by David Cain

Pamela always makes me feel like I’m trying to get away with something. I have never been easy about her being mine, as though she isn’t or won’t be or both. Whenever I’m with her, it’s like the cops are coming up the stairs.

Pamela’s damn pretty, a real treasure, huge piles of gold and gems and pearls. She’s so much more attractive than any other girl I’ve dated that I’ve never felt in control. Maybe I don’t really deserve her. I felt it the first time I stole a kiss from those ruby lips. I was almost shocked I hadn’t been slapped, surprised that no thugs had stormed in to teach me my place.

But I’m a rogue at heart and I didn’t let my fears of being pinched stop me. So Pamela might suddenly woke up to reality. So she might take a good look at me and run screaming from my bed. I knew it was worth taking my chances. If she took off, I’d still have a treasure chest stuffed with memories of her slick golden booty. I’d be rich with visions of her big tits and sweet ass. I could probably survive years of lonely heartache just remembering what I’d lost.

Of course, I used all my skills to avoid wrecking our ship of dreamy pleasures, even if I did believe she’d leave me swinging from the gallows. I steered carefully, doing my best to enchant Pamela with loyalty and devotion and puppy-dog attentiveness. The waters grew dangerous, reefs loomed all around us. I worried that Pamela was growing bored with me, but I sailed on, pretending not to see the storm clouds up ahead.

One evening, as we snuggled together on the couch, flipping channels, I happened across an old black and white film. Just as I thought to flip again, Pamela pulled me close, a bit of loving I didn’t dare to forsake, so I let the television linger on the nautical romance. A sturdy and officious ship’s Captain was transporting a lovely lady away from some dangerous place. Pamela purred as she watched the sailor and his passenger disagree. The heroine, of course, did not appreciate the Captain’s insistence on escorting her home. Still almost a child, the young lady adamantly preferred the delicious excitement of a savage New World to the necessary boredom of the Old.

A sailor in the rigging shouted. An unrecognized ship closed in. The captain shouted orders and a host of cannons fired. The heroine gasped as she recognized the fluttering skull and crossbones. Pirates swarmed the ship. Blades flashed and clattered. A strikingly handsome pirate slashed his way past the dutiful Captain to find the stairs below.

As he flung open the door to her cozy cabin, his cruel intent became obvious. The pirate meant to steal the frightened girl away. Pamela’s arousal at this moment was more than obvious. I became irritated.

“Pirates were butchers,” I insisted, trying to substitute realism for romance. “If this were a true history, that woman would be raped.”

“Might be worth it,” Pamela said in a sultry whisper. The sounds of battle raged above, but the pirate confronted the heroine with calm arrogance. The noble woman seemed torn between fear, disdain and uncontrollable attraction. Pamela pushed down her shorts and attacked her pussy with nimble fingers, lost in the spell of the romance. “He’s so fucking sexy,” she sighed.

“I can’t believe you,” I muttered. It angered me to see that Pamela could be so incredibly foolish in her taste, but at the same time I was undeniably aroused watching her tease her burning pink cunt. Forgetting the film, I stared at Pamela’s doings, watching her labia blossom as dew drops glistened on her cunt’s thick petals. “He’s a beast,” I snarled, “a scoundrel. He’ll just use her, fuck her, and steal the best part of her. An animal like that won’t be satisfied until he’s completely destroyed her.”

Pamela moaned under my abrasive litany, until she tossed her head and loudly came. It was more than I could stand. I pushed my prick into her mouth, glad to hush her up.

It was a few days later when we went to see some of my friends. Pamela looked delicious as she put the finishing touches on her pretty face. I moved in behind her, and nibbled her neck. I gently cupped her bare breasts in my hands and whispered in her ear, “Let’s forget the party and stay home.” I thought I was being sweet, suggesting that an evening of intimacy would offer more pleasure than seeing the gang.

“You’re so boring,” Pamela said, rolling her eyes and pulling away from my tender kisses. “If you don’t want to go out, fine. I’ll go without you.” She walked away, piqued at my suggestion. Pamela strode beautifully naked to her dresser and pulled on a pair of delicate white panties. She looked back at me disdainfully. “I’m sure I could find someone to play with,” she said.

“Not on your life,” I said arrogantly. “You’re mine.”

The evening began as a nightmare. I was outraged to discover that the only three of my buddies there had neglected to bring their ladies. Of course, Pamela loved it. To make matters worse, I had my jealousy on my sleeve. I picked a fight with Scott when he offered to get Pamela a drink. I cursed at Jake when he told her she was pretty.

Naturally, the more possessively I behaved, the more Pamela seemed to enjoy distancing herself from me.

All in all, things were going pretty badly when Rick stopped by. I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t brought a date. Rick was a perfect specimen of that tall, well-groomed, black-haired breed of dog and always had a new girl on his arm. This night, he was alone. Pamela couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. I seethed with rage. The ship tossed in the wild tempest, heading blindly for the rocks.

“Stop acting like such a child,” Pamela complained when I cornered her in the kitchen. “I’m just having some fun.”

Giving in to my impotence, I nestled myself in a big easy chair, and let my emotions burn as I watched my pretty girlfriend flirting with the guys. Pamela changed the music in the stereo and started to dance while everyone sat watching. Her indecent behavior incensed me and yet I couldn’t help feeling proud. Pamela was a tramp, but she was an incredibly sexy one. A button on her blouse came undone as she shook her tits toward a Kevin who blushed in self-conscious lust. For a moment I considered grabbing Pamela and trying to force her to go home, but I knew I couldn’t succeed in coercing Pamela into anything. I wanted control, but she had it and as long as her beauty had me under its spell, there wasn’t a damn thing I could do. Her dance sent erotic sparks flying, as she thrust her pelvis and kicked her legs. I licked my lips. Pamela’s hard nipples poked against her shirt.

Rick, forever bold, went over to dance beside Pamela. She gave me a provocative glare, daring me to say something, but I only smiled. The scene began to intoxicate me, and all my rage turned into something else. Pamela’s sweet body moved in synchronous rhythm with his. Rick danced skillfully, a necessary attribute for a successful dog, and Pamela giggled with delight. Placing his hands on her hips, Rick raised her skirt slowly until we could all see her tight white panties. Scott hooted. Pamela pushed her skirt back down. Rick danced behind her, pulling her ass against his jeans, lifting her skirt again as the opportunity arose.

I stood up and walked over to Pamela. Her blue eyes shone with fear and excitement. As Rick saw me approaching, he relinquished his grip on her waist. I took hold of Pamela’s blouse and in a sudden pull, ripped the buttons off.

“Oh, my,” she moaned. I could sense her arousal and strength surged through my veins. I pushed the shirt down to her elbows, exposing her tits. The creamy melons stood up proudly, lifted high by her white lace brassiere. Pamela instinctively brought her hands up to

cover her breasts. She looked into my eyes which I could feel blazing with infernal fire. Pamela unfastened the clasp between her big boobs. Her nipples were tight and dark. The song ended and for a silent moment, everyone held their breath.

“Let’s get her, mates,” I said with a sneer. Pamela groaned. The scent of her musk filled the room. I squeezed her big tits hungrily. Rick resumed his placed behind Pamela and without any coyness pulled her skirt up to her waist. Pamela struggled to get her blouse off. Rick yanked her panties down.

Music surged as the next song began, a pounding drum and bass beat which was all-too-well-suited to the throb of blood through our lust-crazed veins. Pamela always looked beautiful, but when she dripped with excitement, when her eyes grew sultry with desire, when her cunt steamed into a ruddy pink blossom, it was impossible not to want her. She tugged at my fly as Rick knelt to run his tongue along her snatch. Pamela couldn’t help but love the attention she drew from men’s cocks. She sucked on mine as Rick tickled her clit with a kiss

We were on her like a pack of scurvy pirates. Scott gave a low-hanging tit a hearty squeeze. Rick teased her cunt with one hand while he released his dark prick with the other. Pamela paused in her sucking to look up at me, letting me see the cringe of delight as she felt the thick cock plunge in behind her. Rick pushed her forward and the lady drank my dick deep.

We took her by turns, shooting off as she moaned. Scott came in her mouth and Jake showered her tits. Rick did her cunt fiercely and filled Pamela up. Kevin maneuvered her lean body over him into a hot sixty-nine, and he sucked on her pussy while she gobbled his dick. Jake fetched us some beers and we watched these two go at each other. Pamela looked hotter than I had imagined she could. After some hungry attacks on Kevin’s sturdy rod, Pamela teased me with an enticing look in my direction. She motioned her partner to stay while she turned and straddling the blusher, slipped his cock easily into her hot hole. She rode Kevin at a furious, energized pace, her hands on his chest, her tits bouncing wild.

I left my seat to move in behind her. “Steady as she goes,” I said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Pamela, love, your ass is mine,” I growled. Pamela slowed to a walk, lifting her bottom in gentle strides, teasing the prick in her cunt with slow juicy licks. She hesitated as I placed my stiff cock against the soft dimple of her asshole.

“Yes,” she screamed wildly as I pushed my way in.

With two cocks inside her, Pamela went mad in her lust, writhing, screaming foul curses, kissing Kevin blindly, surrendering

herself to the surging rhythm of our fuck. Pamela stole a glance over at Jake and Scott and Rick as they stroked their staffs hard in enthusiastic applause. Her moans came from down deep and erupted finally in a thrashing of intense squealing orgasms. I love the way she comes. I fired my cannon deep up her ass.

The fucking continued like any good fight, until the last shot had been fired. The deck was soon littered with the prone figures of brave warriors who had steadfastly given their all. Eventually the lusty night waned, and the first rays of dawn peered over the horizon. I opened my eyes to find Pamela clinging possessively to me, her beautiful naked body pressed firmly to mine.

“Come, my lovely booty,” I said, teasing a long lock of hair off her cheek. “Let’s set sail home.”

“Aye, aye, Captain,” my fair treasure whispered. “I’m yours to command.”

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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