Slip of the Tongue

Slip of the Tongue
by David Cain

“Follow me,” Kevin said in an excited whisper, waving me on as he started climbing the hillside.

“What?” I asked, close behind, grabbing the trunk of a small tree and pulling myself up the steep incline.

“You’ll see,” he said with a grin. I had known Kevin since high school and understood at once that we were up to mischief. I followed him through a thick nest of bushes before we climbed a large boulder. Kevin sat down on the edge of the rock and opened the leather binocular case hanging from his shoulder.

“Deer?” I asked.

“Kind of,” Kevin said, smiling broadly. “Take a look, just past those trees over there.”

I lifted the glasses to my eyes, aimed them past the conifers and focused. A small blonde woman was unbuttoning her blouse. My jaw fell open. I lowered the binoculars and looked again with my naked eye. “The showers?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Can you believe it?” Kevin asked. “I love this spot. Sit down. You can still see everything and there’s no way anyone will see us up here.”

I took a seat on the mossy boulder and raised the lenses. With a glimpse of Carol, a friend of Kevin’s wife, a lanky dark haired nude woman pushing her sandals under a wooden bench, I felt a shudder through my heart. I scanned the whole tent. “Are they all . . . ?” I started to ask.

“Yup. The whole gang needs a shower. Pete drenched them in that pea-green lake water when he tipped the boats. We’re going to have to buy him a beer.”

“Does he know about this ?” I found Sarah, Kevin’s wife, pushing down the bottom of her bathing suit. Her ass shone glistening white in the bright light of the afternoon sun. My blood caught fire and I struggled to breathe.

“Just you and me, buddy. But you have to let me have a turn.”

I reluctantly surrendered the spy glasses.

“Didn’t I tell you to buy a pair?” He chuckled as he aimed the binoculars over the short canvas wall. “I never go camping without mine. Not since I found this spot. Oooh, isn’t she sweet?”

“Who?” I asked, shading my eyes as I tried to distinguish the tiny figures below.

“The one with the tits,” Kevin said. “Look at those nips!”

“Angie?” I asked, trying to remember names I hadn’t really learned yet. I’d known Sarah since college, but I’d just met the rest recently.

“Angela,” said Kevin. “That’s right, Angela. Squeeze those titties. Momma.”

“Lemme,” I said, reaching for the binoculars.

“In a minute,” said Kevin, pulling away. “Let me watch her pull down her pants. Oh, yes. I guessed she shaved.” I squinted at the distant images, desperate to see. Kevin tapped my arm with the glasses. “Here,” he said. I tried to find Angela’s bare cunt but was distracted by Terri’s little brown muff.

“She was wearing a bikini at Jake’s bar-b-que last weekend and the wet fabric was clinging to her pussy lips. I suspected she was shaved clean. Besides, Sarah said Angela has a daddy complex, and women like that usually shave.”

“Sure,” I said, following Sarah into the shower. I had known my friend’s wife for six years, but I had never seen her naked. Well, there were a few drunken nights when I’d imagined her that way, but Sarah looked better than I’d ever dreamed. She faced our direction as she turned on the shower. Watching her squeal as the chill water struck made my dick throb. “Wow.”

“Tell me,” said Kevin. “What’s cooking?”

“Oh, Terri’s bending over. What a hot little pussy.”

“Pete says she fucks him like crazy. All kinds of kinky stuff.”

“Yeah?” I asked, getting horny as hell as I watched Sarah soap her breasts.

“Lots of hot games. She likes to be spanked. You know, stuff like that.”

“Trip,” I said. Sarah arched her back and rinsed her hair. I nearly lost it as she tensed her round ass tight.

“One time, when we were out drinking, Pete asked me if I’d come over and help out, you know, like a threesome.”

“Did you?” I asked. I stole a quick peek at Angela’s pink lips but then went back to staring at Kevin’s naked wife. Sarah looked so fine I couldn’t care about the rest of the ladies.

“Nah,” said Kevin, taking the binoculars from my hand. “Sarah would never go for it, and there’s no way I could keep fucking her best friend a secret. Ah, show me your pussy, Angela. That’s a good girl. If I were still single, I’d have gone for it.”

“I guess so. Maybe I could lend them a hand.” I laughed.

“Seriously, talk to Pete. Terri’s hotter than hell and if they considered me, they’d do you. Man, I love Angela’s titties. This is her first time up here.”

“How long you been watching them shower?” I asked.

“Since last summer. I went hiking and was lost for a while. I came down that way and sat here to rest. I caught Carol playing with herself in the shower and now I sneak up here every chance I get. Come on, Terri. I’ll spank your bottom.”

“No shit? Last summer?”

“The trip before the last time you came with us. I wanted to show you then, but you had that foxy babe and you wouldn’t come with me.”


“Little tits, black pussy hair, bitty ass and long fucking legs.”


“Sorry, buddy. I don’t pick who takes a shower. I would have closed my eyes, you know, respect, but she was just too hot.”

I laughed and wrenched the binoculars away. “You owe me,” I said. “Where’s Sarah?”

“Beats me. I’ve seen her naked. I don’t have to climb rocks for that.”

“She’s great,” I said. “I love Sarah’s ass.”

“Gimme those,” said Kevin. “Lemme find Carol.”

“Over in the corner.”

“Hah! There you are, you little bitch! Eat me, you wench. I hate that bitch. She never stops giving me crap. But she never takes a shower without playing with herself. She just needs a piece of Kev. I’d fuck that nasty look off your face, you bitch!” Kevin yelled a bit louder than I would have thought safe. He laughed and handed me the glasses.

I stared at Sarah for a while while she soaped her legs, catching quick glimpses of her pussy lips.

“Have you ever caught, you know, two of them?”

“Girl games?” Kevin prompted with a chuckle. “Nah, I think they do that in the tent. But you know the blonde, Cindy?”

“Yeah?” I said, scanning the shower, looking for her. “Is she down there?”

“I think so. Over by the bench.”

“Yeah.” I said, finding my prey. “She’s gorgeous.”

“Tell me about it. We once picked up this chick in college who looked just like her.”

I let Cindy linger in the magnification. Her damp golden hair fell around strong shoulders. Her nipples stood tight as cherries atop her big breasts. Full hips framed her nearly naked pussy. She turned and I realized she looked like a girl I had known all too well. Susan Jones. Susie. My girlfriend for half of my junior year at college.

Susie and I broke up because I wouldn’t lick her pussy. I was young and stupid and one night she pushed her cunt in my face and I balked. Susie wouldn’t talk to me for weeks. The thing was, I really liked her and so I hounded her until I finally convinced her to give me another chance. Susie came over and I devoured her little blonde pussy, my first. I was hooked; I’ve been a devoted cunnilinguist ever since. But I only tasted Susie’s cunt once. We went to a party the next Saturday night and just after we got there, Susie turned pale and ran out. I never heard from her again. Every time she saw me, she ran. I have always regretted letting her get away.

I swallowed and turned the binoculars back toward Sarah, watching as she talked to Carol. Terri dried herself just beyond them, rubbing her ass hard. It was all too hot.

“It was my birthday,” Kevin said. “Sarah and I had been dating a few months and we got pretty drunk. We were downtown, in Westport, and Sarah runs into this blonde who looked just like Cindy. They start jabbing and next thing I know, we’re going back to her place for a little smoke or something. I was holding my breath, hoping one thing would lead to another.”

“Did it?”

“We weren’t there ten minutes before this chick starts playing with Sarah’s tits. Buddy, my dick was so fucking hard. Skirts are going up and panties coming down and pretty soon I’m stroking my cock, watching this bitch go down on Sarah. The blonde’s ass was in the air, and I can’t believe how wet her pussy gets and she’s got her tongue all over Sarah’s pussy. I was ready to shoot my load, just sitting there.”

“No way,” I said, watching Sarah’s tits bounce as she explained something to Carol.

“So I don’t know what to do, so I put my dick in Sarah’s mouth. I wanted to boff the blonde, but you know, I wasn’t sure that would be cool, so I let Sarah suck on me. Then she starts to scream like there was no tomorrow. I’ve never seen her so hot. I mean, she always comes when I fuck her, but not like that. Fucking wild. I just stepped back and watched her thrash, pulling this chick by the hair hard into her wet cunt. It was so cool.”

“I’ll bet,” I said, short of breath, staring at Sarah as she pulled on a pair of pretty white panties.

“Then the chick shoves her cunt into Sarah’s mouth and Sarah starts licking her. I couldn’t believe Sarah would do that, but she had the blonde moaning so loud that I just managed to ram my dick into Sarah from behind before the cannon fired. There’s nothing like watching chicks to get me off.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Sarah made me promise never to tell anyone. You know how it is. But you’re my best buddy, so I’m trusting you to keep this a secret.”

“What about the blonde?”

“You know, I saw her on campus a few times after that, but she always turned pale and ran away. I guess it was too much for them. Sarah was always trying to get me to lick her pussy after that, but I can’t. You know? Pussy is for fucking. A man can’t be sticking his nose in there.”

“Mmm,” I said. “Nice tits.”

“Yeah, give me another look. Is Angela still naked?”

“I think so. Over by the towels.”

“Yeah, hot little cunt. I could use a piece of that. Maybe you could distract Sarah while I . . . . ” Kevin laughed. “In my dreams. Oh, well. Show’s over.”

“Wow. Thanks, Kevin.” I said, standing up and shaking the dreams from my head.

“My pleasure, buddy” said Kevin, putting away the glasses. “Wake up early tomorrow and we’ll catch the next show. Six, not a minute later. Terri is always up by then. You’ll have to see her morning routine to believe it. I’ve been dying to share this secret with you. I’m so glad you could make the trip with us.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You know I like you and I’ll lick Sarah. Like. Like Sarah. I mean, I really like you guys. Let’s go down and start the fire for dinner.”

I slid down the boulder and Kevin came behind me with a crash. I helped my friend up and dusted him off.

“You all right?” I asked. Kevin looked a little pale.

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