The Cauldron Bubbled

The Cauldron Bubbled
by David Cain

The doorbell rang. I glanced toward the clock. Two hands converged to mark midnight. A green-faced witch in a short black skirt whisked away to answer the door.

A genie in the guise of a Persian princess batted her dark eyes at me, taking advantage of the witch’s absence to flirt with my attention. A nearby bandit in a cowboy hat teased his revolver, as though to remind me that he had could defend his pride. I marked the swell of the genie’s breasts, a surge of lust forcing me to take my chances with the gunslinger.

“Good evening,” a Romanian Count intoned. A tall and silent geisha bowed slightly.

“Howdy, partners,” spoke the cowboy.

We sat surrounding a round oak table, six Halloween tricks tense with hungry excitement. I struck a long match to start a small fire. A gentle blue haze of sweet smoke wrapped loving arms around us all, easing our tensions in a whisper of laughter. I gazed at the witch; she smiled at me.

“I was at this big blowout Halloween party,” said the genie, “and I went upstairs to find a bathroom. I walked past a door, when I heard something fall on the floor with a crash. The sound startled me, you know, so I stopped. Through the door, I could hear creaking and rustling and groans. I thought maybe someone was hurt, so I reached for the knob. Just as I started to say something, this voice started moaning, almost chanting in rhythm. I pushed the door open slightly and peeked inside. She was saying, ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!’ And he was.”

“Did you join them?” asked the Count.

“No!” said the genie.

“Would have been fun,” said the witch.

“No, but I left the door open and ran into the bathroom,” said the genie, blushing, “I could still hear them fucking. I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I started playing with myself. A few minutes later, I was the one moaning. I came so hard.”

“Mama,” said the cowboy.

“So, when I’m done, I open the door and this woman is there, the girl I saw fucking, standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall, just waiting. I was so embarrassed. Then she smiles at me, licks her lips, and says ‘fun party.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

“What did she look like?” asked the Count.

“Big brown hair, I don’t remember,” said the genie. “But she had an ass that looked like a big scoop of ice cream.”

“Yum,” said the cowboy.

“I love watching people fuck,” I said

“And I like people watching me,” said the witch, softly, almost to herself.

The conversation fell off as fantastic visions seduced our thoughts and soon the three ladies escaped to the next room to change the music. I talked with my fellows about nothing important before giggles of excitement in the other room caught our attention. Curious, we peered around the corner.

The witch, the geisha and the genie danced together in the dim light, strangely joyful as they cavorted in the shadows. The visions of female forms in motion sufficed to capture our interest, but then the Count spoke a low, “oh my.” A moment later, I saw what he saw; the thin geisha was kissing a thick pink dildo as she danced. The genie giggled nervously, thick strands of black hair coming loose to veil her dark eyes. The big-breasted witch shook gleefully.

Taken by surprise, I felt stunned. I stood motionless, breathless, charmed by this sudden eruption of possibilities. The women seemed as though they couldn’t help but move, paying absolutely no attention to the Count, the cowboy or me as we moved into the room.

Emboldened by the steady gaze of the Oriental girl, the blue-eyed witch danced provocatively, using the thrust and sway of her voluptuous curves to tempt and tease the quiet geisha’s cock.

“Sweetness,” muttered the cowboy.

The genie reached over to lift the witch’s black skirt, revealing bold flashes of the bright green panties hid beneath. The geisha knelt down before the excited witch, their eyes locked in a fiery stare. A pink tongue darted out to tease the rubber cock. The genie shivered and laughed, holding the witch’s skirt at her waist. The thick dildo slid into the geisha’s tiny mouth, slowly descending until her ruby lips surrounded the furthest reaches of the false dick.

“Do it,” said the Count.

The witch said something that I couldn’t hear. The shiny dildo touched a crease in the sequined green cloth. The witch gasped sharply. After a momentary shiver subsided, the witch began to gently tease herself on the prick’s round head. The genie squeezed her titties hard and groaned.

“I don’t believe this,” the cowboy whispered. “In-fucking-credible.”

The witch suddenly lay herself down on the carpeted floor, and raised her hips up high, tempting the geisha with a swaying field of green. The genie giggled as she pushed her own pants down; her pussy was shaved bare. The geisha writhed between the witch’s lean thighs until she caught several sequins with a bite of her teeth.

“Yes,” the Count said with a thick Romanian accent, as he unfastened his pants, unleashing a cock nearly as large as the geisha’s play toy. His dark stare darted from woman to woman as his strong hands stroked his thick tool.

The genie danced thoughtlessly, nearly motionless as she watched the women at her feet. The cowboy tugged loose the buttons holding his fly. The genie rubbed her naked cunt, letting a thin finger push her swollen lips apart. Jeans rustled to the cowboy’s ankles. The genie moaned with a giggle. The witch noticed the Count’s hard prick and groaned hungrily. The geisha tugged at the sparkling green panties, drawing them down the witch’s white legs. The cowboy pulled his boots off and tossed them aside with a clunk. The genie knelt above the witch’s face, still rubbing herself intensely. The Count moved behind the geisha and lifted her robe to bare her narrow hips. The dildo teased and the suddenly sank itself deep into the witch’s pussy. The cowboy stood to offer his cock to the genie. The witch started to squeal when the genie covered her mouth with a cunt.

The geisha stroked the big pink dildo in and out of the witch with a rhythm that grew harder and faster as the Count matched each stroke with one of his own, his thick cock driving into the geisha’s pretty cunt. The genie devoured the cowboy’s prick as the witch’s tongue lapped between her swollen pink lips. Flesh met flesh in a churning sea of rolling motion; cocks and cunts, lips and tits, cowboys and witches, genies and vampires, geishas and ghosts, pirates, wolfmen, fucking and sucking and squealing and laughing.

I rose, pleased with the vision I had conjured. The wizard waved his wand.

The cauldron bubbled.

About David Cain

David Cain, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet - author of Witch, Song of Songs, Journals of Lord Malinov, Erotic Romances and others ...
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