Diana’s Sanction

Diana’s Sanction
by David Cain

“This is all my fault,” said Diana.

“No, no it isn’t.” replied Malinov, subdued. Long fingers pushed back his dark curls with nervous repetition. “This is my case, and I have a responsibility to check every paper that leaves this office.”

“I know,” said Diana, “you’ll take the blame, but it is still my fault.” The blonde attorney stood, looking down at the crumpled, dejected man who brooded before her. “I wish there was something I could do.”

“No, I can handle it. Peters will chew me out, and I’ll take a few knocks, but everything will be fine.” His voice betrayed a lack of confidence in his words.

Diana shook her head, and stepped across to the office door. “You’ve done a great job on this project. Just because one of your associates screws up doesn’t detract from that.” Diana locked the door.

Malinov looked at her curiously. Even while she frowned, Diana carried an air of strength, a presence. She toyed nervously with a blouse button.

“Can I offer some professional criticism?”

“Sure. I guess so.” Malinov shrugged.

“You’ve become like a father to us.”

“Great. Now I’m an old man.” A sarcastic smile crossed his lips. Diana touched his hand.

“Not in that way. You’re our leader. We come to you for guidance.”

“I try.”

“But you give us too much freedom. We are mostly novices in this field, and without a strong hand to guide us, we flounder. I should never have been allowed to send out that notice without doing further research. I knew better, but thought I could get away with it. You can’t permit that kind of poor judgment to go unpunished.”

“So you want a lecture on checking your references?”

“That wasn’t quite what I had in mind.” Diana blushed slightly.

Malinov stopped. Diana savored her words.

“What do you suggest?”

“Well, Daddy, I think I should be spanked.” A pause settled.

Malinov rose from his chair. Diana expected him to escort her from his office. His eyes seemed suddenly to burn with flame.

“You are absolutely right,” he said.

“Thank you.”

“Now, bend over my desk.”

“Yes, sir.” Diana leaned over the mahogany table, flush with anticipation. As Malinov contemplated her round derriere, she lifted her wool skirt. When the deep sigh of a lusty man sounded behind her, Diana slipped her panties to her thighs. Malinov brought his hand gently to her bottom, as if testing the waters.

“Please spank me,” she whimpered. Malinov brought his hand down hard across Diana’s ass. A flame of red burst across the white flesh. Diana squirmed, and another blow fell. “Oh, God.”

Malinov spanked the young woman with a steady rhythm. He paused to squeeze the crimson flesh. Diana lifted her ass higher, exposing the full swell of her labia. Malinov spanked her again, slipping a finger into her heated cunt. Diana tossed her long, blonde mane wildly.

He spanked her again, and she whispered, “Fuck me.” He spanked her tender bottom as he released his hard cock from its confines. “Fuck me,” she repeated.

Malinov pushed his prick into the pussy of the beautiful, young associate. Diana met each thrust bravely, flinching with each additional smack of his open hand.

“I’m sorry,” said Diana, tears welling in her eyes. Her body tensed as another blow landed on her rosy bottom. “I’m sorry.” A hand pulled open her blouse and pinched the hard nipple of her left breast. “Oh.”

Intensity burned in Malinov’s eyes as he punished the woman and as his hand was raised he felt vindicated. He would take the blame for the faults of this co-worker, but he would also take responsibility for their expulsion. There would be no further transgressions without repercussions.

Malinov took a step backward. Diana’s ass glowed a brilliant scarlet, matched by the fiery crease swollen provocatively within her blonde muff. Lace panties hung at mid-thigh. As she turned to question the cessation of discipline, a heavy white breast swung into view. A deep brown nipple tightened, and Diana slipped a finger into her cunt.

“All right, Diana, I’m convinced. You need to be punished.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“But I’m not the only person who has suffered due to your negligent work. Get dressed and compose yourself.” Diana raised her panties, lowered her skirt and buttoned her blouse, while Malinov watched her with a determined glare. “We need to have a meeting.” Picking up the phone, Malinov said, “Ask Peters, Skyles, Mooriv and Frank to step into my office.”

Diana’s blush rivaled the red that had blossomed on her nether cheeks. The door open, and three of the partners stepped inside. Malinov motioned for them to sit down. Skyles sauntered in a few minutes later, winked at Diana and sat beside his companions.

“I’m sure you’re all aware of what transgressed yesterday in the Calcom negotiations. Our clients position has been seriously wounded. Now, the notices responsible came from my office, and I’m taking full responsibility for that error. But this woman, Diana, was the attorney who wrote and mailed the memo. I want you to know that she will never make such a mistake again.”

“Promise?” said Skyles with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Bob, she’ll promise. That’s why I have asked you in. I want to make sure she understands the gravity of her error. Diana, bend over please.”

The attractive woman hesitated under the intense scrutiny of her bosses, but turned her back on them and bent again over the desk. There was a rustling and a pause.

“Diana has asked me to spank her for her transgression, and I have agreed. But since her acts will have an effect on us all, I thought we should share in the punishment. Agreed?”

“Yes,” said Frank, as the other gentlemen nodded.

“Diana, lift your skirt.” She grasped the hem of her blue suit, and raised it slowly to her waist. Several men moaned slightly as the round globes of her lace encased derriere were exposed.

“Now, lower your panties.” Malinov surged with masculine power as the woman pushed her thumbs into the waistband and led the lace down over the red-white spheres, revealing the tight knot of her tiny asshole, displaying the heated arousal of her blonde pussy. Someone cleared their throat.

“Looks as if she’s been spanked already,” Skyles noted.

“As her supervisor, I’ll deliver the first twenty strokes. You will each follow with another ten, in order of seniority.”

Diana flushed as the familiar hand struck her bottom again. Under the watchful gaze of the men, her cunt flowed with passion. The scent of a woman filled the room, and the men grew frenzied as they watched.

Malinov spanked Diana steadily, pushing all the frustration of his work into the soft bum before him. As he finished his set, Diana turned to thank him.

Skyles jumped from his seat, eager to take advantage of his junior status to get at the pretty ass. Diana’s blush went deep as she felt the pawing touch of the short man’s hands kneading her sore flesh. Skyles had flirted with Diana incessantly since she had worked in Malinov’s division, and until now she had carefully avoided his clumsy approach. But suddenly he wasn’t asking for lunch – he was fingering her clit. Diana squirmed under his touch. A hand came down hard.

“All right, Frank. You’re next.”

A tall and handsome man, Diana could feel the reticence as he approached. Frank had always seemed quiet and reserved, and the unusual situation added to his guard. He placed his hand on her hot bottom, and as Diana turned to look at him, Frank bowed slightly. He gave her a smack.

“Yes,” she groaned, “harder.”

Frank obliged the lady with another blow, falling hard across the proffered flank. Methodically, he spanked her again.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered. Frank looked at Malinov. He shook his head “no”.

“Not yet.”

Mooriv took hold of Diana’s golden mane and spanked her with ruthless efficiency, a brutal spanking which was only humane in the speed with which it was accomplished. Diana twisted and turned under his grip.

“All right, Tom.” Malinov said, looking to his senior partner. “She’s all yours.”

The older man rose slowly and eyed the woman calmly.

“I’d prefer to have her over my knee.” Peters said.

“Of course. Diana…”

She lifted her panties and went over to where Peters stood. Taking hold of his hand, she sat Peters down, and then put herself over his knee. He kissed her on the cheek, and began to spank Diana as he would an insouciant grand-child.

“I’m sorry,” whined Diana, crying.

“I’m sorry, too, young lady,” said Peters gently. He continued to spank her. When he finished, Diana lifted her tear-streaked face and smiled. Peters began to rub her pussy as she lay submissively across his lap. She slipped down, and unzipped the grey suit fly.

Peters cock was hard as Diana slipped it deep into her mouth. Her reddened ass showed provocatively to the other attorneys, and Malinov stepped forward. He brought his prick back hard, and plunged deep and hard into the tiny ass. Diana moaned, and Malinov sent a shot of angry sperm into the young, blonde attorney, punished and compliant, as she orgasmed suddenly in the looming anticipation of a fevered gang-bang.

Malinov sighed.

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