by David Cain

Rick smiled and lit his cigar. Like a locomotive pulling out of the station, thick spurts of smoke erupted rhythmically, slow puffs that soon gave way to a haze. He narrowed his eyes, indulging himself in a moment’s reflection, and then fought the dry heat with a swig of dark lager.

“I tell you, this chick was fine,” he said. “Big tits, legs, just a hot little blonde.”

“Yeah? She was at the party?” Mark leaned forward.

“Friend of Liz, I think. They went to high school, or something.”

“The tall one?” Mark lit his cigar into a blue cloud.

“No, I mean, not her, medium height. I think you’re thinking of the one who came with Stone.”

“Okay, white dress then?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I kinda forgot what she was wearing.” Rick smirked, pushing strands of limp hair from his face. “She had white panties, if that helps. I remember those.”

“Yeah,” said Mark, leaning back to take a drink. “I know which one you mean then.” A band began to set up in a corner of the bar, the drummer rattling his cymbals as he put them in place.

“I started talking to Liz about the show she saw – Elli and her drove up to Philly and saw the Femmes at some club.”

“No shit? Isn’t she from Philly?”

“Yeah, I guess, I never thought about it.”

“Maybe that’s when she hooked up with her friend. What’s her name?”

“Chrissy, or something like that. Some song came on while I was talking to Liz and this babe started jumping up and down and squealing and just had to dance, and I turned and saw these tits bouncing, they just caught my eye and suddenly I had to dance, too.”

Mark lifted his glass. “Comprende, amigo.”

“She looked sweet, kind of innocent, but man . . . .” Rick paused for effect. “She danced like she was fucking, I mean, moving the same way, you know what I mean?”

Mark smiled and nodded. Rick twirled his cigar between his fingers and propelled a stream of smoke toward the dark rafters.

“Anyway, I took her over to my place. Liz gave me one of those looks when Chrissy told her we were leaving. You know how she gets.”

“I do, I do.” Mark remembered all too well his last episode with the Liz Beck. “God, I know.” He drank a long drink of the warm ale, finishing the glass.

“I unlocked my door, hoping to God that Dennis had decided to crash out at Fenwick.”

“Did he drive up to the beach again?”

“Yeah. He’s got that girl, you know, Hearts?”


“She has this tattoo on her left breast of a heart. Kinda freaky.”

“Right for Dennis, I guess.”

“Just perfect. He’s been up there the last four weekends. Don’t see him until Monday morning.”

“She lives up there?”

“Working on the boardwalk or something. Waitress, I guess.”

“Yeah, perfect.”

“She walks in my place, Chrissy, and I close the door behind us and when it clicks shut, she puts her arms around me and starts to kiss me. Wet, sloppy, tongue kisses.”

“Jackpot. Was she drunk?”

“A little. We both were. Lubricated, as they say.”

Janet got plastered and hit Renee.”

“She looked pretty messed up when I saw her. I think she’s got problems.”

“Yeah, I heard something about that.”

“Tell me.”

“Later. Long story and I’d rather hear about your blonde.”

“Fuck, yes,” said Rick, slapping his leg with a laugh. “I led her to the sofa and I sat down. I left the lights off, so it was kind of cozy, the light coming from the hallway, but she walked over and turned on the light.

“Two more,” the waitress said, picking up Mark’s empty glass and placing it on her tray. Rick nodded, while his companion held up a peace sign.

“She twirls around, and my eyes are fixed on her, watching those tits bounce and her ass, it was round and high, you know what I mean?”

“Mmmm,” said Mark, sucking his cigar. Taking it from his mouth, he pointed to a woman standing by the jukebox. “Like hers?”

“Patty?” Rick asked. “Yeah, like hers but tighter. I’m telling you, man, she was sweet.” The waitress sat the fresh mugs on the round table.

“Thanks,” mumbled Mark. Rick handed her a folded dollar.

“Yeah,” he said. Leaning forward, Rick spoke in a hush. “She tells me the place is great and then, whoosh, she lifts her dress over her head. White panties, white bra, just jiggling while I’m staring.”

“No shit?”

“I could smell her cunt, and I look at the bulge of her little panties and she is so wet, the juice is running down her legs.”

“Man, oh, man.” Mark’s eyes opened wide, enraptured by the image.

“She’s giggling. My dick was so fucking hard, but I’m just sitting there, waiting to see what this chick does next. She was hot. I could see her nipples through her bra, big tits, and the pebbles are pushing right through the fabric. She kneels down between my legs, and looks up at me with this wicked smile.”

“No way.”

“Pulls out my cock and starts kissing it, like it was her baby, or puppy or something. I’m loving it, watching this pretty bitch go at it. I lean over a bit, to reach for her tits and when I get a finger on one of those nips, she puts my dick in her mouth and while she’s sucking me, she’s reaching back to undo her bra. She’s blowing me, and I’m squeezing this big tits, hanging down so the nipples are huge.”

“I love that. You know who has great nipples? Stephanie.”

“Aren’t they? I could suck her titties all night long.”

“Mmm,” replied Mark.

“Remind me to tell you about the fourth. I have a great story about her. You know what we should do?” Rick’s voice dropped low again. “We should try and fuck her together. That’d be great.”

“Would she?”

“I’d bet on it. Anyway, I reach back and start squeezing her ass. It was so fine. She’s still sucking my dick like there’s no tomorrow and I’m already wondering if I could get some, you know, some of that ass.”

“Did you?”

“Wait. I’m squeezing this pretty butt and she looks up at me with baby-doll eyes, and asks me if I want to spank her. I pat her ass a few times, but she crawls over a bit, you know, so she’s got her tits pressed on the sofa, and she pulls down her panties. I move over behind her, because by this time I’m dying to see her cunt.”


“Golden hairs, I kid you not, big puffy lips, swollen around this dripping wet pink pussy. I swear to God, her little clit was throbbing. Then she wiggles her butt like you wouldn’t believe and tells me she’s been a bad girl. I smacked her a dozen times, she’s moaning like she’s coming, each time harder. My handprints are all over this chick’s ass, and finally I couldn’t take it any more and I just ram my cock into her pussy. She was so wet, I could hardly feel it, except it was burning hot and soft.”

“Incredible.” Mark finished off his beer.

“I swear I fucked her for four fucking hours. Everything about her just turned me on, and the minute I felt like I couldn’t go on any more, she’d take over and grind my prick inside her. I can still picture her riding me, those big tits bouncing in big circles while she pummeled me with her hips. I remember she pursed her lips when I finally fired that load inside her, and then as the strength is draining out me and I’m ready to collapse right there on the floor, she started sucking me. I just let it happen, kinda feeling cool, and then I’m watching her tits swing under her, and then I reach around to finger her pussy.”

“What a night.”

“I’m kinda playing around and all of sudden she swings around and plants that sloppy cunt right on my face. I couldn’t help but lick at her with my tongue, and hold her ass to keep her from smothering me. I licked her for a while – I didn’t have much choice, and finally she starts moaning and squirming and then presses her clit down hard. I thought she was going to crush my face when she came.”


“Yeah, but she rolls over and I get behind her and start spanking her again, calling her a naughty bitch and she starts moaning, ‘yes’ and I saw my chance and I just sank my prick into her ass, just like that, all in one motion and she screamed but then she started fucking me so hard I couldn’t hold on for another minute, bucking back hard and squealing ‘yes’ with every stroke and then I shot my load up her asshole.”


“Now I’m totally wasted, and I fall back to sit down and smile and she turns around and starts kissing my dick. I told her to save some for tomorrow and passed out. I woke up about noon this morning and she had already split.”

“Too bad.”

“Yeah,” Rick said, thoughtfully. “I could have fucked her again.”

“So, you want to call Steph?”

“She’d be coming til Tuesday. But I’ve got to split. Maureen is in town and I promised to meet up with her.”


“From college – big tits, long legs. I’ll tell you about it. Call me tomorrow.”

“Sure,” said Mark. “Enjoy the ride.”

“Yeah, I will. Later.”

Mark sucked a hit from his cigar as he watched Rick leave. “Too cool,” he said, blowing a thin cloud of smoke into the darkness.

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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