by David Cain

I rapped a staccato on the white door. “Come in,” Allison called out from within. I turned the knob and stepped inside the apartment.

“Sorry, Steve,” said Allison, pressing the phone to her breast as she emerged from the kitchen. “There’s a situation down at the office and I’ve got to read these figures,” she held up a sheaf of papers, “to them so we can get the bid in on time.”

I nodded, understanding.

“It should only take about twenty minutes.” Allison smiled affectionately. “Fix yourself something to drink, turn on the tube, relax for a bit. We can go the minute I finish rattling off these numbers.”

“Sure, no problem,” I said, heading for the kitchen. Allison gave me a quick kiss.

“Thanks, sweetheart.” She turned and stretched the phone cord into the dining room where the contents of her briefcase lay spread over the dark wood table. “No, June, no problem. Let’s just get this over with so I can go out and forget the whole mess. Yeah. In March we had seven-three-six-four-four in OPS . . .”

I pulled open the white refrigerator door and surveyed the shelves of yogurt, lettuce, milk, grapes, tangerines and celery. Two bottles of mango-grapefruit wine cooler proved to be the closest thing the girls had to a beer. Rolling my eyes, I twisted off the top and took a swig of the pink sugary alcohol. It was almost as bad as it sounds. I went into the living room and flicked on the television.

Time passed slowly. Allison’s voice droned a seemingly endless sequence of numbers, a series that continued long enough to persuade her to use the term “niner” with a casual familiarity. The television yielded news stories of traffic accidents on the other side of town, accusations of financial misconduct among state legislators, game shows demanding intimate knowledge of Chinese geography and detergent prices, and sitcoms of family strife as young teens snuck off to kiss before parents lectured them humorously. I drank another intoxicating dose of carbonated punch.

I didn’t have to piss badly, but when boredom gets severe, even the slightest urge is enough to compel me into doing something new, so I picked myself up off the soft beige sofa and headed down the hallway to the bathroom. The door was mostly open. The light was on. I boldly advanced toward my goal, but just before my foot touched tile, the shower curtain rattled open and I found myself looking in the mirror at Denise, wet and naked, reaching for a towel.

I had only met Allison’s roommate once before, for a few minutes, on my way in as she was on her way out. Denise is cut from a different cloth than Allison. I’ve always dated girls like Allison, quiet, thoughtful, sensitive, simple women. Denise, on the other hand, intimidated me with her strong confident presence the moment I met her. Denise could have run roughshod over someone like me without even noticing. I wasn’t thinking about that, staring at her creamy tits, watching water drip from the tips of her hard brown nipples. I backed away slowly, never relinquishing my view.

Allison is a pretty girl. Denise looked gorgeous. She rubbed the towel over her shoulders and arms, lifting her heavy breasts and letting them fall. Placing a foot on the toilet seat, she rubbed her lean thighs and calves. She roughly teased her brown muff until the hairs formed a soft cushion of curls. Denise bent over. My jaw dropped.

“Well,” I heard Allison say behind me, “that should wrap it up. Are you sure that’s all we need? When I hang up this phone, I’m gone, so you’d better make certain. All right?”

I dashed back into the living room, throwing myself onto the sofa, my heart racing. I downed the remainder of my mango-grapefruit cooler and deliberately slowed my breath.

“Steve,” Allison said as she hung up the phone. “I’m really sorry about that.” She walked into the living room. “One of the new girls took off without closing the door behind her.”

I stood up, wiping my sweaty palms on my slacks. “That’s all right. I know how it is.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” Allison said, picking up her purse. “What do you say we get out of here. I don’t want to be around if they call back.”

“Good idea,” I said, casting a glance down the hallway as Allison opened the door. “What do you say we get some Italian food?”

“Mmm, sounds delish.”

As we ate dinner, Allison talked about work. I sat quietly, eating and nodding, my eyes constantly looking in Allison’s direction, but visions of Denise danced erotic provocations as I chewed. The tales of white collar warfare droned past my consciousness to invoke the supple curve of her waist descending into her hips. Allison droned on and I remembered the tickle of Denise’s hair, darkened by water, running over her freckled shoulders. I hardly noticed when Allison asked me what I wanted to do after dinner.

We stopped at the video store. Allison desperately wanted to see some light romantic comedy that had been released. I followed her back to the soft beige sofa and listened to the teasing verbal foreplay of reluctant lovers while Allison rested, cradled in my arms. The bottle of Burgundy and plates of pasta, glazed with a sonorous lullaby of tender expressions, tempted us both drowsily into a gentle slumber.

The front door opened with a burst of white light. I started at the sudden intrusion, and blinked my eyes open. Allison mumbled and shifted to lay across the divan.

“Hey, kids,” said Denise emphatically, her syllables slightly slurred.

“Mmmm,” I said, still half asleep.

“Oh, shhhhh,” said Denise, laughing as she dropped her purse and stepped into the shadows of the living room. “Exciting date, huh?”

“She’s had a rough day,” I said, shaking off the dull throb of sleep.

“Yeah. Tomorrow could be worse.”


“When I tell her about her boyfriend spying on me in the shower.” A sudden rush of adrenalin erased any drowsiness that remained within me.


“Don’t give me that shit, lover boy. I saw you.”

“Denise,” I said, pleading. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I swear. It was an accident.”

“Yada yada yada,” said Denise. “You stood there for five minutes watching me towel off. Got your mojo working and then some.”

“I . . . I . . . I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were so beautiful.” What the hell, I figured. In for a penny, in for a pound.

“That’s more like it,” said Denise. “I really don’t want to cause any trouble between you and princess. But I had kind of a dull night myself. What do you say we have a little tit for tat?”

“But what if Allison . . .”

“No way, bud. I don’t want to make wild with you. I need a roommate more than I need to get laid. I mean, I want to watch you do your nasty business with her.”

I swallowed hard. Denise came across intensely. I didn’t know whether to laugh or run.

“I’ll hide in the shadows while you play with your girlfriend there. I want to see you in action. That’ll make us even, and I’ll forget you ever peeped on me.”

“But she’s asleep.”

“Lift her skirt a little and put your tongue in her box. She’s a little stiff, but I’ll bet a good licking will loosen her up a bit.”

Allison slept on her back. Her cream skirt was already riding her hips a little, and peering down, I could see the puffed triangle of her white satin panties tucked between her thighs. I shrugged my shoulders and slowly pushed her legs apart. Allison stirred slightly and mumbled. I started back from my nervous approach.

“Go on,” hissed Denise.

I pushed Allison’s leg firmly to one side. She shifted slightly, spreading her legs more definitely apart. I put my lips to the white satin cloth, tickling the secrets hidden below. Allison smiled slightly and wiggled her hips. I licked the soft fabric meaningfully

“C’mon, do her,” said Denise.

I gently pushed her panties to one side, exposing Allison’s shy sex. Teasing the folds with the tip of my tongue, I slowly tempted her flower to blossom. Encouraged by success, I lapped at the moistness within.

“Oh,” said Allison, putting a hand in my hair. “Bad boy.”

I licked her juicy pussy with seriousness, taunting her clit as it stiffened. Allison lifted her bottom, bringing her excitement closer to my assaulting attention. A low moan sounded from beyond and I cast a glance into the shadows. Denise crouched in the dark corner, her panties at her ankles, and from the rapid motion of her hand between her legs, I suspected Denise was getting into the show. The white of her eyes gleamed as she watched.

“Oh, Steve,” moaned Allison as she pushed my head down harder, taking her release with each stroke of my strong tongue. “Oh,” she squealed and she shivered. I smiled proudly as I lifted myself from the quivering pussy and wiped the gush of Allison’s juice from my face with my sleeve. I then stared into the shadows for an indulgent moment as Denise played her own pussy, furiously silent.

I stood and unbuckled my belt. Allison sat up and reached forward to help unfasten my trouser and yank the briefs down to the floor. My prick rose up straight and hard. Allison eagerly began to lick my stiff cock. Denise, almost directly behind Allison, stood as well and pulled her black skirt down. Unbuttoning her blouse, she took a few steps to one side, to get a better view of the plunge of my dick into Allison’s mouth. Denise licked her lips, smiling lasciviously at me, and lifted her naked breasts as if inviting me to suck them. I trembled. Denise sat down in a high back chair, spread her legs wide and tickled her clit as she showed me her cunt.

Watching Denise vamp lewdly while Allison sucked on me nearly drove me into fits of insanity and I soon felt myself ready to come in soul-wrenching spurts. Denise sensed my impending explosion and shook her head no.

“Fuck her,” she mouthed and began plunging two fingers as if in demonstration into her own dripping hole. I nodded with a wicked grin and lowered myself down behind Allison, gently easing her face down into the beige sofa cushion as I nestled my throbbing cock head against the swollen lips of her pussy. “Yeah!” mouthed Denise as she moved carefully around to get a better view.

I plunged down deep and inspired by the excitement of my audience, I rocked into Allison feverishly, fucking with all my strength. My hands rubbed her long creamy back and I squeezed her tight bottom. Allison worked a hand below to diddle her clit and I slapped her ass with a harsh rhythm, evoking deep, hearty moans.

“Come in her face,” mouthed Denise, rubbing her own clit and pointing to her cheek.

“No,” I mouthed back, refusing to be bullied any longer.

“Please,” mouthed Denise, fucking herself harder.

I nodded in surrender and pulled myself free from Allison’s quivering cunt. My girlfriend turned to see what I was up to and I pushed my prick toward her, unleashing a sudden stream of juice over her left cheek.

“Oh,” said Allison suddenly and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock, sucking the rest of my orgasm down. “Mmmm,” she purred, pushing the thick glob of come off her cheek and into her mouth, “you’re sweet.”

I turned and sat on the floor, stars dancing before my eyes. I took a deep breath and sighed. Allison kissed me and nestled cozily in my arms.

“Incredible,” she said, admiringly. “But you know what? We’d better grab our clothes and get up to my room. Denise could walk in at any minute.”

I looked around. Denise was gone. I laughed.

“Yeah.” I slapped Allison’s bare ass as she picked up my shirt. “Wouldn’t that be a hoot?”

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David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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