Sky Riding

Sky Riding
by David Cain

The first time I met the woman, we were camping along the Shenandoah. I had gone on a lark, one of those sudden “what are you doing this weekend, why don’t you go camping with us” invitations. The leaves were just starting to change, and I quickly warmed to the idea of spending a few rustic days wandering over the Alleghenies.

The expedition proved to be a party of eight, united by general sense of boredom and a marked propensity for intoxication as a means of enlivening our too dull realities. I didn’t mind the crowd, although I really had been looking forward to something a little more Walden and a little less Jamboree. We had raging campfires with songs and cold beer. The forest nights chilled deeply, leaving a gleam of silver frost on the crackling leaves. I walked a dozen miles before I sat in the sunshine with my books and wrote, leaving the scouts to bicker over who was the true master of the cooking fire.

I believe someone told me her name was Sky, but I can’t really say I remember. I don’t think I made it up. Perhaps I did, one poetic moment, for there was a truth to the appellation. Her eyes held the clear blue of a cloudless summer noon, brilliant and piercing while calm. My heart still flutters to recall the stare of the woman, like standing atop a mountain peak ledge and daring to tempt the immensity of all nature. From the first, Sky stirred things deep inside me.

The camping trip had been a three day weekend, and I had really never noticed Sky until the second night when she sat beside me near the fire. A long day of drinking had let loose the uninhibited demons hidden within my friends, and several of them engaged themselves in a howling contest. Sky sat down and without a word, she put her hand on my arm and gently leaned against me. I watched the flames crackle through the logs, licking at the blackness with their fiery golden tongues.

She slipped into my tent that night, wordlessly, and we fucked in the pale shadows of a moonlit night until the first rays of dawn illuminated the last stares of adoration. We slept, wrapped together until the aroma of a roasted lunch finally roused our hunger. She wrote her number in my notebook. Back in town, I called her. Sky never returned my calls.

It had been about eight months since I broke up with Linda, a woman I had been with for three years. Despite the constant insistence of my friends that I get on with my life, I had spent those months pretty much alone, putting myself back together. Before Sky, I hadn’t felt much interest in finding a new woman. Suddenly, between her sweet thighs, it all came back to me. Hunger raged in my soul. One bite gave me an appetite.

An old friend of mine, Will, had called me up and asked me to do something that Saturday night. I had been ignoring him for a long time, caught up in my problems, and I felt a little guilty about that. Now, with my rapidly advancing interest in female companionship, I was eager to get out, anywhere but here, so I readily agreed and on Saturday night, I showed up at Will’s place. He has a nice place on the north side of town, a large condo which he paid someone to decorate for him. I gently fingered the tall peacock feather standing in the corner by the doorway as Will hung up my coat.

“You been seeing anyone?” he asked, closing the closet door and leading me down a step into a sunken living room.

“Nah, not really,” I said.

“You should have told me, Allen,” Will said, walking over to a short bar and pulling out some glasses. “I could have fixed you up with someone. I’ve know a few choice ladies I could push your way.”

“Thanks, Will,” I said, “but I’m doing fine.” I knew several of Will’s ladies and was justifiably wary of his offer.

“I tell you, Allen,” he said, handing me a drink, “you have to stop holding yourself so close. The first step is the hard one, but you just have to take it. Once you get your sea legs again, well, you’ll be like a fly on the honeys.” I smiled and took a drink.

“I’m doing all right. I met this one girl a few weeks ago when I went camping with some of the guys from Laurel.”

“Yeah?” said Will, sitting down on a stiff looking sofa. I took the pillowy chair nearby. “You’re back in the swing?”

“She was great. Pretty and wild with a great little ass.”

I don’t usually talk so crudely, but there is something about Will that brings it out of me. He takes so much pride in the girls he gets that he makes me feel competitive. I can’t stand him thinking that he’s doing so much better than me in dealing with women, mostly because I know he’s a bit too shallow to really do a woman well. I guess that’s why I had been avoiding him. Maybe Sky was the reason I was seeing him again.

Will leaned forward, his dark eyes blazing with interest. I fed the fire.

“She hardly said a word, just slipped into my tent and gave me the goods. Sweet tits, just firm and ripe. Beautiful woman, really hot. She called herself Sky.”

“Curious name.”

“Incredible girl.”

“Excellent,” said Will. The doorbell rang. I leaned back in the downy cushions, took a long drink and indulgently remembered Sky.

“Allen,” Will said, returning. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet. This is my girlfriend, Brenda.” I lurched myself out of the deep grip of the chair. “Brenda, this is my old friend Allen.”

If Will had more than a single drop of understanding, he would have seen the look of recognition on my face as I reached out to shake Sky’s hand.

“Glad to meet you,” she said, her voice silky and soft.

“Delighted,” I said, smiling as my heart raced, confused.

“I hope you don’t mind if Brenda joins us, Allen. I thought she was leaving town when I called you, but I didn’t think you’d mind meeting my lady. Maybe she has some friends she can introduce you to.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said. “This is great.” Sky smiled, almost laughing. “So, how long you two been going out?”

“Not . . .” said Sky.

“Three months, now?” said Will.

“Hmm,” I said, “pretty serious for Will.”

“I tell you what,” said Will. “A good woman makes all the difference. Isn’t she incredible?”

“Stop,” said Sky, blushing and walking over to the bar.

“Beautiful woman, Will,” I said. “Does she have a sister?” Will laughed hard.

“Don’t I wish,” he said. “Could you imagine the fun I could have?”

I turned to look while she poured her drink. Sky wore a deep blue dress of silk that rode her lean body in smooth waves before it crashed short on her pale thighs. As lovely as she had seemed by the firelight, Sky looked twice as fantastic. Her bottom turned a loud curve beneath the smooth silk, jutting and firm. She grinned as she came back with her drink, her heavy tits jiggling with each step. Golden blonde hair cascaded in soft curls past her blushed cheeks, to drift carelessly over her slight azure shoulders.

We chatted awhile about nothing important for a time. I gazed longingly into Sky’s blue eyes every chance I could steal. The phone rang and Will excused himself to attend to the call.

“Sky,” I said, lovingly.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she said.

“You never returned my calls.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m like that. I should have warned you.”

“What’s up with Will?” I asked.


“Oh,” she said. “I’m like that, too.”

“What else are you like?”

“Stick around,” she said. “You might find out.”

Will returned from the kitchen. “That was Gary and Alice,” he said. “They’re going down to the Casalla for drinks, if we want to join them. You guys game for some dancing?”

“Sure,” I said, rising.

“Will, darling, I’m not really up to anything upbeat. What do you say we stay here, maybe watch a movie or something?” Sky took Will’s arm as she pleaded delicately, pressing buttons in Will I only recognized when I watched them being pushed.

“That’s fine with me, Brenda,” he said, reassuringly. “Allen?”

“Absolutely. I’d rather just hang out here myself.”

Another round of drinks were poured and Sky picked out a video, a movie I had never heard of. The film barely held my attention with that racy kind of excitement which is not really interesting, but is still compelling in it’s intensity. Will sat on the sofa. Sky sat beside him at first, but then settled onto the floor. I kept glancing at her legs, strong and slender, sometimes stretched out over the Persian rug, sometimes drawn up in an angle that let her skirt drift down her thigh.

When the film ended, Sky crawled over to the television and without a word, popped the tape and inserted another. Her silk dress clung wrinkled to her lifted bottom, teasing my imagination with the full gleam of her white thighs. I went to the bathroom and when I came back the lights were dim and Sky had resumed her place on the floor, sitting between Will’s knees. I nestled into my chair.

This movie was agonizingly dull, but I kept my eye on Sky. Finally, it happened. She slowly turned and looking up at Will with those enchanting blue eyes, she started to caress his cock through his black wool slacks. I stopped breathing, sitting motionless in my downy cocoon. Sky slowly began to draw the zipper down.

“Brenda,” whispered Will, “what about . . .?” A nod of his head gestured toward me.

“He’s asleep,” she said, slightly louder. I closed my eyes at once.

“You are so wild,” Will said, leaning back.

Sky unzipped his pants and with a toss of her hair, she pulled his cock out to meet her pursed lips. I gazed on, fascinated, through barely open lids, watching as he thick tongue glazed Will’s hardened stick. He moaned softly as Sky took his swollen head into her mouth. I felt my own prick grow restless, but I kept still, watching.


Slowly, she pressed his cock deeper and deeper, until the full length disappeared with each stroke. Kissing the glistening tip, Sky yanked his pants down his thighs until she had them off. A hand on his balls, her golden mane floated as she bobbed over his cock. Will reached over to push her hair from her face, showing me the puff of her cheek as she swallowed his stick.

I moved in the chair as my briefs grew too tight. Sky, still sucking with a fanatical rhythm, reached behind to pull her dress to her waist.

“Oh, yeah,” said Will.

Sky lifted her ass with an arch of her back, and then tugged at the powder-blue satin which embraced her round flesh. The panties bunched quickly as she pushed them down her thighs. Sky turned herself slowly around Will’s hard pole until I could see the wisps of soft curls and the swell of her cunt’s lips. She ground her hips hungrily, teasing me mad. Sky brought his cock out of her mouth.

“C’mon, Allen,” she said seductively, “don’t be shy.”

I looked at Will, cautiously.

“Do it,” he said as her delicate hand rubbed his hard cock. I don’t know if he meant her or me, but I didn’t wait for an explanation. Sky smiled at me, wantonly. I stripped off my pants in a flash and knelt behind her, eagerly driving my prick between her cunt lips.

“Mmm,” she said, Will’s cock in her mouth. I fucked her hard, seriously, savagely, pounding my prick in from behind. Sky took a short break from the sucking to moan, still rubbing Will with a flurry while she turned her cheek to the side.

She turned herself around so she rode Will’s hard staff and while she bounced her ass over the stiff sofa, she nuzzled my prick with sweet kisses and then paused in her fucking to suck me down. Sky took off on a rampage of sexual excess, eagerly pushing us into her, bouncing and flailing. I licked her honey-sweet pussy as she gushed out her rain. Sky turned and twisted and fucked our desires.

“I want you both to come in my face,” she insisted, sitting on the sofa with a prick in each hand. I stood on her left, rubbing my dick wildly; Will stood to her right, stroking his prong. Sky fondled her clit as she smiled and stared, her blue eyes gleaming like the clear sky after a summer downpour.

“Suck it Brenda,” Will groaned as he let loose his flood on her cheek, in her mouth as she giggled in delight.

“Drink it, Sky,” I insisted as I felt my lust lurch. She squeezed her breasts together as my torrent sprayed forth.


We fell back as the waves of release clouded our minds. I watched Sky indulgently as she writhed and shivered off the last tremors of her pleasure. She gathered her panties and pulled on her dress. I pulled myself off the chair and fumbled with my pants.

“Good night guys,” she said, blowing a kiss. “Call me.” The door closed.

Will looked up from the sofa, smiling in his weary satisfaction.

“Hey, Allen,” he said calmly. “What just happened here?”

“Will, old friend, I think we were taken for a ride.”

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