Clean Up

Clean Up
by David Cain

“You were expecting me to fuck Caesar, right?”

Silver had gone down to the theater where Caesar lived. He hosted swinger parties in his home, which happened to be an empty theater. There had been a change in management at the swingers club and a concern he had been a part of was now entirely his. He had a party scheduled in two days and the outgoing swingers had left the theater in shambles. Silver had gone downtown to help him clean up.


“Whew. Because I did. We never really talked about it, I just assumed that was your plan.”

“Indeed. He needed help with the club but he also needed help.”

“I did some cleaning. And I helped him out.”

“Was it fun?”

“It’s been so long, what, like three years. I enjoyed the chance to play with him again.”

“How did it go?”

“I picked up a whole bunch of cleaning supplies and drove downtown. I carried my bucket and mop and shit in the back door just as two big women, from the Swirl, were leaving. They never even looked at me, they were so busy with their animated conversation. The door snapped shut behind me and I headed up to the loft. Caesar was expecting me.

“I thought he might be. I’ve been hinting, he’s been hinting. You know how Caesar is. The more I talk to him the less I know what he’s talking about. But I think we understood each other.”

“I showed him the supplies I brought.”

“Did you bring your kitty?” he asked, smiling like a man who hasn’t been laid in a year.

“Want to pet my pussy?”

“There was probably more clever banter but shortly after he stood up, his pants fell to the floor. I found a comfortable spot to kneel and sucked him off in a few minutes top.”

“I can’t believe it,” he said after he groaned hard. “No one’s ever made me cum like that, so fast.”

“I’m really good.”

“I can see that,” he said.

“I could see that he was still raring to go. I doubt he’s been fucked in a year. His relationship with Sondra was nothing but fights for years. They’re not together but she’s part of the Swirl so she isn’t entirely gone either. Weirdest shit I’ve ever seen. Sondra’s not pretty, either.”

“I wouldn’t do her.”

“So we made our way back to Caesar’s bed. He was like a kid in a candy store, moving from position to position. He’s still cautious about condoms which I appreciate.”

“As do I.”

“So I sucked him off some more, climbed atop him, he’s begging me to cum and cum and cum. He climbed on top to jam his prick in my cunt. I was sloppy wet by this time. It’s just been so long since we fucked and I have missed his dick. Not too big. Just right for some things. Like my ass. He jumped on my ass and pumped until he collapsed with a feeble groan and a shudder.”

“Good job, Caesar!”

“Then I cleaned the floor of the main room and came home. Some other women showed up to finish the job. The Swirl women aren’t too pretty, either.”

“No they are not. Hopefully the party will have some newcomers.”

“I could get into that.”

“Just what I was thinking.”

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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