mean?” Kevin asked, his voice hard, annoyed.

“C’mon Kevin. You went out with that bitch for two months last fall and we never heard a word from you. Then she left you cold and you were over here, almost every night for three months, moaning about your lost love.”

“Humph,” said Kevin, picking up his beer for a drink.

“And then Vickie calls you up in April and you’re no where to be seen until June. And now, we’ve finally got past the constant moaning, and if you think we’re going back through that routine, forget about coming back here for act six.”

“I didn’t know I was such a bother.” Kevin frowned to make the hurt plain.

“Kevin. You’ve known me for, how long? You’ve always been a bother, and I’ve never complained. Just don’t expect me to pick up the pieces when you keep throwing yourself into the same trap time after time.”

“Anyway,” Kevin said seriously, “it’s not like that. I’m not going to let her screw me up again. I just want to talk to her. You know, like friends.”

“What a bunch of bullshit!” shouted Sarah, laughing. “She’ll bat those dark eyes of hers and you’ll be on your knees saying, ‘thank you, ma’am, can I have another?'”

“You don’t know anything.”

“I know plenty,” said Sarah. “Here. I’ll give you a test. Close your eyes.” Sarah rolled over onto her side to face Kevin and nodded.

“What?” Kevin turned to look at Sarah. Her blue eyes gleamed.

“Just close ’em. All right.” Sarah took a long look at Kevin. He smiled expectantly, lying still in the bath of sunshine. “I went to the gym with Vickie once,” she began. “You were going out with her then. I watched her undress, trying to see what you saw in her.” Turning, Kevin opened his eyes wide and looked at Sarah in astonishment.

“Did you?” he asked.

“Hush up and close your eyes. I remember thinking what incredible breasts she had. They were so firm and round and creamy. I imagined you sucking on those nipples of hers. Mmm, I’ll bet that was a treat.” Sarah smiled.

“Yes, delish fish,” said Kevin, laughing. Sarah watched with a nod as his bathing suit began to rustle and stir.

“But when she stripped off her jeans and I saw those black thong panties, just wedged between the cheeks of her round butt, well I knew what was keeping you away from your friends.”

“Couldn’t blame me,” said Kevin. The front of his suit pulled taut against the thickened pole beneath.

“And then she pulled down those little panties and you’ve completely failed the test,” Sarah said with an accusatory laugh. “Look at the hard on you’re sporting thinking about that bitch.”

“C’mon,” said Kevin, adjusting the fit of his powder blue suit, “what kind of a test was that? You start talking naughty about a girl taking off her clothes, any girl, and I’m going to get aroused. You know I’m not really involved with anyone. Describe dinner to a starving man and then tease him for drooling.”

“But that’s my point. You’re going to see Vickie all hungry and you’ll take one look at the meal and forget the indigestion that she gives you.”

“No I won’t. I know I’ve been pretty stupid about Vickie before, but I’ve learned my lesson. It’s not going to be like that.”

“Your mouth is saying one thing, but Mister Dick is still looking for a meal.”

“You’re the one who gave him ideas.”

“Well then,” said Sarah. She lifted herself out of the lounge chair and stood with her hands on her waist and sighed. “Come inside.” Brian shrugged and followed Sarah through the doorway.

“Sit down,” she said. Brian took a seat on the sofa. Sarah knelt down and pushing a golden lock behind her ear, she pulled the waist of his blue suit to release his still hard cock.

“Sarah?” he asked, wide eyed.

“If you’re going to see Vickie, you’re not going hungry.” Sarah licked the sweaty stick. “Besides, I could use a snack myself.”

“Wow,” said Kevin, pushing his prick into Sarah’s mouth.

“I’ve heard the bad stuff,” she said, smiling wickedly. “Tell me what makes Vickie so hot.” She sank his thick cock between her smiling lips.

“You saw those big titties,” Kevin said, tickled by the tongue Sarah lavished over his dick. “I don’t know, she just commands me to do all these nasty things to her. One time she pushed her boobs together around my prick and told me to fuck them. It was kind of cool, slipping between her tits and when I came, it just shot up onto her face.”

“Messy,” said Sarah, smiling as she tickled his cock with delicate strokes of her pink tongue.

“And she loved to do it in front of the mirrors. One whole wall of her bedroom is mirrored and Vickie just loves to find different ways to watch us fucking.” Kevin paused. “Oh, yes,” he said under his breath as Sarah pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

Sarah pulled his bathing suit further down as she sucked, working her hands under Kevin’s bared ass to squeeze as she rocked him upward and deeper. Kevin moaned as he began to steal glimpses of the girl working his rod; Bent at the waist, her bottom spread wide, stretching out the lime green bikini bottoms. Kevin put his hand on her shoulder and Sarah looked up to smile.

“I can’t believe you’re sucking my dick,” he said. “This is so hot. Mmm.” Kevin slipped his fingers through the loose length of Sarah’s long hair, pulling her gently closer to the root of his throbbing prick. She wiggled her hips playfully as she took the thick meat down.

“I hate to see you go hungry,” Sarah said, licking the glistening shaft she held aloft in her hand.

“You are so fine,” Kevin groaned, reaching down to fondle the breast within the pale green top. Her nipple hardened in the grip of his fingers. Sarah looked up at Kevin, her blue eyes shining in desire.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned and clutched Sarah close as his muscles began to convulse from within.

“Mmm,” she said, drinking the spurts of hot lust. “Mmm,” she giggled as his cock spilled gush after gush.

“Wow,” Kevin said, laying back, defeated. “That was incredible.”

“Vickie’s a bitch and she’ll dog you again if you let her,” Sarah said, licking her wet lips.

“I know,” said Kevin. “She’s fucked me over, time and time again.”

“All right,” said Sarah. “I’m glad to hear you can see what’s what. I give you permission to go and see her now.”

“Well,” said Kevin, sitting up. “I was thinking maybe that would be a stupid idea. I mean, what’s she ever done but make me miserable?”

“Smart boy,” said Sarah, sitting down on the sofa beside him and giving him a friendly kiss.

“I’m getting hungry,” Kevin said with a smile. He slipped off the sofa and onto the floor. “Got anything to eat?”

“Sure,” said Sarah, slipping off her bikini bottoms and spreading her legs. “Dinner’s served.”

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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